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Maharana Pratap 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mughals and Rajputs stand face to face in Haldi Ghaati.

MK is curious as to why Chetak is wearing elephant’s trunk.

Pratap says finally Maan Singh has come face to face to fight with us. I wouldn’t have minded it if it was Akbar here. Maan Singh is a Rajput. He has backstabbed us and has come to fight with us. I am extra angry on him. Maan Singh thinks of what Akbar had told him. He shouts Pratap. We will win this war today! Both the armies cheer and then start war.

Mughal army is heading towards Udaipur palace. Jagmal is leading them. Amar asks everyone to take positions. The ladies stand on the boundary of fort holding swords as well. Phool announces that the final war will begin as soon as the enemies break the door of the fort and enter inside. We will either kill

or die but we wont back down. They all say Jai Mewar in unison. Jagmal orders the soldiers to break open the door. Chakrapani orders the soldiers to attack. Many Mughal soldiers die. The ladies pour boiling oil and red chilli powder on the soldiers from above.

Chundavat ji instructs his soldiers how to make a Chakravyuh to catch the enemies. MK is not happy to see their soldiers drying because of Chundavat ji. He and his other commander decide to stop Chundavat. Two commanders together succeed in overpowering Chundavat ji. They attack him on his shoulders. Pratap orders two soldiers to take Chundavat ji away. Acharya instructs Pratap to be alert. Pratap gets surrounded from Mughal soldiers from all the sides. Maan Singh is happy to think that Pratap wont be able to reach him now. Rajput commanders want to kill Maan Singh asap so they don’t lose the war. They plan to diver the attention of Mughal army to different sides. Acharya reasons that it can be dangerous for them but they insist. Acharya says everyone is proud of you. we might die today but we will again take birth and do our best to protect our motherland. They go in different directions. Acharya asks Pratap to head directly towards Maan Singh. Pratap is against the plan but Acharya says this is their only option. Pratap remarks that it is time to the traitor!

Shalimar’s father attacks Ghazi Khan. Acharya and Ram Singh ji handle two different commanders each. Maan Singh shoots arrows at Pratap one by one. Pratap gets hurt by one but still stands bravely. Maan Singh attacks him again. This time Pratap gets injured in his leg but he very bravely pulls this one out too. Maan Singh takes aim again. Pratap sits on Chetak. You (Maan Singh) cheated Rajputana by supporting Mughal. You sold yourself for money. You plotted against your Rajput brothers. You aren’t a Rajput anymore. Bad blood of Mughals is running inside your veins. Maan Singh alleges him that he killed those who brought peace proposal for him. Pratap agrees that he will kill anyone who will try to change sides and cheat his motherland. This motherland is my mother. Whoever tries to hurt it will have to die by my hands. Maan Singh says this was our last convo. Now there will be only attack!

Ghazi Khan dies by the hands of Rajput commanders. He too dies because of his wounds. Both Doda ji and the Mughal commander die during their fight. Acharya notices the same.

Jagmal is irked seeing the ladies troubling their soldiers. They cannot even open the door. Raimal advises him to order / motivate the soldiers. Jagmal repeats at the soldiers to put in their heart to break open the door.

Pratap kills the soldier who is managing the elephant on which Maan Singh is sitting. He makes Maan Singh fall down. Faizal Khan steps forward. Pratap looks at him angrily. He recalls Ajabde’s death. I will give you such death that your soul will shiver. He gets down from Chetak. Faizal Khan and Pratap engage in sword fight. Pratap keeps thinking of Ajabde as he fights with Faizal Khan. The soldiers interrupt them. Pratap gets busy in killing them when Faizal Khan throws a spear towards Pratap. He moves aside but is shocked to see Chetak getting hurt by that spear. He shouts Chetak. Chetak neighs. Pratap rushes towards him. Faizal Khan attacks him from behind. Pratap is hurt but manages to successfully kill Faizal Khan. Pratap tells his brave soldiers / fighters that they can win this war. Mughal army has reduced in number. Have you ever seen it before? No, right! Let us do something that they back off from here for forever. Acharya shows him the other troop which is heading towards them just then. They are 1 lac in number. Shakti is leading them. Pratap is shocked to see Shakti.

Precap: Chetak stops midway. Pratap gets down to check him. Chetak falls down. Pratap cries to see him dead.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. It is doubtfull about shakti whether he is in pratap side or mughal? As in this war pratap looses

  2. saurabh banerjee

    He is in mughal side,but when he saw that he is only killing his own brother in this war, then he changes his side towards maharana pratap by saving pratap’ s life in this war as far history is concerned.

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