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Maharana Pratap 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana Punja wants the Mughals to have no time to think or understand what’s happening. One Bheel sits all quiet as the others say Har Har Mahadev.

Maan Singh thinks of Akbar’s words. He is a little lost. He doesn’t find this mission justified. Kalyan Mal tells him not to talk like this. Maan Singh calls it adharma. We are Rajputs. We know that Rajputs don’t pick up any weapon when everyone is drowned in sadness of someone’s death. Who attacks someone who will be holding no weapon to fight against their enemy? Kalyan Mal points out that Akbar follows no Rajput dharma. You should fulfil your promise to Akbar. You spoke about winning this war. Maan Singh nods.

Pratap pours Ajabde’s ashes in the river.

Akbar and his chief commanders look over the army that

is all set to attack. Akbar mocks Mewar. They dint even send a few soldiers for counter attack. No one came to greet me as well. The Mughal commanders laugh at it while Rajput Kings stay all quiet. Akbar asks Maan Singh if he dint find it funny. You have become very serious since you have returned from Mewar. Maybe I will make you sit on the throne of Mewar and drown you in liquor. Maan Singh sees a few people coming in there. Rana Punja guides his men. Akbar looks at them from his binoculars. Akbar hands it over to Maan Singh. I joked about the men but I had no idea someone will come to actually die. Maan Singh points out that they are no more than 400-500. Multan Khan asks Akbar to allow one of them to fight this small group. Akbar sends Iqbal Khan with 5k soldiers to kill Rana Punja and his men. Maan Khan wants 10k soldiers to accompany Iqbal Khan (IK). We should take care of the first group of opponents wisely. IK leaves. Akbar jokes on IK too.

Chakrapani asks Pratap to sit for the puja of Pind-Daan next. Pratap sits down with the Rajpurohit ji.

CK and the ladies discuss about Jauhar. Phool encourages everyone to fight. Pratap isn’t here; the Mughals are rich in number but we should trust our friend Bheels and Afghans. CK is sure they wont be able to do anything of the Mughals. They will kill us all. Amar denies. no one here will die or do Jauhar. Phool asks him to keep the sword back in its sheath. Wont you fulfil the promise you have given to your father? Amar refuses. That Mughal killed m mother! Phool makes him drop it. You wont touch it now. Amar calls her bad. I hate you! You will never become my mother! He walks out of the room. Phool is in tears. Maan comforts her. Amar has been through so much in this young age. Everything will be fine in time. Phool doesn’t mind it at the moment. DB assures everyone. I wil find a solution to this problem. CK says only Marwar can help us now.

Rana Punja tells his men that 10k Mughal soldiers are heading their way. The commanders don’t want to get into a fight between Mughals and Rajputs. Rana Punja reminds them of their dharma. This is the only way to reach Udaipur. They want him to save their people first. Rana Punja reminds them that Mewar has respected their independency till date. We wont be able to live freely unless they supported us. How can we not support Rana ji? He turns to his Bheel friends. He allows them all to decide as per their convenience. You can back out or stand with me. I will fight with these Mughals till my last breath. You all should think once again. The Bheels vouch their support with their leader. Rana Punja asks his men to step forward. The soldiers attack Mughal army. A lot many soldiers die because of it. They do counter attack but all the Bheels cover each other with shields. They are little tensed. One of the Bheel turns to Rana Punja. The Mughal soldiers are too huge in number. Rana Punja wants the Mughal army to step forward only. They should think that we only have normal arrows. We will then show them who we are! Get the pouches ready.

Akbar thinks that they will cross Haldi Ghaati soon. These Bheels wont be able to stop us for long. Maan Singh says Ameen. He only hopes Pratap doesn’t return soon. He can even motivate people without weapons. Akbar has made proper arrangements to take care of Pratap. He went to Ganga riverside to pour his wife’s ashes. How could I not make use of this opportunity? I have sent my guy after him.

Akbar’s guy aims his dagger at a tree. It falls in one attempt. The guy laughs. Pratap is busy in puja. The guy looks at him.

Precap: The Bheels put oil in small pouches and aim at the army. They shoot the pouches next. A liquid falls on the Mughal army. The Bheels get ready to shoot at them again (arrows with fire). Many of the Mughal soldiers die. Akbar and his men are shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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