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Pratap and Jagmal mount their respective horses but Chetak refuses to budge. Pratap requests him to forget the gun incident as it has been sorted now. I have given a chance to Jagmal to become a better person. Please calm down. Jagmal asks him if Chetak is upset because of him. Pratap denies. Chetak loves me a lot so was concerned. He is fine now, let’s leave.

Peer Mohammad has told everything to Mahamanga. This is why Jalal is so disturbed since he has returned from that mountain. Seems like I only will have to put some sense in his mind or Bairam Khan will certainly start getting hold of the Mughal Empire in his absence. Peer Mohammad smiles which irks Mahamanga. You have forgotten to think like a woman while living in this world. Fakir had told that a beautiful angel can gain control

over Shehanshah.

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Pratap and Jagmal stop in the jungle. Jagmal is worried while Pratap carefully listens for some noise / clue. Chetak starts walking once again as Pratap wants to look around the place. Jagmal talks to his horse. You can run fast, right? Dada bhai has stopped me in the middle of the jungle to kill me. Why did I come here with him? I shouldn’t have come with him at all. Pratap notices someone nearby. That person has covered himself with a blanket. Pratap takes out his sword. Jagmal starts sweating, thinking that maybe it is for him. Pratap moves Chetak near that guy and keeps the sword around his neck, asking him to raise his hands. It turns out to be Patta. Jagmal is relieved. Patta says I had no option but to come after you as you left the palace on your own to kill such a dangerous man. Jagmal too is confused. Pratap reminds them that he is a prisoner at the moment, not the commander of his army. I cannot order anyone for anything right now. I have anyways heard that Zahir Saka fights only with one person at a time and defeats them too. I don’t need an army to defeat him. I have very less time (till tomorrow morning).

Peer Mohammad insists upon the mysterious lady. Think, what if you bring that lady from somewhere and unite her with Shehanshah? Shehanshah might fall under that lady’s charm but that lady will be actually your pawn in the game. Mahamanga thinks of Rukaiyya and smiles. She wont be able to do it as Jalal doesn’t even so much as looks at her. Peer Mohammad says Rukaiyya Begum is Shehanshah’s Begum (wife) and she has grown quite old too. Someone other than Begum, a slave girl (kaneez) for Shehanshah. Mahamanga thinks of Salima. Screen shifts to a girl singing song while she takes a dip in rose petals dipper water.

Pratap offers water to sun. Jagmal paces anxiously. Why am I so worried when I am with Dada bhai? I just hope I get a chance to shoot at him soon or I will die with fear anyways. Pratap finishes his puja. Jagmal panics as he doesn’t find Pratap in the river anymore. Pratap pats at his shoulder from behind. Give it to me. Jagmal panics thinking that maybe his Dada bhai has got to know about the gun he is carrying with him. he fumbles. I have kept it for my safety only. Pratap says I am here for that. He holds out his hand. you don’t have to make coward excuses in the name of safety. You will have to fight with your fears like a real Rajput. Give it to me. Give me that Amal. Jagmal instantly takes out a small bottle from his waist band. Pratap is about to call Patta as he knows how to search people properly. Jagmal takes out another small bottle from his other pocket. Pratap throws them in water. Go and help Patta in setting up the camp. We will leave tomorrow morning to look for Zahir Saka. Jagmal nods. Pratap shakes his sadly thinking about Jagmal. He has got so addicted to these things. I will have to bring him on the right path real soon, at any cost.

At night, Patta, Jagmal and Pratap are sleeping out in the open. Jagmal is having a nightmare. He visualises the same incident where Pratap was beating him. He wakes up, all sweaty and scared. He recalls how Pratap threw the bottles of Amal in the river. He gets angry as he thinks of the dream / fight and takes out the gun. He gets up and stands in front of Pratap. Jagmal aims the gun at Pratap while his hands are shaking badly. Pratap wakes up with a start. Jagmal hides the gun behind himself. I saw a very bad dream. Pratap nods. You have got addicted to that Amal. The effect will continue for some time because of its absence. Come what may you must get used to living without it now. I have a solution for you.

Rawat ji and US are in a disguise. Rawat ji requests a guy to let them see the visitors staying in the inn. The guy initially refuses but obliges as soon as he notices US.

Pratap binds Jagmals hands and legs separately to get his fears out of his mind. We have to leave early morning to look for Zahir Saka as well. Sleep well till then. Jagmal tries to free his hands and feet but in vain. He has no option but to close his eyes now.

The fugitive is hiding in the inn only. He has overheard US, Rawat ji’s convo with the owner and is on alert. US and Rawat ji are checking every guy one by one. They finally reach a bed but it is empty. US is sad that they couldn’t find the guy whose description matches with Patta had told them. with passing time, problems are also increasing for Pratap. I too am feeling hopeless now. Rawat ji is sure they will find that guy real soon. The guy peeks out from behind the cupboard. Rawat ji finds something fishy. He begins to walk in that direction but US calls out for him at the last moment. They decide to wait outside. US is sure the arms seller will come there for sure. They both leave. The guy is scared as to what will happen now.

A guy had made a dart board kind of circle in his back. Three soldiers hold out darts in their hands and aim at the guy.

Pratao, Patta and Jagmal reach outside a palace.

The guy (Zahir Saka) removes the dart from his back. He tells the soldiers to try one more time. Pratap loudly calls out for Zahir Saka. Zahir Saka (ZS) signals his soldiers to stop as he hears Pratap’s voice. I knew that you will come running here if I will steal your cows. Zahir Saka comes to the gate with his soldiers. He comes face to face with Pratap. Welcome! Why are you so angry? I have been waiting for you since so long. Pratap gets down from his horse. Patta and Jagmal follow suit. Pratap walks inside the gate as he thinks of the Brahmin Priest’s words / request. You must know the reason behind my anger. ZS nods. I heard that some Brahmin Priest had gone to plead to you to save the cows. You have come here to fight with me. Pratap affirms. I cannot wait anymore. He takes out his sword from the sheath.

Precap: A soldier informs US and Rawat ji that Pratap is not in the palace. They are surprised. On the other hand, ZS agrees to fight with Pratap. I will make you lose now. Pratap denies. You will get a answer for your misdeed right away only.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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