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The Mughal soldiers segregate themselves in different directions so they are able to surround Pratap. The informer updates the soldiers. The main Mughal soldier knows about Shakti too. He laughs as he gets to know that Shakti has gone his separate way.

Pratap stops the procession as he notices a ruin. He sends Ajabde, Amar, and a few soldiers there to rest. The rest of the soldiers accompany him. The soldiers leave Ajabde and Amar inside and stand outside to watch. Amar narrates the incident to his mother. I greeted Kaka. He told father to take care of me. Ajabde feels that it would have been great if he was here. He could have directed us. They are shocked to see a few hurt soldiers opening the door. The soldiers request Ajabde to hide or save themselves but it is too late by then. The

Mughal soldiers get inside by then. They ask for Pratap. Amar fights with them but gets caught eventually. The soldier is about to hurt him but Shakti enters in time. If anyone dares to hurt my bhabhi or nephew then I wont spare them! Ajabde smiles in relied. Pratap too joins his brother. Pratap smiles recalling Shakti’s words that he isn’t interested in getting into all this. They both fight the Mughals together. All the Mughal soldiers are either dead or they run away within no time. Pratap asks his brother why he did so much even after refusing to be a part of his mission. Shakti remembers it well that he had saved his life once in childhood. Today I have repaid that debt. Ajabde thanks him. He tells her not to embarrass him with thanks. Amar wants to sit with his Kaka now. Acharya enters along with the remaining soldiers. Pratap wonders how these Mughals found out about his arrival. Acharya says maybe someone has been keeping a track on them. Pratap has a plan.

Maan Singh informs Akbar about their soldiers’ defeat. He would have reached Gondwana by now. Akbar fumes.

Rani Durgawati welcomes Pratap, Ajabde, Amar, Acharya and Shakti. She is grateful to Pratap as he came here on only one request. Durgawati addresses Shakti as her brother too. Shakti assures her that they will bring Kamlawati safely.

Akbar does not want to waste his time or energy in getting angry. Kill all those failed soldiers. The other soldiers should get a good lesson from it. Reach Gondwana to find out what Pratap and Durgawati are planning. Maan Singh nods.

Rani Durgawati shares the layout of the fort where Kamlawati has been held captive. Pratap points out that it wont be as easy to attack and win in that Mughal’s house! We will have to attack him on a place which we choose. We will do something before the attack that he has never expected it. It will be an extremely secret mission. Only Acharya and Shakti will come along. We will go to Agra to bring Kamlawati back.

Maan Singh talks to Kamlawati. I have written a letter for your sister on your behalf. He reads it for her. It talks about surrender. Akbar will let you remain the Rani of Gondwana like before. I like Akbar’s idea. I request you to accept Akbar’s proposal. Maan Singh asks for her sign. She asks him if he is a Rajput. How can you be a Rajput! Rajputs don’t do deal of their own daughters or sisters. They can never become the brokers of Mughals. I am a Kshatriya! I will die but wont sign on any such thing! Maan Singh is angry but compelled to keep her alive to carry out Akbar’s orders.

A man comes to Gondwana. He has covered his face with a blanket. He pays one gold coin as tax and is allowed entry inside the city.

Pratap says we will free your sister. Akbar will be angry to know about it. He will follow us and we will bring him to the place where our army will already be. The commander of Gondwana is disappointed with his plan but Pratap wants to surprise Akbar and everyone by doing something different / unexpected this time. Rani Durgawati finds it odd that only 3 people will be going in in the first time. Shakti has faith in his brother. The man enters inside. He aims a dagger at the chart. He calls Pratap a traitor! Everyone takes out their swords and turn towards him.

Kamlawati does not mind dying. I wont take anything from Akbar. Maan Singh reasons that this water that she is drinking is also of Akbar. She denies. this water belongs to their motherland. He makes the soldiers mix salt in the water. I am giving you 24 hours time. Sign it.

Later, Akbar advises Maan Singh to wait for the time when Pratap is here! We will keep her alive till then.

Pratap walks up to the man. I can handle one brother’s anger but it will be difficult to calm down another brother. He removes the blanket from Chandrasen’s face. Chandrasen is upset with him as he dint take his brother in this dangerous mission. Pratap accepts his mistake. I apologize. Pratap allows him to be a part of his plan. Rani Durgawati has no doubt on their calibre. Acharya too likes the idea. Pratap vows to free Kamlawati! They all say Jai Ekling ji in unison.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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