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The kings yet again refuse to support Akbar. Akbar too doesn’t want to make them bow before him on the basis of his sword. I want us to become friends. I have changed. I don’t force anyone anymore. One of the kings point out that he has married a Rajput Princess Heer Kanwar (Maan Singh’s sister). Now you want us to think that you have started respecting all the Rajputs? Do you want us to forget the wrath that you had inflicted on Chittor? You had killed so many Rajput warriors! So many Rajputanis had done Jauhar. You had killed so many innocent citizens there. How do we believe it that you wont do it again? Akbar takes them with him. I regret my mistake. I have made sure that I don’t repeat it again. I respect all those who fought bravely against me. He has made a

statue of both Raja Jaimal and Patta. I respect them very much. I want to keep them in front of my eyes for life so I can take inspiration from them. The Rajputs bow down before the soldiers. They agree for friendship. We have a doubt on how Chittor’s royal family will take it. We have heard that Pratap hasn’t given up yet. He has made a better and grand city. It is well known everywhere. Pratap is a wounded lion right now. The wounded lions of Rajputana are very dangerous. Akbar thanks them for their friendly suggestion. Everyone else leaves from there. Akbar asks Maan Singh to present the map of Pratap’s new city to him. Maan Singh nods.

The royal family looks out from their palace. There is Lake Pichola on the east side of the palace. We are safe from every possible attack from all the sides.

Maan Singh too tells Akbar about the palace and its surroundings. It is surrounded from all the sides by Aravali mountain ranges. It has a lake on one side. There are smaller palaces inside the bigger one. Akbar wants to know each and every single detail.

There is Amar Mahal, Bhim Vilas and Bada Mahal. The court will be held in Amar Mahal. Jagmal is upset that nothing was kept after his name. DB says I myself had told Pratap against it. You have to make your name first before we keep any palace after you.

Maan Singh tells Akbar about the room where all the weapons have been kept.

Everyone bows down before Lord Krishna and Radha’s painting in the Krishna Vilas. This room is for JB. You can pray here. DB says Rani Ma will spend most of her time in our Rani Mahal. JB denies. Pratap maybe knows about our future plans. This is much more suitable for me. US agrees with her.

Maan Singh says one cannot surround this city easily. Rajputs can corner them from any side. Akbar likes the hard work that Pratap has put in to make this fort. But does he have enough people to support him for this purpose? He has lost all the brave warriors. He doesn’t have anyone to be at his side.

It is the day to appoint the courtesans as they have already lost their dependable Samants and commanders in the Chittor siege. JB corrects him. You haven’t lost them. They have become immortal. They are blessing you just like our ancestors. He nods. US, Pratap and Jagmal leave for the court. JB stops VB. I thinking you have been avoiding me since I have returned. VB knows that she had left the palace because of her. I still feel guilty. JB says it is all in destiny’s hands. It was my decision to leave the palace. Why are you punishing yourself? You dint do anything. DB suggests starting afresh. VB hugs JB.

Akbar wants Maan Singh to keep an eye on every movement in the palace.

Jagmal notices one of the guys (Kanak Das) standing in the court who has a dagger with him. I am getting different vibes from you as if you have an altogether different motive to be here. Kanak Das gets nervous. They stop their discussion as US enters. Pratap appoints different people on different posts. Jagmal asks Kanak Das ji about his role. Kanak Das talks about his father (Late Devi Das ji) who was pretty close to US. Just then Pratap too says the same thing. He was my beloved Kaka Sa in my childhood. US adds that he had cheated them instead by joining hands with our enemy. He became a traitor. Jagmal is glad that he found the right guy. Kanak Das will help me in gaining what all I desire!

Precap: Pratap wants to invite the kings, Samants of neighbouring cities for the inauguration of their new weapons zone. I will throw that Mughal out of Rajputana and India only. US shows his disagreement on the idea. I will not push my citizens in any new war! He holds his chest mid sentence. Everyone rushes to his side.

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  1. Sandeep Singh

    This is preposterous and cowardly attempt full of lies to mollify the image of akbar. He never had any repent throughout his life nor had rajputs in his court courage to speak to him like this. As far as installing statues of jaimal and patta is concerned, the mentality was same as that of jaichandra installing statue of prithviraj chauhan at his gate. This act had no concern with any kind of respect. Akbar was more arrogant person in the country but TV channels do have courage to show TRUE facts due to obvious reasons

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