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Jaiwanta Bai (JB) is praying. Veerbai (VB) comes there and accidentally collides with a stool on which flowers are kept. She apologizes profusely and keeps them back in the bowl. JB asks her what she has come here for. VB cannot understand how she is not like other people who continuously blame or curse her for this situation. Why do you keep quiet? This silence is much more painful than all those taunts. I agree that your silence has its own essence which is why I respect you. JB tells her not to show any respect to her. don’t call me a devi for I am not a devi. I am just like any other ordinary woman. I have to bear the burden of this position of being a queen. I know it very well which is why I have I have always given more preference to my duty over my feelings. I did everything for you

thinking it to be my dharma. I brought you in this palace with due respect and gave you your well deserved respect. Don’t snatch my rights of being a woman. Rana Ji and Pratap are in a war right now. I can lose my everything any second in this war. VB tries to calm her down and calls her Jija but JB tells her against it. I wont forgive yuo if anything happens to either of them. She tells VB to leave from there. VB is going out of the room sadly when she meets Dheerbai (DB). DB states the clearly obvious to her. no one here likes you. If I was at your place and I was being insulted like this then I would have surely done something which suits a respectable Rajputani. I hope you have understood what I am trying to say. DB leaves while VB stands there with tears in her eyes.

Physician offers medicines to Akbar but he doesn’t want it. I want to keep all those moments at war, this hurt, this pain intact. I don’t want to forget any of those (when he had hurt Pratap). Bairam Khan disagrees with him. Celebrations and memorable day will be that one when you will win over this whole Rajputana and become Shehan Shah-e-hind. That will the most precious moment for us to be happy about. A soldier comes to inform them that the war has been stopped for the day. There were no results in anyone’s favour. Akbar is ok with it. they will again fight tomorrow. Akbar is sure Maldev will take revenge from Pratap for he has hurt his son. Neither is there any chances of putting an end to this war and nor is there any chances that these 2 states can become friends again. Bairan Khan is not so sure about this as Pratap does something or the other in every war which no one expects. You cannot trust on him for it. Bairam Khan recalls his own encounters with him. Akbar will keep a backup plan ready. We have always been one step ahead him.

Phool is shocked to know that Pratap has hurt her daata. Even Ajabde is not ready to believe that pratap can do something like this. He can never do it. He respects Ram Singh ji a lot. Mamrak ji tells her to look at the truth and accept it. You couldn’t even understand those whom you thought were close to you (Phool). Ajabde calls after his daata but he goes from there.

Uday Singh understands Pratap’s intentions. Marwar’s men are our brothers too. But what if Maldev ji attacks our soldiers when they have all given up their weapons. YOu will have to retort then. Chakrapani agrees with Uday Singh but Pratap has made up his mind. i know what i have to do to stop this war.

VB is grinding something (poison) in her room. She recalls all that DB had said to her time and again and JB’s worry; how her daata is caught in between both his daughters, Uday Singh’s last words to her before going to warzone. She is about to drink it when she notices the idol of kuldevi kept in her room. A Rajputani woman’s dharma is to do anything and everything possible to save their lives first instead of thinking of committing a suicide. This is what you are hinting at, right? You are hinting that there is still a ray of hope. I will have to talk to the women of Marwar to find a way out.

Ajabde tries to cajole her daata to go do something to end this war. Mamrak ji explains the situation to her. It is impossible for Pratap has injured Ram Singh ji badly on the first day itself. If he continues to fight this way then Maldev ji’s anger will only rise. What should I go there for then? Ajabde is sure Pratap can never do it. If he has done it unknowingly then he will be badly hurt. He might go to Marwar’s pavilion all by himself to seek forgiveness. I still feel that you can do something concrete by trying to establish peace between these two fighting armies. Hansabai agrees with Ajabde. Mamrak ji also agrees finally.

Next morning, Uday Singh cannot find Pratap anywhere. Rawat ji tells the same thing. Uday Singh has a doubt on Maldev. Is he trying to instigate us against something? Just then he notices Mamrak ji coming there dressed for the war and is surprised. Uday Singh recalls how he had been tough with JB for not siding with Ajabde and how Ajabde had been sent away without any fault. He apologizes to Mamrak ji for he has insulting Ajabde. We are facing its consequences only. Mamrak ji replies that he is a Samant. You have full rights to do it. I should be apologizing for saying what all I said to you. I couldn’t understand your reason behind it. I have come to do penitence for the same. Uday Singh tells him that Pratap is missing. Last time he was seen in his pavilion last. I know he is not happy about this war since the beginning. I have sent my soldiers to check but he is nowhere to be found. I am worried what if people think that he ran away from this war. Mamrak ji offers to go and search for Pratap on his own. He turns to go and then remembers what Ajabde had said about Pratap feeling guilty and going to Maldev ji to apologize for the same. He tells the same to Uday Singh and Rawat ji. They are shocked to know this.

Marwar soldiers see Pratap and surround him. Maldev ji is doing puja. A soldier comes to tell him that Pratap has come in their pavilion all alone and weapon less. Maldev is surprised. A dasi tells the same to Phool. She tells her to take good care of her daata till she is back.

Phool tells the soldiers to leave Pratap. He wont go anywhere. If he had to run away then he would never come here. Pratap goes to where she is standing. She is angry with him for he attempted to kill her daata. Our alliance has been cancelled too. He tries to explain it to her but she doesn’t let him say anything. You might be the bravest one in this whole Rajputana but you don’t know how to respect anyone’s feelings. My daata respects and loves you so much. Pratap asks for him. if something happens to him then I wont be able to forgive myself ever. She tells him to stop all this. How could you hurt him? did you feel that he is responsible for all your problems? Pratap accepts his mistake. I dint want to hurt him but this is the sad part of a war. A warrior thinks later and acts first. Same thing happened with me but I dint do it intentionally. You will have to trust me the same way you always have. She is sad at the turn of events. I was about to become yours but now I don’t know who to trust and who not to. He seeks her forgiveness. Maldev ji comes there and questions him on his entering their pavilion.

Precap: Pratap tells Uday Singh that he has suggested something to Maldev ji. I will fight with anyone whom he wants to represent Marwar. Whoever will lose will have to accept defeat. Maldev has chosen someone already. Akbar is happy that Pratap’s end is near. A weird guy is shown in some jail.

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