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The Episode starts with Udai Singh recalling his words of not permitting Pratap to go outside the palace. He asks Rawat ji why did Pratap disobey him. They both are on the way riding the horses and proceeding to save Pratap. He says he is making fun of my rules, I m his father, he is going against me. He says how can he insult me by this. Bairam Khan likes the poetry by Maham. He taunts her and asks her not to disturb him, as he has much work, take this poetry somewhere else. She asks don’t he want to know who wrote this. He says he is not free like her. She says Salima, Jalal’s Phuphi’s daughter, she has always liked you, she preaches you, do you know she has come here.

Bairam Khan asks do you got habitual to get insulted by me, just leave from here, I have to go Delhi, don’t

waste my time. She says I m sorry. She smiles. She talks to his assistant. She says Salima was not for Jalal, women are more dangerous than weapons, the women’s target should hit the right aim. Pratap practices sword fighting with Patta. Zahir Saka comes and says I m glad to see this, you are already smart and still needs practice. Pratap says don’t think your enemy is weak. Zahir Saka says great, and praises Pratap. He says he wants to fight by his arms. Pratap says fine, even I don’t need the sword and throws it to Patta. Zahir Saka says fine, we will meet at night in the wrestling space.

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Jalal offers namaz and hears Salima singing Aaj haule se wo yad aaya……….. He ends his Namaz and calls the servants. He says he can’t bear anyone being hurdle in his prayers. The guard says I will stop her. Jalal stops him and goes to see himself. He goes a long way following the voice. Even Bairam Khan hears the sound and stops. Bairam Khan also proceeds to see her. Jalal comes there and sees Salima singing the song. Maham stands there and looks on. Jalal does not say anything and even Bairam likes her melodious voice. Maham smiles seeing both of them being mesmerized by her golden voice and gorgeous looks.

Salima opens her eyes and sees them. She asks Jalal how did he like her song. Jalal does not answer. Maham says she is Salima, your Phuphi’s daughter, she was going to I requested her to stay here for two days. Bairam Khan says just two days. Salima says if I m not bored here for two days, its enough, as its silence all over and I hate silence. Jalal says it will be good if you go somewhere where you can breath freely. Salima says I feel you got annoyed. The wind blows and Jalal looks at her flying hair and beauty.

Salima smiles seeing him. She says its great. He turns. She says Jalal is annoyed and air is also breaking its silence, I have to stay here to see the air’s hide and seek. Jalal leaves. Bairam Khan smiles seeing her. Maham signs Salima and asks Bairam Khan about his imp work and Delhi trip. Bairam Khan says I don’t have any imp work, what are you saying Maham. Salima smiles.

Pratap gets ready for his fight and Patta accompanies him. They come to Zahir Saka. Zahir Saka says he welcomes him in his wrestling place. He says my men will check you. Patta says you are doubting on him. Pratap signs Patta to stop. Zahir Saka says its our rules here, obey it. Pratap says I want you to change your rule, of stealing our cows. Zahir Saka says after the fight. The man checks Pratap. Patta says you should be also checked by your rules. Zahir Saka says you can surely do it,, come Patta, you can check yourself. Patta checks for any hidden weapons. Zahir Saka says I have two things, passion to win and honesty.

He recalls in FB that his lookalike giving him metal boney weapon asking him to wear in his hands. They plan to fail Pratap. The announcement is made for Pratap and Zahir Saka’s fight, and the fight will go on will morning, if there is no result, it will stop and it will resume in tomorrow night. Zahir Saka asks Pratap to go first. Pratap sends him. He tells Patta that this fight goes on, he wants him to keep an eye on Jagmal. Jagmal gets worried and tried to escape. Patta sees him and runs to stop him. Pratap and Zahhir Saka face each other in the battle space. Pratap recalls Udai Singh’s words. Zahir Saka thinks of his words saying he has make Pratap lose, he did not lose to anyone, but this time he is facing Pratap. Pratao recalls the pandit’s words not to bring bad name for Mewar.

The fight between Pratap and Zahir Saka goes on. Jagmal says he won’t let the gun get away from him. Patta says Kunwar Jagmal, and Jagmal hides the gun. Pratap beats Zahir Saka.

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