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Acharya shows Pratap the other troop which is heading towards them just then. They are 1 lac in number. Shakti is leading them. Pratap is shocked to see Shakti. Shakti thinks of how Akbar had asked him to lead his other troop. This is the time to show your faithfulness to me. Shakti agrees. Flashback ends. Shakti tells his army that there big army can easily win this war. I request all of you to maintain the necessary values here. I will fight directly with Maharana Pratap. Acharya suggests Pratap to make a safe exit from here. Pratap doesn’t want to be a coward. Acharya explains that Jagmal has attacked on the fort. There are limited people there. You have to take care of the situation there. Pratap refuses to leave the war. Do you want the future generations to think of me as a coward?

You have always taught me take care of the country and motherland. Today you want me to run away? I will not do it. Either this earth will have Mughals’ blood or ours! Acharya reasons that the dream of a united India will be alive till he will be alive. A soldier informs them about Jagmal attacking on the main door of the fort. Acharya asks Pratap again to leave. We cannot let Mewar’s future die like this. Do you want lacs of women to do Jauhar like last time? You will be held responsible for it! You have to leave from here right away! Pratap’s lookalike (Jhala ji) wants to be in Pratap’s place in his absence. Everyone says I look like you. let me live my responsibility once. Acharya seconds him.

At the fort, Phool, Amar and the ladies fight with the Muhgal soldiers. The Mughals succeed in breaking open the main door.

Jhala ji comes dressed in Pratap’s clothes and armour. Acharya guides Jhala ji about the wounds which Pratap had. Mughal soldiers mistake him to be Pratap and attack him from all the sides. One of the commanders notice Pratap leaving from there on Chetak. He shows the same to MK. Our army is wasting time. MK and the other commander follow Pratap. Jhala ji dies while fighting. Acharya is shocked to see him thus. The Mughal soldiers think that they succeeded in killing Pratap.

Pratap is on his way. He asks Chetak to keep going. We have to reach Udaipur fast. Don’t give up. Chetak stops near the river. Pratap whispers in his ears. I have full faith in you. You will cross it. Chetak jumps across the river. He stops suddenly. Pratap gets concerned as Chetak’s steps falter. Pratap gets down to check him. Nothing will happen to my friend. Chetak’s vision gets blurry. Chetak falls down. Pratap cries to see him dead. He thinks of his first meeting with Chetak and how he has always been with him through all the highs and lows of life.

Phool takes Amar with him. I need to talk to you about something important. There is a bad news about your father. Amar denies. This is a rumour. Phool says this isn’t a rumour this time.

Pratap has buried Chetak. You were a great friend. May your soul rest in peace! I will always be incomplete without you. Why did you leave me? He misses Chetak and is in tears. MK and the other Mughal commander reach there. They notice Pratap sitting on the ground with his back towards them. they stealthily inch closer to him. Shakti steps in between. MK says we should have understood that you yourself would want to kill Pratap. We allow you this. Shakti asks them to leave from there. MK reminds him that they have been ordered to kill Pratap and so is he. Shakti says I will not repeat it again. They accuse him for saving an enemy. Shakti says he is not my enemy but my brother. A Rajput can never go against another Rajput. I joined hands with you to actually kill you all. They all start fighting. The Mughal commanders are about to attack Shakti when Pratap intervenes. He helps his brother get up and joins hand with him. Pratap fights with MK while Shakti fights with the other commander. Shakti gets wounded in the process yet succeeds in killing that commander. MK dies by Pratap’s hands. Pratap drops his sword. Both the brothers share an emotional hug. Pratap says I had full faith that you will be back. You are a true Rajput. It is a different thing to support that Mughal and another thing to raise your sword on your brother. Shakti accepts that he has made many mistakes. Pratap talks about losing Chetak. Shakti points out that he is their hope. It will live till you are alive. He gives him his horse. You should leave from here before any other Mughal reaches her. I will join you soon. Pratap leaves on Shakti’s horse.

Precap: Jagmal orders his soldiers to catch Phool and Amar. CK steps in between and a soldier stabs her. Pratap is wounded, unconscious and a Vaid treats him. He is unaware of Pratap’s identity. His disciple says Jagmal has attacked on Udaipur. Maybe he got hurt in the process.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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