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Ajabde feels someone presence in the forest behind her. She pulls the dragger, and turns to attack. IT was Pratab. She asks was he following her. He says he now knows that she is secure without him. She says he doesn’t need worry about her. He says he owes her a lot, he wants to do something for her. He says the forest is going to get thick, he must leave her till the palace. She asks how he knows that the forest is going to get thicker. He says he came to give the gold the other day. He notices she is lost. She tells him she used to play with her best friend. He asks where is she now. She says they don’t come to know about each other now. He says his mother used to say, one must look into front. He heads to move on. Ajabde thinks he is so deep a person. He thinks he doesn’t have to forget

he has to stay away from a girl.
In the way, Ajabde asks why he was reluctant to join the army. He says he thought he is going to a direction he never wanted to go. She says that he is a patritot, and a patriot must always hug the way to defend his country. He says this patriotism made him join the army then. She says she would want to know why he dislikes Bai ji lal so much, though he has never met Bai Ji Lal. He stops her there, and says he doesn’t want to tell her. She says she is incomplete without Bai Ji Lal. He says he always found her complete in whatever she is.
They move on, in the way due to storm something gets into Ajabde’s eyes. Pratab asks to help her and asks her to come close to him. When he is done with it, he holds her dupatta in the air. They look at each other. It begins to rain. Ajabde runs inside the palace and comes to temple.
Pratab comes inside, Giyan Singh asks if he left her to the palace. Pratab thinks she ran away, after he draped her in the dupatta. Chakarpani comes there and says he wants to talk to Pratab. Giyan asks if he can stay, but Chakarpani says he has to talk alone. Chakrapani tells him he is coming after meeting Saubahgwati.
Ajabde cries that she is married to Pratab, but is holding her love for years. But why she couldn’t stop herself today. How she forgot her limits today. She will now punish herself. She places her hand on the flame of candle.

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Pratab is angry and asks how can Saubhagwati joi Bijoya with Milwar, today even Ajabde is suffering still such kingdom of Bijoya is being made. Chakarpaani tries to explain that there has been no answer from Chitor. He must save Bijoya anyway. Pratab says he will save his mother-land, even if he has to prepare Bai Ji Lal’s army for it.

Saubhagwati comes to Ajabde and asks what happened to her. Ajabde says she must not ask about it.
Pratab says Bijoya will see its own son will fight for it.
In the morning, Ajabde waters the Tulsi. Pratab bathes in the lake. Ajabde promises that she won’t forget her wedding promises. Pratab prays that he will forget everything about Ajabde. Ajbde says she was Kunwar’s and will always remain his, unconcerned with what he thinks about her. Pratab says he won’t think about her, and asks for the courage and strength for it.
The guard at Akbar’s palace comes inside. He comes to another guard and kills him but puncturing his lungs. It was Badshah Shah. He kills the other gurads coming there too. A maid notices the killing, but Akbar stops her. He stands up and watches with his eyes, the bloodshed of his guards.
Chakarpani asks Bai Ji Lal why is he doing so much pooja. Bai Ji Lal says he is afraid someone is plotting a trap against him.
Badshah Shah asks Akbar how he stopped his sword inches away from him. Akbar says to Bahshah Shah that he wanted him to live for a few more days. Akbar places his sword on his stomach tearing it. Bashah Shah says he can help him get Rajputana, and hands him the letter from Bai Ji Lal telling him he snatched it from a spy.
The letter says that Rajputs must shake hand with Mughals as they are getting stronger day by day.

PRECAP: Akbar says to Badshah Shah that he knows he didn’t dare to come so close to him without any reason. Badshah Shah says he wants Bijoiya and knows Akbar wants it too.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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