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Hussain Ali (HA) and his troops continue to march forward without stopping for any break. The soldiers stop as they get tired of all the running. They request HA to let them wait for a while but HA doesn’t want to lose US. We have to move forward. I will also give you prize when Shehanshah will give me prize. He kills the soldier (Allah Baksh) as he was the one who requested HA to stop. HA shows his hand to the soldiers. US only had cut my finger. I have to take my revenge at any cost. I am sure you all must be anxious to take revenge for your leader. Is anyone else tired? No one says anything as they don’t want to die. They resume their journey.

DB returns to her tent but finds it empty. She drops the glass in shock. She runs outside and asks everyone if they have seen Amar but

in vain. She informs US. US orders the soldiers to start looking for Amar right away. they leave. US assures DB that Amar will be found. Jagmal wonders if some wild animal took him for which he anyways gets scolded. Acahrya feels that maybe Amar is again on some tree. They go to look for Amar near the trees. Jagmal wants to leave asap or

Chakrapani too reaches the stop where HA had killed the soldier. The blood is fresh. He reached here so soon and is heading in the right direction. This means he will reach Rana ji asap.

DB is upset. What will I say to Ajabde? US tells her not to worry. I and Acharya will stay here. She refuses to leave without Amar. US doesn’t want to risk their lives. Mughals can attack on us here. It will be a war. DB tells him to bring Amar at any cost or you will see me dead. He assures her that he will find Amar surely. Jagmal wants to go but US strictly tells him to stay back with them. Jagmal is reluctant but has no choice. US promises DB thta he will bring Amar safely. He leaves with Jagmal and Acharya. DB prays for Amar’s well being. Bring him to me.

HA is sure US and his tent will be nearby. A soldier informs him about a kid that he has seen near the falls. It seems he is Rajput. HA decides to go and check.

US, Jagmal and Acharya are looking for Amar Singh. Amar had stopped near the falls to drink water.

Kalla greets Pratap. I am sorry for troubling you like this but you will have to come with me right away. Pratap goes with him. Pratap notices Akbar making a mountain of sand so he is able to reach our fort. Kalla repeats his words. I had told you that he will reach here soon. Raja Jaimal says it is unsafe to stay here at all. He can shoot cannons at the fort, the gate. He may also get successful in breaking the gate. Rawat ji adds that it will be very difficult for them to manage it then.

Isa Kaka pays the labours (2k) beforehand to motivate them to finish the work asap.

Kalla reasons that their situation will only worsen if the MUghal is successful in making this mountain. We are anyways shaken by the attacks. What will happen then? Raja Jaimal requests Pratap to allow him to stop this mountain. Kalla adds that their soldiers will get demotivate to see it. Let us do something. Pratap tells Kalla to calm down. We cans top him for now but it may continue again. We want a permanent solution for this. From what distance can the cannon actually hit / affect us?

Commander tells Akbar thta they need atleast 200 feet height to attack on the fort. Akbar wants to do it 250 feet then.

Pratap says we need to have 300 feet depth around the fort for that matter. Rawat ji nods. It is difficult for Akbar to do so but if he is successful, then he will be able to attack us in any way. Pratap looks at the dummy of the fort. He asks his courtesan how much time Akbar will take in making this mountain. The guy replies that it will take around 20 days to build this mountain.
Akbar cannot wait for 20 days. I want it done in 10 days max. Get more labours. Get more money from my states but this must get ready in 10 days!

Pratap is sure Akbar will get it done in 10 days. I know him too well. We have less time than that actually.

HA comes near the lake. Surely this is the very same rajput kid that we are looking for. He must be nearby.

Amar finds something wrong. Let us go asap. I don’t know where that sound was coming from.

US and Acharya hear sounds of hoof. Jagmal reasons that this can be the horse of some Mughal too. We can get caught. US replies that no Mughal can dare to enter in their enemy’s territory alone. This is Rajputana. I will surely give you a chance to fight with that Mughal if it is true. Jagmal gets tensed.

Amar overhears US calling out for him. He decides to hide in the jungle. HA too reaches the same place. The noise was coming from here only. He gets down his horse to check. Let us go deeper in the jungle. He must be here only.

HA and the soldiers hide behind the trees after noticing Amar with his horse. They surround Amar from all the sides. Amar says this place is not looking so good. I should look for some better place to hide. He begins to go when HA and the soldiers start closing in on him. Amar too notices them. He gets tensed.

Precap: Pratap calls an emergency meeting. I want Patta to bring inside the fort anyhow for protecting the fort. Who will go for this work? Patta too feels something wrong. He tells his mother that he is leaving for Chittor now. He begins to go but stops after noticing someone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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