Maharana Pratap 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 30th October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Pratap is upset and Rani maa comes to him , he tries to tell her that she is become blind in putra prem ,beause he feels he is not true prince who live to protect his praja what ever anay happened he couldn’t do anything , She feels that because of her he is not able to help the needy and fight with the evil ..She was about to say something but couldn’t complete she gets the flashback of the reason she is stopping Pratap from touching any weapon ..Pratap goes out of the house ..

At Boondi , krishana with panna tai and rest of the villagers are near the hunged body of Krishna’s father , Kings men are not allowing them to perform the last right , Krishna is crying for her father .. that time some explosion happens and the next moment the dead body

vanishes form the tree, Krishna , panna tai and all are surprised ,they spot a man carrying the dead body along with him , Krishna is confused Panna tai tells her that who ever he is he is trying to help them so they should follow him , after following him they find the dead body laying on far from Boondi border ..they perform the last right , Krishna is happy that she could do this and her father could depart with respect ..

After sometime there is a knock at the door its Panna tai who came to meet Rani jaivanta bai , she asks her why is she doing this Rani J asks how do could you recongnise him ,then she tells her that the first time she saw him with her his personality was so impressive it could be only Pratap son of Rana Uday singh and Jaivanta bai ,Rani maa shares her fear and thoughts behind stopping Pratap from touching weapon , Panna tai tells her she sacrifised her son for the future of Mewar how come being so brave Rani she become blind in puta prem . Rani maa realizes her mistake ..and promise panna tai she would rectify that ..

next morning Pratap getting ready Rani maa comes to him tells him she realised that its praja who has first right on him , so she would not stop him further from helping needy and helpless praja , she makes free form the restriction to fight and gives him new clothes and asthras , tells him to fight for praja ..Pratap does pooja and wear bibhuti of shiva …he looks very different in this look

precap: At Boondi Krishna is been harassed by Kings men she is calling people for help that time Pratap reaches there and injure the man with his arrow

Update Credit to: cheena007

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