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Amar hides behind a bush. HA and the soldiers start closing in on him. Amar too notices them. He gets tensed. HA and the soldiers don’t find anyone behind the bush. They go to another side to check.

US, Jagmal and Acharya are still looking for Amar. They cannot see anyone till far. Acharya is sure no horse rider can run away this fast. Jagmal says if it was I in Amar’s place and someone was going to come looking for me, I would have hid in the jungle. US too fells that Amar is in the jungle. They go there and hear some noise. Acharya suggests that maybe someone is here. Jagmal asks his father if they should get into a fight in case we come across our enemies. Acharya backs him. they get down from their horses and come to look behind a particular bush.

HA and his soldiers form

a line. Amar notices a hut in the jungle and walks towards it.

Pratap is walking in the corridor when he is again shaken by the cannon attack. He heads towards his room. Ajabde is making arrangements for the things to be given in Patta’s marriage. I received them just now but I now I don’t need them. I couldn’t inform my brother that I am not coming. Pratap nods. Patta would be having no idea about what is going on here. I need him here. He is a skilled warrior. He would have helped me if he was here. Ajabde is confused.

Patta declines ot get married without Pratap and his jija. They had promised me but they haven’t come. I don’t know what happened. I cannot get married without them. His mother reasons that they must have got stuck in some work or would have got delayed. Patta cannot believe it can happen. What if there is some kind of emergency? I am feeling restless. I am leaving for Chittor right away. He begins to go but stops after noticing someone.

HA and his soldiers too reach the hut. I think that that Rajput kid is inside that hut. They march towards it. Amar is indeed hiding inside the hut. Someone is coming closer. Grandfather? Hey Ekling ji, please save me this time. He looks at his horse. You are mocking me? You think I am scared? No, I am not scared of anyone. I can tackle the entire Mughal army but I have lied to grandfather. He would not have found out about me possibly. Who could it be then? The Mughal army? It is time to get into action. He takes out his sword from its sheath and looks at the door. HA and his army is inching closer. They surround the hut from all the sides. HA breaks open the door but it is some other family inside the hut. Amar attacks the person who enters inside the hut and is shocked to see US. Acharya and Jagmal come in too. US is angry with Amar. He slaps him. where were you going? Jagmal smirks. Amar starts crying. US melts down and hugs him. you are my life. What if something had happened to you today? I could have never forgiven myself then. where were oyu running to? Amar replies that it isn’t he who is running but it is you who is running away from the Mughals. I was going to Chittor to my father.

HA beats the guy. He knows nothing about US. I only know that US and his family had stopped by 2 days ago. They have headed towards the north. HA decides to chase US asap.

Acharya explains to Amar that I am your father’s guru. You will have to listen to me
State is always bigger than a king. A king is the utmost significant symbol of a state. The state can collide if anything happens to the king. This is why we try first to save our king. A king’s duty is to keep his citizens motivated. He has to be alive therefore. Right now, it is our duty to protect Rana ji. Chittor cannot go in dark till Rana ji is alive. Chittor’s citizens too will be hopeful till the time they know that Rana ji is alive. Your father has sent me with you and your grandfather to help him but you are creating problems for him instead. Amar apologizes to US. I will never repeat it. US forgives him. How can I be upset with you? Amar vows not to let anyone touch him till he is alive. US smiles. Amar adds that it will never happen. Father will not let those Mughals get hold of Chittor. US nods in agreement.

Pratap calls an emergency meeting. I want someone to bring Patta inside the fort anyhow for protecting the fort. Who will go for this work? Kalla vouches to go but Pratap wants him here. Dodhiya ji too offers to go but Pratap doesn’t want his soldiers to be misguided in the time of need. Rawat ji has someone in his mind.

Patta’s would be wife and his FIL is standing at the gate. His FIL requests him not to leave the wedding like this. My daughter’s life will be ruined. His would be wife says I became his wife the moment it was finalised. I can wait for him to return. Patta’s mother is very proud of her DIL. It is your (Patta’s) duty to take care of her. a girl’s life is ruined if the wedding is halted midway. Ajabde and Pratap will be blamed for it. Patta can never let it happen. They begin the rituals right away.

All the labours are busy constructing the mountain. The same old man returns. He starts walking towards Akbar. He has a knife in his hand. A commander notices him and catches him. the man says I was just going to meet Jahanpanah. The man calls out for help from Akbar. He was a soldier in some other Mughal’s time (Bahadur Shah). Akbar tells his soldier to bring him here. The man shares that Bahadur Shah had gained access to Chittor fort. I know how to enter inside the palace. Trust me. Akbar smirks.

Precap: Rawat ji shows Pratap that Akbar is digging a tunnel. This is what had made us lose once to Bahadur Shah! Ajabde wonders if their end is really near.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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