Maharana Pratap 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 30th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Choti Maharani asking Kuwar Pratap to keep the sword down. He puts it back. He asks her why are you crying, she says because you don’t know what you have done. She says don’t tell about whatever happened here to anyone. If your father knows about it, no one can lower his anger. Pratap takes an oath that he won’t tell anyone, she says lets go and have food, you did not eat since two days. Choti Maharani is about to make him eat and Badi Maharani comes and stops him. Choti Maharani asks her what he did, She says Pratap know what I m saying and why I m saying. He says he has to take bath before eating, Choti Maharani says she does not know whose deserves the compliment, either Kuwar Pratap or you.

Kuwar Pratap leaves with Badi Maharani, and goes to take

a bath. He asks Maharani how to keep the Pagdi. She says you have grown up enough to ask questions to your dad. They do the puja. He says I asked him because I wanted to know, why he kept quiet as Shams khan was insulting him. Why did not he answer him. She helps him in tying the Pagdi. She asks him why did you not do the Nitya puja yesterday. He says he was in karawas. She says we all know that Shakti started the fight with Afghan Chowni guards, then why did you take the blame on yourself, was it not your dharam to tell the truth. She says I have given you two examples about dharam, Pratap listens silently, She says you did not keep up the dharam in both the incidents. Rana ji surrendered in front of Sher Shah, to keep up his dharam, because Mewar’s position was weak, they could not have fought, so he compromised.

She says if he became angry and did any mistake, then his plan of fighting with Shams khan would be ruined. The plan was costly, Rana ji is planning everything from his own wealth. She says a king has to think about himself, and also his people. He has to prove his wit everytime. He says I understood, its my mistake, I will apologize with Maharaj.

Scene shifts to Mahara Udai Singh:

Maharaj is thinking about Pratap’s questions. He gets angry. Maharaj does the tilak to himself, and wears his Pagdi.

Choti Maharani comes to him, he hears her payal’s sounds. She says you are going Rana ji, I could not spent time with you. He says his blood is fuming with anger, so he cannot be in peace. She says I know I cannot stop you, you are the king of Mewar.

He says I m going to take a big step for the independence of Mewar. Shams khan will regret for coming in the palace. Manahari prays for him, she says it looks like you want to ask anything. He says did Pratap come from Karawas. She says yes, he may come here to greet you anytime. He says tell him that the lesson he learnt, he should remember it always. She says, come back soon. It looks like a century without you.

Pratap is thinking about his mother’s words, about Rana ji’s plans. He asks the guard about Rana ji and comes to know that he left. Pratap runs and Shakti stops him. Shakti tells him that you should not have taken the blame on you, he says I did it because you are my brother. shakti tells you did it because everyone should praise you. I would also be in karawas for two days. I would have got the credit. Pratap says he has to go now. The guards stop Pratap, they say sorry to him for not sending him alone out of the palace.
He asks a minister to take him along with him, he says I will not create a problem for you, I just have to say sorry to Rana ji. He says ok, lets go. The minister gives bribe to a guard saying its for your sister’s marriage, Pratap sees this that he is going away gold coins. Pratap notices this. He asks him that every minister is not taking his money, how come you got so many gold coins, he makes an excuse and leaves for meeting Rana ji.

Scene shifts to Afghan Chowni:

Shams khan is also making some plans. His minister comes, Shams khan says he got the horse of Rajput Udai Singh. He praises the horse, and says he is happy to get him. He says everyone will cheer for him. The minister says he came to say that the gold coins have come from Udai Singh’s side. Shams khan laughs aloud. He asks the minister to go away from his sight. He says Udai Singh has not feared of us, he is making a big plan against us. Shams khan makes plan of fighting back with Udai Singh. He says he is waiting for his weak reply, and he will fight with him.

Scene shifts to Pratap:

Pratap tells the minister that you are saving me from sunlight, I have to fight in the day time in sunlight for the entire life, then why are you doing so. He says you are the prince of Mewar and I m your ordinary slave. He speaks sweet.

Scene shifts to Maharaj:

He is making plans with his ministers, he says he wants to tell them something, that he needs some heads of his guards to give Bali to Maa Chamunda, the ministers are shocked.
He says I will sit inside and you people decide and say who will give the bali for this good thing. Its Maharaj’s plan. The ministers get angry first. Maharaj goes inside. One minister goes in, and he says he is ready to sacrifice. The rest of the ministers also come in, Maharaj says their intro. Maharaj says you all are brave and honest, you can give your life for me, but I want to ask you, is it sufficient.

Scene shifts to Pratap:

Pratap asks his minister why did we stop, he says the meeting started, you wait here, and do not interfere in his meeting, it won’t be good. Pratap says I will wait here.
Maharaj says our ancestors gave their life for the independent Mewar, but he has surrendered infront of Sher shah and now his minister Shams khan is dreaming to take over Mewar, he asks do you not feel bad seeing him, tell me. Is this not a shame for us, we need to meet while hiding, don’t you think of killing Shams khan, the ministers says you just tell us, we will do the needful. The other minister listens to this standing outside the tent. All the ministers take out their swords and even Maharaj does do. Maharaj asks them to think twice, as there is no return path for sacrificing people. They all say they are ready and say Yudh.

Pratap tells Maharaj that there is a traitor in between us. Maharaj asks who is he, and do you have any proof.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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