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Ajabdeh and Pratap follow Hansa Bai. They both steal glances at each other. Ajabdeh reminds herself that she shouldn’t fall into all this all over again. Pratap asks her if she said anything to which she denies. they both continue walking while looking at each other. Hansa Bai stops and watches them continuing walking without even noticing anything. Hansa Bai coughs so as to distract them. They both look around awkwardly and finally Pratap asks Hansa Mausi to join them.

Jalal’s mother is getting Jalal’s room cleaned. Jalal’s arrival is announced. He tells his mom that he is thinking of going for hunting for a few days. She tells him against it but he clearly tells her that he is merely informing her. I cannot go on war till my army is all fresh and ready to fight. What else to do if

I don’t even go for hunting? She tells him that someone special is coming over. He has guessed that much by her endeavours. But I have never shown interest in any of your relatives (distant or closed ones). She replies that his wife (shareek-e-hayat) is coming. He recalls his wedding vows with Rukaiyya Bi. Flashback ends. Jalal calls it a game of childhood. Don’t expect me to be serious towards his childhood games or fetish. She doesn’t agree with him on this. It was done legally and in the presence of Kaazi Sahab. You cannot deny Rukaiyya Bi her rights. She is your wife legally. She has been living at her parents place for too long. Now I want her to stay with us here. He tells her to give her whatever she wants. Don’t let her come in my way. She agrees but he will have to be here when she reaches here. You can go for hunting later. He reminds her not to come in his way. Shehan-Shah-e-Hind cannot wait for anyone. He leaves it on her if his wife comes before he leaves for the hunting program. He leaves. His mother offers a thank you prayer and so does Bairam Khan. He wishes that Jalal’s focus shifts to Rukaiyya Begum from Rajputana.

Uday Singh, Mamrak ji and Pratap sit down to have food. Ajabdeh keeps telling the daasi to add more quantity of the food in Pratap’s plate even though he keeps on saying no. Everyone looks on in amusement. Uday Singh and Mamrak ji too will leave for hunting once the rain stops. Uday Singh tells Pratap to start eating. I am sure you wont be able to stop after taking a bite. Hansa Bai makes delicious food. All three of them start eating. Hansa Bai points out that Ajabdeh has cooked food today. Uday Singh praises her while she leaves from there feeling all shy. Hansa Bai is glad to have her daughter back. She shares with them how Ajabdeh continued to pray all the time when the war was going on. She dint take care of herself at all. She looks so full of life today as you all have come home safely. I am very happy today. Mamrak ji too gives credit to Ajabdeh for it was she who told him to join Rana Uday Singh in the war. Ajabdeh hears everything from outside and smiles happily.

Pratap takes his leave hurriedly. Ajabdeh thinks of going from there but they almost collide. They share an eye lock. Ajabdeh finally leaves from there while Pratap smiles.

Uday singh praises Ajabdeh. Only such a well mannered girl can become an ideal DIL. Mamrak ji too has trust on Ajabdeh. She will enrich her family (in-laws) with her values. Uday Singh agrees with him. Hansa Bai smiles.

DB feed Jagmal. She talks to him about how she has to be all cruel and rigid for his sake. Things are changing. Earlier I only had to take care of JB but now VB is here too. She blindly follows JB and supports her. I have to face so many people for your bright future. I am all alone in this. I cannot share this with anyone. just then a daasi brings a message from Uma Bai for her. She is delighted that her sister remembered her at the correct time when she was missing her dear ones.

Uma Bai has made Raja Maldev agree for Pratap and Phool’s alliance. This marriage should happen at any cost for it will be beneficial for both of us. DB sends the daasi away. DB is happy that Jagmal will rule Mewar’s throne soon. God is making new plans for us. Once Phool marries Pratap and comes to Mewar then everything will be in my control. She decides that he has to practice swords and other weapons now. Jagmal nods.

Ajabdeh reprimands herself for getting close to Pratap again. What happened to your self control? She hears her mom giving order to daasi’s. She goes to check. Hansa Bai seeks her opinion on how to set things in Pratap’s room. She declines knowing anything as such. She still wants to go over at Saubhagyawati’s place. She notices a daasi keeping the carpet at the wrong side of the bed and corrects her. Hansa Bai smiles. Ajabdeh continues correcting the daasi’s. Hansa Bai has to oversee the cooking as well. Ajabdeh is reluctant but Hansa Bai leaves. Ajabdeh has a slight smile on her face.

Ajabdeh instructs the daasi’s on a number of things. Pratap looks on with a big smile on his face. She goes quiet as she notices him coming inside. He looks around and remarks that the room is looking identical to his room back in Mewar. Ajabdeh lies that she does the same thing with all her guests. He clearly doesn’t fall for it and keeps looking at her. she breaks the eye lock and gives another instruction to the daasi. Epi ends on Pratap’s smiling face.

Precap: DB instigates JB against Mamrak ji. He is trying to revive the old ties between Ajabdeh and Pratap. Ajabdeh keeps Pratap’s head on the pillow. He turns and sleeps while holding her hand. A centipede bites Ajabdeh and she looks as if in pain.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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