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Maharana Pratap 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A soldier informs Pratap that US and the royal family has safely reached Udaipur. They had divided themselves in different groups so Mughals don’t reach them.

Khetu is practising her skills so she can help Pratap or Chittor in some way in future. Chakrapani comes there just then. He tells them that they have to leave for Chittor asap. Khetu brings something from her hut.

Pratap greets Khetu and her father. Pratap tells them about what Akbar is up to. I want you both to help me in safeguarding the fort. He tells them about the sapaat’s and the sand mountain.

Akbar tells his soldiers to put a heavy amount of gunpowder (3k ser) around the boundaries of the fort. He appoints his different commanders at the sapaat’s.

Pratap telsl Khetu that if this gunpowder explodes

then lot many Mughal soliders will enter inside the fort. Khetu will have to stop it. Khetu says I will have to change the direction of this gunpowder back to the sapaat’s. This will kill the soldiers and commanders too. Pratap likes the idea. This way that Mughal will head back to Agra. He will never think of coming back to Chittor. Khetu decides to enter in the Mughal’s camps in the disguise of a Mughal soldier. I will set fire to the sapaat’s then only. Pratap and her father know that her life will be in risk. Her father knows that she will never return if she goes there. Pratap is against it but Khetu doesn’t mind sacrificing her life for her motherland. She requests Pratap not to snatch this golden chance from her to serve her motherland. There is no other option. Lacs of Khetu’s can give up their lives for Mewar. Maybe I can return safely. You too had come to save Raja Jaimal alone. It was also a risky plan. Trust me, I will fulfil my plan. That Mughal will not be able to step inside Chittor till I am alive. Raja Jaimal says it isn’t about one Khetu or any one person. It is about Chittor! Khetu’s father too requests Pratap. The only meaningful thing in anyone’s life is to die for their motherland. We will pray for Khetu’s safety. Pratap finally agrees. Khetu decides to enter in the Mughal camps tonight itself. Pratap tells her to think once again as he life will be at risk. Khetu replies that very few people get to give up their life for you and Chittor. Pratap notices Ajabde. Khetu has a request. I need to be at peace for a while. Pratap tells Ajabde to give Khetu whatever she wants. Khetu looks sadly at Pratap as he leaves from the court.

Ajabde notices wedding dress in Khetu’s hands. Khetu says Baba got it for me. He saved every penny to get it. He wanted to see me in this dress once but his dream will be finished today. I thought to wear it once before drying. I can imagine myself as a new bride. It will make me and Baba happy. Ajabde goes to bring her jewels. I will help you in getting ready. Ajabde helps Khetu in getting ready. Khetu calls Ajabde lucky. You get to take care of / serve Pratap every day. I got a chance today to serve him. Ajabde knows that she loves him. Vermilion box drops from her hand as she is taken aback. People don’t get love and vermilion together in their lives.

Isa Kaka tells the soldiers to get ready. We will run towards the fort as soon as we hear the sound of the blast. We will get hold of whatever we get (food sacks, arms, etc.).

Ajabde brings Khetu outside. Pratap looks at Khetu. Ajabde observes them. She tells him about Khetu’s father’s wish. She came to take your wishes before heading for her mission. Pratap wishes her luck. Mewar’s success lies in your success. Khetu nods tearfully. She touches Pratap’s feet. I have to say something to you once I return. He says I will wait for you. Be successful! Ajabde is about to tell Pratap about Khetu’s love for him but Pratap says she loves Mewar! He insists upon the word Mewar.

Khetu’s father hugs her. He is moved to tears. Every father sends his daughter to her husband’s home. I am such an unfortunate father. I am sending you towards death. She tells him to be proud of her as she is going to save Mewar. She gives him a few instructions. You don’t have to worry about me. Pratap will take very good care of you. She seeks his blessings. She closes the door of the secret passage behind her. Her father cries at the door.

Khetu reaches Mughal camp base. She kills a soldier. Isa Kaka tells the soldiers to hurry up. We have to finish this by tonight! Khetu is there dressed as a Mughal soldier. She overhears his plan. They must be thinking of entering from this side only. It is tough for them to break the main door. Khetu recalls her meeting with Isa Kaka last time. She crosses past him. Isa Kaka turns and stops in his tracks but then heads further. Khetu thinks that this much gunpowder is enough to blast this sapaat and these soldier. Akbar has come to check the progress. Isa kaka says our soldiers are doing our best. We will get only one chance so we have to be very careful. There will be a blast on the wall real soon. Akbar wants this to happen tonight itself. Khetu looks at them. There will not be a better chance to kill this Mughal. Pratap and his team looks on from the fort.

Precap: Isa Kaka orders his soldiers to catch Khetu. She sets fire to the gunpowder and runs away. There is a very big blast at that sapaat. Khetu is alive. She is heading back towards Chittor.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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