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Maharana Pratap 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap, Acharya, Amar and Ajabde are on their way to Gondwana. Amar is curious to know more about his Kaka Shakti Singh. She says he was brave, stubborn and strong like you. Flashbacks are shown. He and your dather used to play and study together. Your father and Shakti Kaka had same aims but different paths. Your Kaka was so insistent that whatever he considered wrong was wrong. Amar wonders why his grandfather sent him out of their palace then. Ajabde replies that he loves his self respect so much that he dint even speak for himself. Amar thinks how good it would have been if Kaka was with father. They would have been a strong team for grandfather. Ajabde says they both could have done anything and achieved everything together. Pratap stops his troop as he notices a group of villagers going

somewhere. Acharya asks them about it. One of the guys shares that they all are going to see a man who has agreed to get into a challenge only for a coin. Amar too wants to go. Pratap agrees. We should respect all kinds of brave people.

A man keeps an eye on Pratap and Acharya at the place where people have gathered to see that man doing the stunt. People discuss about the man. He is too mad to get into something like this only for a gold coin. Pratap and Acharya witness the competition wherein the guy has blindfolded his eyes yet he ducks / hits the arrow or catches hold of it in time before it can hit him. Pratap is sure it can be no one else but his brother Shakti! The man’s attention gets diverted as he hears a baby’s cries. He saves the baby and grabs hold of the arrows in time. People hoot for him.

Maan Singh tells Akbar that Pratap will reach Gondwana in a day. We can catch him by sending our army. Akbar asks him what if Pratap wins over them. This time I want him to come here on his own. Maan Singh calls it an impossible situation. Akbar says I have realised something after knowing that I am going to become a father. Some relations can make people bend / stoop down before anyone.

The guy asks for his gold coin. Pratap catches hold of it instead. The guy asks Pratap who he is. Pratap replies that he is a Rajput who thinks that he did anything daring to gain this. The guy says I proved what I promised. Give it to me. Pratap says the name of the winner is written on the coin. The winner has not been decided yet. How can I give it to you? The guy says you don’t have to read any name. The victory is always of one person – Shakti Singh. Pratap smiles. Amar is very excited to see his Kaka. Acharya tells him against going there yet. Pratap challenges Shakti. I only want to challenge you for a competition as challenges happen between loved ones and friends. You fight only against your enemies. Shakti accepts his challenge. Will you fight in these clothes only?

Akbar suggests Maan Singh to capture Pratap’s wife and son. I will make his biggest strength (relations) his weakness.

Pratap and Shakti get into a dangal. They both recall the old times when they used to fight in the dangal. Shakti is stunned to realise that it is his Dada bhai Pratap. They share a hug.

Raimal greets JB. Seeing you makes me think as if I have met some Goddess. I know you pray for Pratap day and night. He has so many problems at hand. She replies that she prays to God for everyone’s welfare. It will be good if his loved ones think good of him. He says I only raise my hand to bless him. JB adds that he uses them to send someone a letter too. DB surprises her brother by saying that she told it to Jija. Raimal talks roundabout and escapes from the convo. He walks away. DB says now I proved you that I think of Pratap’s good too. JB says you could have taken another step further and found more info about who Raimal was sending the letter to. DB feels bad.

Shakti asks Pratap what he is doing here. I am sure you dint come to meet me. Pratap nods. Right now I dint come to meet you. Though in the past, I have sent you messages a lot many times but you chose not to reply to them or ignored them altogether. Shakti refuses to come to Udaipur as the city contains His (US’s name). He threw me out of his house. Shakti thinks of the past. Pratap says father is really ill. He is not recovering even after trying all the possible medicines. Shakti wishes his father luck through Pratap. Amar says it would be good if you tell grandfather on your own. Shakti hugs his nephew. Acharya and Shakti are very glad to see each other. Shakti thinks that his brother and Acharya are going on some mission surely. I wont be a hindrance in your plan. Pratap tells him that he is going to Gondwana to fight with Akbar. Shakti is proud of his brother. You will never change. Pratap points out that the danger will still be there till the time that Mughal is in their motherland. Shakti refuses to be a part of any of his foolish plans. I will follow my dharma. Pratap wishes Shakti luck. Shakti and Amar high five each other as they go their separate ways.


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