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ZS praises Pratap’s shining sword. I have heard a lot many stories about it but I have a small request to make before you cut my head off with it. Till then please keep this sword back in its sheath. Pratap demands to know first the reason as to why he stole his cows. ZS did all this to meet him in person. You came here after all. I know it very well that you have come here to fight with me. There will be a fight indeed but before that give me a chance to take care of you (as my guest). Don’t be so surprised. Many people have come fought with me till date but none of the fights were worth registering in the history. But everything will change today as the most daring; the bravest warrior of this motherland is standing right in front of me. I have to make you lose now as that incident will

be worth writing in the pages of our golden history. It will be the most special day of ZS’s life. I want to make it memorable and celebrate it to the fullest. Nothing else will make it more worthwhile than taking care of you as my guest. Hope you will accept my request. We will fight at night later on. Pratap denies. You will get an answer for your misdeed right away only. ZS is impressed with the Rajputana anger in him. but there is one problem, my entire army will participate in the war against you if you want to fight with me right away. you should think about it. it will be just you and your two friends on one side while it will be me with my whole army on the other hand. it wont be an equal match. It wont be fun even. Pratap points out that he (ZS) only believes in fighting it out face to face. ZS affirms. He yet again requests Pratap to think about his request once again. Pratap thinks and then agrees. ZS welcomes him. Don’t worry I don’t attack on my guests. Plus you don’t need your weapons inside the palace when you have accepted my offer. They will be handed back to you before the fight. Jagmal is tensed. Pratap gives his sword to ZS. ZS asks for the swords of his accomplices as well. Jagmal decides to hide his gun in the meantime. Patta gives his whereas Jagmal hides the gun in the backyard. Pratap asks Jagmal about his whereabouts. Jagmal lies that he had gone to throw a packet of Amal that was still with him by mistake. They all head inside.

ZS looks at himself in the mirror. You look tensed about this fight? He boosts his own moral courage. ZS has never lost any fight with anyone till date but this time the fight is with Mewar’s Pratap. I know he is the one before whom both Bairam Khan and Akbar lost. But this time he will stand opposite to ZS. It is time for him to bid goodbye which is why he has come here on his own. Stealing the cows was a trap for him. He did come running here. He has completely fallen in my trap. It is time to end his story. I have faith in me as I have you (his twin brother). Flashback is shown where ZS and his twin brother had made a fighter lose by cheating. ZS and his brother laugh thinking about it.

Dhaman Singh has called DB to tell her something. She is worried as Rana ji has tightened the security after the incident. There are spies at every corner now. Dhaman Singh tells her that Jagmal has stolen the gun from the weapon room. I had seen him doing it. DB gets worried for her son. He will get death penalty if anyone sees the gun with him. Dhaman Singh thinks maybe Jagmal took it for his safety. DB denies. Jagmal has gone with Pratap. We all know that nothing can happen to you if Pratap is with you. bring that gun back somehow before he uses it. Dhaman Singh leaves right away.

Rawat ji and US have been waiting outside the inn for the entire night. US hasn’t even slept for even a second. US says I am only looking for the last clue / proof that can prove my son’s innocence. I have full faith in him and know that he is innocent yet I am unable to do anything as I am a king. A king has no right to quieten his soul’s voice and take a decision for himself. A king is bound by the raj dharma, rules and situations. He has to decide on the basis of all the circumstances only. Every situation here is going against Pratap. He was all silent when I asked him about the incident time and again. that is actually complicating the situation for him. rawat ji agrees with him. I still believe that Pratap too is well aware of everything. US cannot understand the reason as to why Pratap is doing all this then. did I miss out on some of my duties as a father that he is behaving that way with me?

Pratap is balancing two stacks on the either side of the stick that is on his shoulder as he walks on the steps continuously. He thinks of his father’s words and how he had to get out of the palace to save the cows from ZS. He drops the stick with the stacks looks up. You are a witness of both present and past. I have no intention of hurting my father. Give me the strength to act all indiscipline before him at this moment. I know he is very much disturbed right now because whatever be the rightful investigation, he will be more pained than me to punish me or take a decision against me.

Rawat ji says Pratap can never think of taking revenge from you. he can never even think of going against you as I know him well. Certainly there is something that has quietened him. US too wants to know what it is. I wonder where that arms seller is! He suddenly realises that the arms seller left from Chittor one day ago. It cannot be that he hasn’t reached here yet. He is here only, inside the inn. Rawat ji calls out for the inn owner immediately. Tell all the people who are staying at your inn that they will be thoroughly checked right now. US adds that you can tell whoever is against it that I, Mewar’s King Rana US, will personally check that person.

Rawat ji and US check all the people staying at the inn one by one. The arms seller is covering his face with his hand while he stands in the queue. He starts coughing vigorously when his turn comes. Rawat ji checks him. He holds the hand of that guy just when a soldier comes to inform US and Rawat ji that Pratap has gone out of the palace. US and Rawat ji are taken aback. US is angry at Pratap.

Jagmal tells his Dada bhai to be careful. You were telling me to careful but I think you should be more careful and calm now. ON the other hand, US is angry at Pratap for disobeying his order.

Precap: Akbar hears a lady’s voice (Salima). Akbar gets angry. I cannot tolerate any hindrance while I am praying. This stands for everyone. The servant tells him that this is the voice of their royal guest. I will go and tell her to stop. Pratap and ZS are fighting on a one to one basis.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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