Maharana Pratap 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 4th July 2013 Written Update

The Rajputana Soldiers cry for the blood of Shams Khan, A terrified Shams Khan pleads for his life and promises anything in return for his life, Rana Udai promises to spare him his life provided he meets certain stipulations set by him, ShamsKhan eagerly agrees to all terms and conditions, Rana Udai tells Shams Khan that his soldiers must lay down arms, must withdraw from Mewar and return all the wealth stolen from Mewar, Rana Udai also orders Shaskhan to leave for Afghanistan and never be seen on the land of Mewar.. Shams Khan agrees for everything ..


Queen Bhaityaani is struggling to move onwards , her pregnancy impeding her speed when a lady messenger arrives calling out Queen Bhatiyani , Queen Bhatiyani is terrified and assumes the worst has come to pass,

but the messenger lady assures her that Mewar has been won by Rana , queen Bhaityani eagerly rushes towards the palace wanting to meet the Rana , She pauses to enquire about Pratap and is told that the wn was handed over due to Pratap’s efforts..


Rana Udai is in full flow , he is praising the endeavors of Rana Raj Bahadur when the voice of chandra vats rings out , He walks towards Udai Singh and informs him about the demise of Raja Bahadur , A sigh of satisfaction ripples through Shams Khan… Rana Udai is moved to tears when he sees the body of Raja Bahadur , He orders chandra vats to honor Raja bahadur and his soldiers with state funeral.. A doubt raises in the mind of Rana Udai as he realizes that If Raja Bahadur was dead before hoisting the flag , then as to the identity of the person who hoisted the flag on the victory pole stand .. ShamskHan’s ears too perk up when Rana Udai voices his doubts.. Chandravats proudly replies that the victory flag was hoisted by none other than crown princ Pratap, Shamskhan is livid but keeps his face blank, while the Rajputs are ecstatic and a cheer raises praising the valor of Pratap.. Amidst this cries, Pratap proceeds slowly towards Rana Udai who eyes light up in pride as he watches the future of Mewar walking towards him.. Pratap comes and takes the blessing of Rana udai.. Shams Khan who had been watching silently intrudes into this idyllic moment, he swears that if he has t do battle again with Rana Udai, he would first ensure that Pratap stays out of the way by killing him, which draws the ire of Chandravats who unsheathes his sword and prepares to behead Shams Khan, He is stopped in nick of time by Rana Udai who orders Shams Khan off his motherland before he gets himself killed due to his insolence..


Rani Javanta bai orders that the palace be well decorated like a Bride, extra flowers to be decked out in Pratap’s bedroom and on his bed, Javanta Bai expresses her happiness that today Pratap is reborn as the Protector of Mewar..


Shms Khan is ready to move but is halted by Rana Udai , Shams Khan bites down on his rage and hatred, turns towards rana Udai presenting a blank face and looks on enquiringly ..Rana Udai reminds Shamskhan that he has not yet handed over something that is precious and vital to Mewar.. Shams Khan turns to his soldiers and signs, a lackey brings him a box, reposing in that is the key of Mewar , finally signifying the complete freedom of Mewar from Afghan dominion, ShamsKhan hands it over reluctantly while Rana Udai takes it reverentially, his mind thinking back to the day he vowed to get back the Key of Mewar from the Afghani, while ShamsKhan stares hungrily at the key, his gaze then fixes on Pratap and is full of hatred..

Shams Khan is curious to know why Pratap had spared him when he had a chance to behead him and is told by Pratap that Shams Khan was their guest and as a Kshatriya, he cannot kill a guest ..Shams Khan pauses and tells the King that he does have a last wish ..Rana udai enquires about it , Shams Khan’s eyes rests on Pratap as if in asnwer..

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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