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Pratap says I wasn’t expecting this from you. You are thinking emotionally. She asks him if this is what he thinks of her. Did I ever return on your or Rana ji’s request or when Ajabde was pregnant or Amar was born? I had a lot many chances to get emotional but I dint do it. You are calling your anger and impatience your revenge. You are getting affected because of your emotions. This means no raj dharma or good for anyone. US tries to say something but JB says I can understand what you are feeling. But think once should we let this pain of defeat ruin our possible future? Why not become capable once again and then give a fitting reply to that Mughal? Pratap refuses to look at the present or future till he seeks revenge. JB asks him if this is why he was saved. Allt he martyrs knew that if Pratap

is alive then Mewar will be alive. Pratap is going to sacrifice himself and drain the efforts of the martyrs! What you are going to do is actually suicide! Suicide is anyways an easy path. It is difficult to stay alive and keep the reasons for which our brave hearts have sacrificed their lives alive in our heart; get the citizens to feel free and respected again. If you sacrifice your life now then the citizens will be doomed. Who will save them? Is raj dharma all about personal revenge? Don’t you have to think about the citizens?

US agrees with her but he doesn’t have anything to give to the citizens now. JB says we can make it all over again. Our ancestors had not left anything with us. We can make 10 Chittors if we don’t let the fire inside die down. We can show Akbar that it was his biggest mistake to fight this war. He will regret it. Death cannot be the reason behind any war. It should be thus that Amar should breathe in a free and powerful Mewar. He can tell his kids proudly that they dint lose courage. They lived for their citizens. We made our defeat a basis of new victory. We made everything from the scratch once again. Amar cheers for Maharani JB. US keeps his sword back in the temple and removes the head gear followed by Ram Singh and Jagmal. Pratap looks at his father in surprise. Ajabde and Amar ask him to agree to Rani Ma. JB says I have always guided you to do things for your motherland. You can trust my opinion today as well if you look at the situation from this point of view. Pratap removes his head gear too.

US thanks DB for sending a message to JB on time. Jagmal pretends to be all brave. I feel like killing that Akbar right away. DB tells him to go ahead but he hides in JB’s name. JB notices Pratap lost in thoughts. She asks US what he thiking is. US says how will be make our new fort, our new abode. Ram Singh assures him that they will find a way. The work wont stop. He removes his jewels. Ajabde follows suit. Amar and Jagmal too add their stuff in the lot. Pratap keeps his sword back. He kneels down before his father. I vow in front of you that I will do my best to make a new state / fort with my citizens. I will not rest in peace till I fulfil your dream. I will seek revenge from that Mughal for sure. US hugs him. Everyone smiles in relief.

Amar and Ajabde are in temple. He finds his mother in tears. Everything is going fine so why are you crying? Ajabde is happy that she got everything. Your Badi Ma has returned. She is a goddess herself. No problem can befall us now as she is with us. Amar asks his mother why his father is unhappy since the time Badi Rani has come back. Ajabde sugegtss him to leave it on Badi Rani sa. She knows your father better than anyone else.

JB comes to Pratap’s room. The anger that one hides inside them kills you from inside. It makes you hollow. The sooner you take it out the better you will feel. You will be able to work for yourself, your citizens and your family better then. He asks her if it can bring back his adolescene. I could have so much with me today if you were with me. you dint even bless me when you left. I considered you my Guru yet you left me. What was my mistake? I followed all the dharma. Why did you leave me alone? What was my crime? What mistake had I made that you were not with me at all the important points of life (marriage, war, etc.)! She tells him that he had no mistake. You cannot make any mistake. He reminds her that he is grown up now. I understand everything. She reasons that as they grow, the relations grow too. We forget the aim or meaning of our life as we get entangled in relations. You have to go far from yourself to find out more about you. I did that only. One can understand themselves that way only. That is when you get to see the situations well too. I did all this for you in reality. I could see it that you were growing up, becoming smarter. I too had to become something to guide you. The duty of a brave son is big. He is not sure if she will leave him again. I have just lost my motherland. I wont be able to bear parting from you again. He folds his hands before her. It will be good if we stay distant like this only.

JB replies that she wont go away from him now. Your vow is so big that everything else becomes small before it. I will stay with you to show you the right path till the time you win. It is only you, Bharat’s Veer Putra Pratap, who can do this! He tells her that he doesn’t deserve this trust. I lost my army, my commanders, soldiers and everything because of me. I lost everything. He cries. She points out thet there is only one way to give them respect. Make it as worthwhile as they would have thought of it from you! Bring back the lost pride of your citizens. How can you cry when they dint feel bad about dying for their motherland? You have to take everything that you have lost back from your enemy. Pratap kneels down before her. There will be only one meaning, aim of my life – get our pride back! I will make the enemy pay heavily for all the damage. I am sure I will be successful now that you are here to guide me. She blesses him.

Precap: 3 Years Later: The new state is ready. Now we have to send those Mughals back from our motherland!

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