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Maan Singh addresses Mewar’s troops. Who will speak to Shehanshah? Acharya says I am the commander of Mewar. I will speak to Akbar. Maan Singh reasons that only the king can speak to Shehanshah. If US could not come then Pratap might have come here. Raimal adds that Pratap and Akbar’s relations are strained so we have brought Jagmal with us. Maan Singh allows Jagmal inside.

Jagmal enters Akbar’s tent. Akbar takes out his sword from the sheath as soon as Jagmal steps in. He turns back to go out but the soldiers block his way. The sword falls from Jagmal’s hands. Jagmal kneels before Akbar. I don’t want Mewar. Keep Mewar but don’t kill me. Akbar smiles.

Outside, Acharya thinks that something might be wrong.

Jagmal agrees to become Akbar’s slave only if

he lets him live. Akbar keeps the sword back in its sheath. A brave mother has such a weak son? Don’t worry, I will take care of you. Akbar gives his special sword to Jagmal as a token of their friendship. It hasn’t tasted blood till now. Jagmal is relieved that his life will be spared. Akbar says I will make you the King of Mewar.

Jagmal steps out of the tent with full confidence. He joins his uncle and the other people. Acharya asks him what happened inside. Jagmal says the mission succeeded.

Maan Singh tells Akbar that their army is ready to head back to Agra. It will be etched in history that Jagmal forced Akbar’s army to leave Udaipur. Akbar remarks that whenever this point will be spoken about then it will also be added that Akbar was not only smart in fighting but in political matters too. He knew that a small defeat can sometimes lead to a bigger victory. It is no harm to take a step back to inch further towards your mission.

People cheer for Jagmal as he returns to the palace. Pratap asks Jagmal what Akbar asked in return of taking his army off. Jagmal replies that he will speak before father.

Salima is shocked to know that Akbar is returning empty handed. He left Phool and Mewar? This is disgusting! Heer Bai feels proud of Akbar. He has understood my point that one cannot win Rajputana with their swords. You know nothing of humanity so you find it awkward.

Jagmal greets his father. I did what no one could ever think of. I forced Akbar to bend down before me. He is going back without getting into a war. He acts all brave before his father. US is curious as to what Jagmal gave to Akbar in return. Jagmal says we are not against Mughals anymore. This angers Pratap. Jagmal adds that he told Akbar that from now onwards Chittor will be under Mughal Empire. No one will ever try to take it back! Pratap cannot believe what his brother did. Jagmal reasons that he did everything for its people. Pratap does not want to give up on the dream of getting Chittor back ever. This leaves US shocked too. His condition deteriorates. Jagmal says I did everything for father and you are reacting like this. Pratap warns him that he is crossing his limit. Use the right words for father. A commander thinks that Jagmal dint do something wrong. We have gained by this move. We haven’t lost anything. Pratap still does not want to take this as the only option they have. He walks out of the room. US calls for him but in vain. He sends everyone out of the room.

Phool asks JB what all is happening.e verything is going wrong since I left Marwar. Pratap comes there. He is angry at what Jagmal has done. He has served Mewar to Akbar in a plate. JB tries to calm him but in vain. I will not keep quiet anymore. Chittor was our pride. We could have won it back but Jagmal did a foolish thing. DB adds that he could have only won it by losing his new bride. This was the condition that Akbar put before your brother – Chittor or Phool. Jagmal nods. This is why I agreed to give CHittor to Akbar as Bhabhi’s dignity is above everything else. Pratap still feels that some other way could have been thought of. I thank you for what you have done but I still don’t find it right. He leaves from there. Phool blames herself for it. JB asks her to calm down. This was bound to happen if you were there or not. A soldier rushes in to inform them that US had another attack. JB asks Ajabde to inform Pratap about the same.

Pratap is walking in the corridor as he thinks of the present situation. Forgive me father. You have to see such days because of me. Please forgive me. He hears Ajabde calling out for him. He hears her calling out his father’s name too and runs towards his father’s room at once. Pratap looks at his father. He thinks of all his memories with him since childhood. Tears well up in his eyes. He asks Vaid ji how much time his father has. Vaid ji replies that Rana ji’s body parts are giving up one by one. He will live for 2 days max! Ajabde and Pratap look stunned.

Precap: US dies. Pratap is shattered. It is the time of the successor to sit on the throne. One commander has Rana ji’s last letter in which Rana ji had written his last wish.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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