Maharana Pratap 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 3rd February 2014 Written Update

kaale khan bring guru ji with them. Villagers talk about canon and pratap heard about it and surprisingly says, canon ??? Bahram khan angrily says, where are canon? Soldier says, we had placed canon at last. Bahram khan beat him.
JB says to everyone, do everything very fastly. One dasi says to DB, please help me. DB says, i will not help you. Sajja taunts DB and says, just go and help her. Bahram khan says, now i will blast this village and forest with these canon. One soldier ask, hujur then how we will blast chittor’s fort. Bahram khan says, i want to kill pratap, he will bring my turbon.
Surtan singh’s soldier tries to open the gate but they are unable to open it. JB says, now wait until they came here. Dassis pour boiling oil onto soldier and injured them. Rao surtan singh got angry.
Rana mamrat ji and uday singh reaches at the south end of the fort but they see that rao surtan singh troop is already there. Then uday singh say, look, our soldiers are coming. Surtan singh calls shibu to open the door. Shibu runs towards the gate and sajja throw banana outer covering and shibu got slipped.
Rao surtan singh calls his troop for attacking the fort. DB taunts now what will you do? JB says, its not time to think…do what we are doing..Dassis says, everything got finished.
Surtan singh says, now their is no motion seen from fort. I think they get tired. JB prays to God. Kaale khan see grams potli in guruji’s hands and throw it. Pratap says, now how will i get to know about barood bunker? Pratap sees a clue that is blood droplet and says, it means guruji has given a clue to me. Here uday singh battles with surtan singh troop.
Pratap follows the blood droplets and blood droplets ends, pratap says, i think barood bunker is nearby to me. Pratap sees the wound of guruji and get worried. Guruji stops him. Pratap says, i will pay for your every blood droplets. Surtan singh troop break the main gate of fort.

Precap:- Bahram khan says, dont get waste your time to fill the baood in canon otherwise it will be harmful to you and your friends. Pratap gets the idea to stop it.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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