Maharana Pratap 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Pratap hears Rani Jaywanta calling out to him to save her life. He wakes up from his sleep and realizes that it was only his nightmare. He hears people crying outside and goes out and finds that the child who met him in the forest last night was missing and people are suspecting him to be carried away by the man-eater tiger. Pratap along with another villager proceeds to find him.

In Delhi, Maham Anga tells Jalal that a lion doesn’t prey on each and every animal to prove its superiority; it just strikes terror by attacking only one animal and setting an example for others. She advises Jalal to be the same in winning over the Rajputs. Hamida Banu enters and asks her why she’s poisoning Jalal’s mind against the Rajputs. She tells Jalal how the Rajput Rana of Umerkot offered

shelter to her during her pregnancy and how he was born in a Rajput kingdom. Jalal is surprised to know that. Maham tells Jalal that its true but it can’t stand in the way of fulfilling his dead father’s last wishes – of establishing Mughal rule in entire Hindustan, which is possible only if the Rajputs are subdued.

Pratap continues his search in the jungle and discovers pug marks of the tiger that lead them to a torn piece of cloth, which the villager claims to be of the missing boy. He gets scared of the impending dangers and asks Pratap’s permission to return back. Pratap gives him his dagger for his security and lets him go. He continues to search alone and after sometime discovers the dead body of the child. He breaks down crying and unknown to him, a group of people spies on him.

The people starts attacking him with arrows and he dodges them, calling them cowards for not appearing in front of him and attacking from behind shields. Unfortunately he steps into their trap and they hang him upside down. Pratap tells them to release him.. they doesn’t know who he is. The chief of the group tells him that it doesn’t matter if he’s the chief of the village or the crown prince of the kingdom; rules are same for all here. And as per rules of the jungle, he had stepped into the jungle without their permission and hence has to pay for it. Pratap tells them that he came to search and kill the man-eater tiger that had terrified the people of the village and killed his friend. The chief lets him go with the warning that he should never be seen in the jungle again.

In the village, people and the mother of the boy are mourning the death of the child. The mother asks for justice for the death of her son but the villagers’ protests, saying that Pratap is their guest and they can’t endanger his life for their sake. He had already taken enough pains to bring back the dead body from the dangerous forest, they shouldn’t expect anything more from him and accept their fate of coexisting with the fear of the man-eater instead. Pratap promises to kill the man-eater tiger and deliver justice to the grieving mother.

In the Mewar palace, Chakrapani meets Rani Jaywanta. He tells her that he suspects her involvement in Pratap’s banishment from the palace but wonders why she is interested in knowing about his well-being. Jaywanta tells him that she had lost a part of her being with Pratap’s absence. Chakrapani tells her that Pratap is living the life of a commoner, just as she had wished and in this short span of time, he had become the apple of the eyes of the villagers as well by promising to kill the man-eater tiger. Jaywanta remembers Bhatiyani’s threatening and tells Chakrapani that Pratap needs to be stopped, Chakrapani agrees saying that it’s risky to deal with a man-eater tiger and had already warned Pratap of the same. Jaywanta tells him that she knows her son too well; he could go to any extent to ensure the safety of his people. She isn’t afraid of Pratap fighting the man-eater tiger, its Rani Bhatiyani whom she’s more worried about.

Precap : Bairam Khan arrives in the Mewar court with message from Jalal to accept Mughal supremacy. Uday Singh gets furious. Pratap runs to somewhere and Chakrapani reminds him that he had been banished from Mewar palace.

Update Credit to: Moner_Radio

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