Maharana Pratap 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 2nd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with rajrana’s tukdi, thy were heading towards the flag with thr shields covering all of them as per plan, pratap was in the middle, the afghan soldiers were attactking from arrows n when it failed thy came forwards to attack with swords.

Scene changed, udai singh removes his jacket, n was fighting with the soldiers, he got injured, but still fighting, shams attack from behind on his head n he got have fainted, blood ooze out from his wound, rawat saw this from far n he shout for him, the other minister says that the enemy is winning, rawat says they’ll fight till then n ask to inform the queen to do the jowhar.

A maid inform jaiwanta n others that all over with heavy heart.

Scene changed, Shams get hold of udai singh n says that he was very proud

of him n always walk with head up n now he’s standing like a lifeless creep n he throws him away.

Other side, the afghans surrond rajrana’s tukdi/group n says that no one will save them as till now shams might hv finished udai n thy hv to forget about thr mewad as shams will change its name n now no one is here to save them, pratap says he’ll protect every1, thy recognize pratap n ask to finish him, rajrana orders pratap to go n change the flag n he’ll handle them, fight starts.

Pratap heading towards flag n a soldier attack him, meanwhile rajrana who was fighting bravely got injured, thr pratap was trying to fight with him, as rajrana saw him he throws his sword n killed that soldier. Rajrana reached near pratap n says he remind him of his son, pratap was worried for his wounds n at the same time a soldier attack from behind n kill rajrana n in response pratap kills him, he get hold of rajrana when he fall down n rajrana took promise that he’ll change the flag. Pratap heads to change the flag.

Scene changed, shams was torturing fainted udai, he was hitting him with legs n saying that he was njoying it more than he thought, n says that he’ll cut the heads of rajputs n make a building so that ppl saw it n got scared n taunts that his last wish is not fulfilled thr is still afghan’s flag on the fort, it gave him sum sort of power to udai n he stood back n hold his neck tightly he got really scared, udai says that soon thr will be mewad’s flag on thr fort, udai n shams start fight again, shams doing cheating n udai fighting bravely.

Scene changed, pratap change the flag n now thr’s mewad’s flag on the fort, (long scene with bg song… )

Precap: Udai capture shams n he was asking for pardon n sum soldiers attack.

Update Credit to: Amor

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