Maharana Pratap 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bheel asking Rana Punja to say any new plan soon, else this won’t work. Rana Punja ask his army to throw the bags. Akbar and his commanders wonder what are the oil bags tied to arrows and shot here. Multan Khan guesses that Rana Punja is sending apology in every bag. Maan Singh says we should not take this light. The battle continues and Bheels shoot at the oil bags with fire tipped arrows. Iqbal Khan asks what’s this falling over us, Lord save us….. They all see their soldier burning by the oil bags.

At Udaipur, Chandrasen requests Acharya to give him a chance to go to Marwar, he will try to get soldiers to get help. Acharya says you know your Dada Bhai perspective, he has decided not to lift weapons against Akbar, in any situations. This time Akbar played

a dirty plan, he has started this fake war to give message that he is fighting with Rana ji, whom he does not find knowledgeable. Chandrasen says Rana Pratap is not here, a handful of Bheels and Afghans can’t stop Moghuls. I will remind Dada Bhai that Pratap is our Jamai, Phool married in Mewar, they are sunken in sorrow, how long will they stop this Moghul’s danger. Acharya says if you think you can change your brother’s perspective, then go. I will send some soldier troupes from here too, take Jhalaman ji and Bhim Singh ji too. Chandrasen says fine, but where are they..

Akbar’s guy blackened his face and comes close to Pratap, while Pratap is doing puja. The guy says Rana Pratap, I will leave bury you in Ganga itself. He hides the knife and passes by. He does not get noticed.

Akbar asks Multan Khan what type of soldiers did he send, they are dying like mosquitoes. Bheels throw the bags and shoot with arrows. Maan Singh says he feels he has a solution for this. Bheel says see how they are getting down by our bags, I don’t think they have any solution. Maan Singh weapons on the oil drums placed at Bheels. Bheel says we will be killed by our foolishness. Maan Singh asks Akbar to see how beneficial the Rajputs are, when problems comes. Rana Punja asks the Bheels to cover the oil with the cloth.

Phool meets Chandrasen and says she heard he is going Marwar. Chandrasen tells Phool and says he could not meet and tell her everything, but the truth is he is worried for her, she got big responsibility on her, Ajabde’s place and managing Amar Singh, don’t know how will she manage all the challenges. She says I m trying what all I can face, I try to face challenges with courage, I have come here with a challenge. He asks what. She gives her a letter for Dada Bhai, and says he did not do my kanyadaan, I requested him for help, give this letter to him, then I shall see the fate. Rana Punja pushes the oil drums away.

Bheels soak the cloth in oil. Rana Punja asks them to tie the cloth well and take it to the cement formation. Bheels gets killed. Rana Punja says we don’t have time to regret for soldiers who got killed. He asks them to throw the cloth. Bheels throw the huge cloth in the air. Iqbal Khan asks what’s this magical carpet coming here. Akbar tries to see through binoculars. The cloth falls over Iqbal Khan and part of army. Rana Punja shoots the arrow and they get burnt by cloth catching fire. Rana Punja says Har Har Mahadev. Akbar looks on shocked.

At Udaipur, Acharya says we should make a huge protective shield around Udaipur’s entrance, if Bheels and Afghans fail to stop Moghul army. Bhim Singh says we should give safe place to our residents, I think we should take them inside our Raj Mahal. Amar Singh says no, and apologizes to them for speaking in between them. Amar Singh says Pratap said they should never take their people inside Raj Mahal, and reminds the last war. Acharya says yes, Amar Singh is right, send people to far jungles. I hope Chandrasen get Marwar’s help.

Rana Punja calls Akbar a foolish Moghul, what did he think he will snatch their land when Pratap went to do Ajabde’s Pind Daan and Ashes immersion, they are Bheels, who will fight till the last drop of their blood, they won’t let Akbar come in their land, once Pratap comes out of his mourning, he will kill them. Multan Khan asks Akbar to command him, he will kill these mountain rats. Akbar signs him to go.

Pratap does the rituals and recalls Ajabde. FB shows Pratap and Ajabde’s moments. Akbar’s guy proceeds to him with the knife, while Pratap is praying. Multan Khan proceeds with Moghul army. Rana Punja asks Bheels not to be scared seeing the number, get back. Bheel asks him what is he saying, why did they fight then. Rana Punja says that’s what I want them to think, come. Akbar looks through binoculars and smiles seeing Bheels running away. Maan Singh says they killed our 10000 soldiers. Akbar asks is he mourning for just 10000 soldier’s death. The guy goes to stab Pratap. Bhim Singh and Jhalaman holds the guy away, without Pratap knowing about it. They beat the guy down to death. Pratap turns and sees them. Bhim Singh says sorry to talk at this time, but it’s very important to give this bad news to you. Pratap looks on.

The battle between Bheels and Moghuls continue. Chandrasen says we have to support Mewar against Akbar. Pratap gets angry and says Akbar crossed the limit. He is on the way and says he will not kick out Moghuls from my land, and not let anyone’s sacrifice go waste.

Update Credit to: Amena

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