Maharana Pratap 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 30th July 2013 Written Update

Shamsher’s soldiers catch mewad’s spy, he says he’s innocent, he was in disguise, shamsher leave him, as he turns he says jai eklingji all of a sudden, the spy forgot for a second that he’s in disguise n he respond to that n got caught, shamsher threatens him a lot, the spy says that not he but shamz khan is still scared of kunwar pratap, if thy hv still not learnt from thr defeat kunwar pratap is still thr to protect them, shams got angry but shamsher put a condition to choose his life or to spy for them , he choose mewad n shamsher kills him.

Both shakti n pratap returns to palace, jaiwanta n bhatyani welcums them, jaiwanta congratulate shakti n appreciate him, pratap also thank him, shakti ask abt sajja n bhatyani told that she went to meet udai

singh, shakti n vikram also leave to meet udai singh.

Bhatyani says that she knew pratap must be feeling bad after loosing from his brother but he has no need to get disheartened n loose his morale, pratap contraict her n says that he’s really happy for shakti, bhatyani leaves for making kheer for him.

Pratap looks sad, jaiwanta can guess it easily, she ask all maids to leave as thy left , pratap told her that he’s feeling really bad for letting down udai singh, jaiwanta console him n ask to go n talk with him but he’s not in a condition to face him, she ask him to forget wat happen n concentrate on future.

Other side, sajja was going to meet udai singh she was confused n bhatyani’s voice that if she want shakti as king, etc etc r thr in her mind, she reached thr n enter, udai singh welcums her n says that he was abt to cum to her to congratulate for shakti, earlier she was scared but after listening it she got a bit relaxed but not fully, udai appreciate shakti n says that he’s proud of him, on that sajja put forward her view to consider shakti as thr heir, it makes udai damm angry, he just burst on sajja, that she’s here to spoil thr mood n question his decision, he start shouting n sajja starts crying n begging for srry, udai rudely ask her to leave, shakti was watching it from outside got very angry.

In bhatyani’s room, udai came, she welcumes him, he seems to be angry n she ask abt it, he told abt wat sajja said to him, bhatyani takes sajja’s side , n he got more angry n says that thy hv forgotten thr customs n culture of making the elder son a king, bhatyani gave example of a king where the elder one was made king n he spoiled the reputation of mewad n udai has to fight long to get it back, she says that he’s angry right now but wnenever he calm down he shud think abt shakti also, udai leaves.

In temple, pratap was sitting thr n remembering wat happen in the ashram he was feeling ashamed of himself for letting down udai, udai enters to talk with him, he told him a story that whenever a king fails it was not only him who failed he failed the belief of so many ppl with him, so watever is the circumstance he has to win n says that pratap must hv understood wat he want to say n told that this time he has to win or even he’s not able to change his loss.

Precap: Shakti was in anger n want to defeat pratap, other side pratap promise jaiwanta to be a better warrior. .

Update Credit to: Amor

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