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Maldev questions Pratap on his act of entering their pavilion. Is this your new scheme against us just like you had sworn in not to pick your weapons in war? Phool is shocked to know it. maldev affirms it. It is good that you dint marry in this family. he is a coward in the disguise of a brave person. He tells his soldiers to catch Pratap before he thinks of escaping from here. Pratap stops the soldiers and signals them to move away which surprises Maldev ji. Pratap says, forgive me but your granddaughter is more intelligent than you. She had just told her soldiers that I wouldn’t have come here if I had wanted to run away. if I was coward then I wouldn’t have thought of coming all by myself to my enemy’s pavilion which is manned by so many soldiers all around. maldev ji isn’t interested

in his talks. I don’t even have time for it. I have to decide my war techniques for the day. Come to the point. Pratap tells him that he has come to stop him from going in the war. Maldev ji smiles at this. I will stop just like that? Pratap has brought a proposition for peace which amuses Maldev ji. You think I don’t understand your thought out plans? You talk about not fighting and establishing peace yet you attempted to kill my son! Pratap too can feel his pain. I am even thankful to this mistake. Phool is confused. Pratap tells them that as soon as Ram Singh ji got hurt by him he realised that he has to stop this war as whoever is dying in this war is one of us only. Maldev ji compares him to his ancestors who were known for their bravery but finds him to be like a woman. Pratap knows his mentality well that he can go to any extent if he wants to insult somebody. But if it was important for me then I wouldn’t have come here. You are free to say whatever you want to but I wont step back from my decision now. Maldev ji wants to fight nonetheless. If the rest of Mewar army is as coward as you then we will soon be heading back to our home.

Rawat ji confirms Mamrak ji’s words. Uday Singh is shocked to know that Pratap has been captured by the Marwar army. He plans to attack them right away and tells Rawat ji to ready their army for the same. Rawat ji obliges.

Maldev ji refuses to fall in anything that Pratap is saying. If you are so against war and love peace so much then why did you kill my soldiers so brutally? I too had decided not to fight with you but then I saw the dead bodies of my soldiers. They were killed so very brutally. Pratap has no clue about it. Whole Rajputana knows that every dead soldier is to be given respect when he dies. It doesn’t matter if it is our soldier or from the enemy’s side. we religiously carry out their last rites as per our tradition. Mewar was anyways trying to make relations with Marwar then how can we do it to them? Maldev ji still wants an answer as to who has killed them. Pratap says I only have killed them. But they aren’t Marwar soldiers but Mughals. They had to be punished as they were trying to enter our land by feigning to be our friends. Maldev ji is curious now. Who sent them? Pratap takes Akbar’s name. He wants us to fight. Some Mughal soldiers had even told me that you had guided them towards their land before they ran away. everyone is shocked by this piece of information.

Maldev ji declines doing anything like that. We Rajputs never attack from behind or someone who is without any weapons. We attack from the front. Pratap knows it well. But that time we believed them. I agree I was wrong in believing them but now tell me who is playing games here, I or that Mughal? Guru Raghvendra adds that both Mewar and Marwar have understood all of Akbar’s ploys to make them fight against each other. You both have lost your many of your brave soldiers. We should put an end to this war asap. Maldev ji’s senapati too agrees with Pratap and Guru Raghvendra. Maldev ji is sad to know that he was the only one who was enjoying seeing Mewar loose. But I agree to stop this war on one condition. I haven’t forgiven Rana Uday Singh for his mistake till now. How will you (Pratap) pay for his mistake? Pratap is ready to even bow down before him for his bauji raj’s sake. Maldev ji appreciates his intelligence. Ending this war will be so beneficial for all of us especially Mewar as it is a small state. It gets scared of Mughals easily. Come and bow down before me if you want to stop this war. No one around is happy by the turn of events. Guru Raghvendra nods at Pratap to do it whereas Phool is in tears to see him thus. Maldev ji stops him in time. I must compliment you for your love of your country. You have fought with many enemies all by yourself and yet you have agreed to bow down before me so easily just for Rajputana’s sake? I am very much impressed by your love for your country but you shouldn’t do it. I will be at peace when your dad will do it. Pratap stops him right there. I am tolerating your insults, taunts since so long as I wanted peace more than anything else. I was thinking about everyone else but your ego isn’t satisfied. You are testing my patience by talking like that. I will have to answer you aptly. Maldev ji reminds him that he is in their pavilion so he must think wisely. Your every breath is on dependant on me right now for your survival. A soldier comes to inform them that Uday Singh is coming here with his army. Rao Mamrak ji’s army is with them too. Everyone has mixed reactions.

Uday Singh is shown to be approaching Marwar’s pavilion with his army. Maldev ji calls it Pratap’s planning. He orders his Senapati to get ready to fight. He leaves with his soldiers. Maldev ji is angry with Pratap as he thinks that he has planned it all. Pratap tries to explain but in vain. Maldev ji tells his soldiers to catch him. Pratap is about to kill all those soldiers who are trying to catch him but his Guru tells him against it. throw away your weapons and surrender yourself. Pratap obliges. Phool tries to explain his stance but Maldev ji is not ready to believe it. you are siding with him who had come to kill your daata? You have been blinded by emotions. How can you forgive him? He has tried to kill your dad. She yet again tries to explain but he tells her to leave. She leaves sadly.

Uday Singh is not happy with Maldev ji for capturing his son. I wont leave him.

Phool talks to her unconscious dad. Only you can save Pratap again. The war talks are on again. He might have attacked on you yet I still feel like trusting him. he said that he hurt you by mistake. He dint intend to hurt you. I agree he has hurt me many times but he has never lied to me for he can never lie. He really wanted to stop this war but bade daata does not pay heed to anyone else. Only you can stop this war now. She cries holding his hand. She feels some movement in his hands. He mutters that Pratap is innocent. She calls out for her Vaid ji.

Maldev ji explains the scheme of war for the day to his army. He also gives speech about killing all those who have cheated us wrongly. Just then Ram Singh ji comes there holding his neck. He tells his dad to stop all this. His dad tells him to rest as he is unwell. I will make Mewar pay for your injury and pain with their blood. Ram Singh denies. He attacked me unknowingly. I have seen penitence and pain in his eyes for me. he tells the army that it is of no use to kill your own people. His Senapati agrees but also points out that Uday Singh is heading towards their pavilion with his whole army. Maldev ji wont let them go away this time. Pratap speaks up. If you think we are cheating you and insulting you then I still have a solution / suggestion for you.

JB scolds the soldiers for letting VB go out all by herself. It is war time and everyone is fighting. The soldiers apologize whereas DB tells her to let it be. The problem has gone away itself. JB dismisses the soldiers and then turns to DB. She is one of us. How can you say so? DB declines this fact. She has been forced on us. JB says you and Sajjabai had come after me only. What if the same thing / behaviour was meted out to you? How would you have felt? DB calls her situation different but for JB its the same. I feel the same. But we are not just women but queens too. Rana Ji would have taken its responsibility if he was here but right now its our responsibility. We can have many differences but VB is our responsibility. We have to take care of her and her respect, honour. DB agrees with her. we should bring her back. I know where she would have gone. JB is pleased to see that she has put her differences aside for once. They all leave together.

Mewar and Marwar armies come face to face. Maldev ji has accepted Pratap’s peace proposal. Uday Singh questions Pratap about the same. Pratap explains that for Maldev ji this war is to satisfy his ego. I have decided that for his ego only we wont risk the whole Rajputana. I alone am enough for this. Pratap tells his Uday Singh that he has suggested something to Maldev ji. I will fight with anyone whom he wants to represent Marwar. Whoever will lose will have to accept defeat. UDay Singh doesn’t want to allow this as it can be dangerous for Pratap but Pratap still wants to go ahead. Maldev says you wont be spared without fighting your someone who is your own. I have chosen Guru Raghvendra to fight against you. Everyone is in for a shock. Maldev ji reminds him of his dharma. Guru Raghvendra agrees for it and so does Pratap. This fight will go on till either of you dies. Uday Singh is unhappy but they have no choice.

The news has reached Akbar. He is throwing pieces of non veg at a guy who has been chained in his jail. Khan baba what do you think, is Pratap’s end near? I have heard a lot about his Guru. He likes Maldev’s chaal. The guy eats his food in a wild manner.

Everyone is set for dangal. Uday Singh wants to face Marwar in warzone. I will fight it out there not here but Pratap is adamant. Maldev ji expects Guru Raghvendra’s best act. He promises him thus as that is his dharma at this moment. Dangal is announced. There will be 3 rounds. If no conclusion is drawn till those 3 rounds then this will continue till either of the participant dies. Whoever is alive, wins!

Pratap seeks his Guru’s blessings before starting the dangal. They both will fight for their dharmas. They both take out their swords and the competition begins. Maldev ji enjoys the fights Pratap drops his sword yet he continues to fight brilliantly. First round comes to an end. Guru raghvendra recalls Maldev’s words that this fight will continue till either of them dies.

Precap: Akbar tells his guy Bunda Khan to go and kill Pratap. He kills someone. Daasi brings something for her queens to see. Mughals have left it on our gates. DB reads it out loud. Whoever will challenge us will be meted out with the same fate. She is worried what if it is Rana ji but VB tells her not to say so. JB checks what it is.

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