Maharana Pratap 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 3rd July 2013 Written Update

The Battle is in the final stage, Shams Khan fallen down, Rana Bahadur is down , unconscious , blood oozing out from every part of his body …The Flag of Mewar flies High in the fort !!… The soldier who was supposed to herald the victory by blowing on the trumpet is holding on to his last breath and trying to use the same for informing his brother’s..Pratap gently takes the trumpet from the soldier who crumples away in death , while Pratap blows the vicotry bugle, the sound piercing the battle cries, rejuvenating Chandravats who was on his last leags, He looks up and sees the flag flying in the winds, Free, .. Jubilant..Chandravats lets out a loud yell of victory praising the lord Ekling!!


A tottering Rana Udai is circling the fallen Shams Khan, mocking

him, taunting him, using ShamsKhans ‘Maza araha hai’ against him, he is barely able to walk but his will keeps him on his feet, Rana Udai is fast approaching the zone where his slipping into oblivion is imminent .. Just when he is going to slip and fall, Chandravats comes , holds him up preventing Rana Udai from falling ..Chandravats informs Rana that thee flag of Mewar is flying high on the fort, Rana Udai is stunned and this words give him the strength and he becomes every inch he King…

The soldiers of Shamskhan come to save ShamsKHan but are held back by Rajput warriors .. Rana Udai commands ShamsKhan to tell his men to lay off the sword else he will be beheaded,The fallen Shams Khan tells his soldiers to lay down arms . Rana Udai places the sword by the neck ..


The queens who are ready to do Jauhar are informed that the Mewar Soldiers have won the war and now there is no need for Jauhar!! The ladies are happy and ecstatic..


The Soldiers of Mewar Hail the King on his marvellous Victory, soon a cry raises up hailing Pratap.. Rana Udai is recollected to the presence of Pratap still exposed to enemy in the battle, He signs to Chandravats to look for and protect Pratap, ChandraVats understands the sign and leaves..

ShamsKhan begs for mercy from Rana Udai while the general’s of Rana Udai demand the head of ShamsKhan…


Chandravats reaches the spot and takes off the helmet in respect to the departed .. Chandravats says that The death of these soldiers have not been in vain , it was their noble act that enthused the soldiers of Mewar to fight esp wthe sight of flag flying high gave the necessary impetus to snatch Victory from jaws of defeat..

Chandravats goes in search of Pratap and finds him cradling the body of Rana Bahadur and weeping , Chandravats comforts him and says crying is not allowed for a warrior who has died in the battlefield..

The news of the victory is sent to Bhatiyani .. Rana udai wants to know the person who hoisted the flag atop the fortress and is pleasantly surprised to learn that it was his own Son !!
Bhatiyani is relieved to hear the news and immediately enquires about Pratap, she is told that it was Pratap who gave them the victory.
Shamskhan is seen loking abject in defeat, awaiting his fate

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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