Maharana Pratap 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 31st March 2014 Written Update

Pratap goes to mamrat ji room and ask that i am going to find girl for my friend. Mamrat ji says, so your friend is run away from his marriage. Mamrat ji says, wow thats great but it is usual for any boy to heard his wedding news. Pratap says from himself that right way is shown by ajabdehi. Pratap finds ajabdehi. Here phool kanwar gets angry and ajabdehi moves behind her and mamrat ji reaches there and says, your father send dance teacher for you. Phool says, i am not in good mood right now and moved away. Pratap gives thanks to ajabdehi and ajabdehi says, i am not the right person to take thanks. Ajabdehi says to phool that i will do as you want. Phool gets happy and ajab says, so now you can learn dance from teacher. Phool says, yes i am very excited to learn dance.
Here jalal

ask from astrologer that can i get phool? Astrologer tells the conversation of here and there, then jalal gets angry and jalal’s both mother came and tries to tell him that it is not right. Jalal says, leave me alone. Jalal says to himself that i can leave anything for you.
Chakrapani says to pratap that if i will not meet with that girl then what will you do? Pratap says, i am not your friend for this matter.
Phool and ajab heard all this. Jalim singh ask , what are doing?
Phool says, what are you doing here, you go and get dance teacher for me. Phool and ajab take permission from hansa mosi and tells that they are going to pandit ji’s daughter “Sobhagyawati”. Hansa mosi says, i am going to arrange your journey. Phool says, we are going to pandit ji’s house so that chakrapani will not get married. I feel happy to defeat pratap.
Pratap says to chakrapani to eat food. Phool says, now i will stop marriage of chakrapani and sohbagyawati. Ajab says, it will better that chakrapani will not go to pandit ji’s home instead of stopping marriage. Chakrapani sees the dream that he gets marriages with sobhagyawati and gets frightened. Phool reaches there. Pratap reaches to ajab and says, you can tell me the secrets. Ajab says that phool is making plan for stopping your friends marriage, so be alert.
Phool says to chakrapani that you came here only to your friend that he will save you. You just think that he will wants to arrange your marriage then why he will not gets marriage. Phool gives things for running. Pratap says, what are you doing here? Phool says, i am coming here to meet my friend. Chakrapani says, you are not good.

Precap:- Pratap see gohar and jalim singh introduces gohar with mamrat ji and mamrat ji says to surtan singh that i have seen you somewhere.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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