Maharana Pratap 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap tells the messenger that he will definitely save BK from that Mughal for sure. Everyone is taken aback by his decision. He also tells the messenger to wait outside the royal court for a while. The messenger leaves.

US is confused because of what Pratap had said earlier and by what he just did now. Pratap clears that it isn’t about saving BK but it is about dharma now. Just think, a great warrior like BK sends a message to his arch enemy. It wont be easy for him. He might not have directly asked for help from us but his every word implies the desperation / his literally begging us to save him. We are Kshatriyas. It is our utmost dharma to save anyone who comes to seek help from us, even if it is our enemy. BK is coming here as a Haj traveller. Will we not help him? US points out

that their opinions and values are completely different. Pratap says they will remain like that only. Do we accept someone based on his opinions or values? We simply accept them. Rawat Saheb ji says this will have destructive consequences for sure. Akbar is already irked with you. He just wants to destroy you. You are adding fuel to the fire by thinking of saving BK from Akbar. Pratap nods. But whatever be the consequences of saving a great warrior who is on his way to Haj, I don’t care. I will be glad that I have fulfilled my raj dharma. It will be the worst thing ever if I don’t do it. Personally, US feels that their first dharma is to protect Chittor. I don’t want anyone from Chittor to get involved in any such activity. Pratap accepts it decision. I will do it personally then as BK has only approached me for help, not Chittor. Pratap requests him to allow him to go. US agrees as he loves his son a lot. Go before my raj dharma prompts me to change my decision again. Pratap seeks his blessings and then leaves from the court. US prays for his victory. Truth is, I trust your political decisions more than my own.

Mahamanga gives the task of killing BK to Peer Mohammad. Peer Mohammad is hesitant initially as BK was his Guru but Mahamanga lures him for a great position in the court. He agrees.

A soldier tells BK to leave from here asap or they can be attacked anytime. BK is waiting for his messenger. I am sure he will bring a good news for me from Pratap. We will leave soon, don’t worry.

Mughal soldiers catch hold of BK’s messenger in the jungle only. They shoot him down and take his body to Peer Mohammad’s tent (he is finally dressed in his real clothes). Peer Mohammad (PM) reads the letter sent by Pratap for BK. Pratap has already left from Chittor to take BK safely from here. A man sitting next to him reasons that they wont be able to fight with Pratap if he finds BK. Shehanshah wont spare us if we don’t kill BK. PM knows it already. They decide to stop Pratap somehow from reaching BK. Faizal Khan will do it for us. PM knows that Faizal Khan is not strong enough to kill Pratap but we will kill BK easily if Faizal Khan is able to stop Pratap from reaching BK for a while. He sends a messenger for Faizal Khan.

BK is heading to Patan with his handful of trusted soldiers. I am sure Pratap will come there only. We will wait for him there. He also knows that his messenger would have been killed by now. I don’t feel that I will be able to reach the port alive on my own. I can only reach there alive because of Pratap!

Pratap is on his way to Patan. Patta suggests resting for a while but Pratap doesn’t want any kind of delay in saving BK. Next morning, Pratap only stops so the horses can eat something. We will leave asap as Mughals can attack BK anytime. He asks a lady for water. He also finds out that Patan is not very far from here. Faizal Khan comes there with his soldiers. He hits a random old man. Pratap helps that man. Faizal Khan orders everyone to find out Pratap. Is he here? Go and find him. The same soldier (Aslam Khan from Kashi) notices Pratap and Patta. He tells it to Faizal Khan but Pratap and Patta hide by then. A guy (from the Mughal’s side only) tells Faizal Khan that they should not underestimate Pratap. He is a great warrior. Faizal Khan puts his sword around that guy’s neck. I can send you to heaven right away if you will continue to be scared of Pratap. The guy apologizes. Faizal Khan tells them to look for Pratap without any fear. Patta gets angry and wants to attack them right away but Pratap stops him. This is not the right time to get into a fight with them. we have to meet BK before anything else.

Faizal Khan’s soldier brings an old man in front of FK. We saw him talking to someone about the other exit from the village. FK offers him gold coins but the man refuses to tell anything to them. He even throws the pouch containing gold coins at FK’s face. This angers the Mughals and the soldiers start beating him with a hunter.

PM and his troop is following BK’s troop from a distance. PM knows BK’s strength. We will only keep an eye on him. We wont kill him. Afghanis will kill him as they are arch enemies. They have got the info about BK. We are only waiting for the Afghanis.

BK’s soldier suggests him to leave. We will fight till our last breath. BK wonders why Pratap has not come here till now. there must be some reason. he might have got involved in something on his way to Patan. The soldier says he has been our enemy since always. Why would he come to save us? He wont come!

A dagger comes flying and it strike in the same soldier’s (who is beating that old man) palm. He screams in pain. Other soldiers too start getting hurt. Aslam Khan is sure it is Pratap only. FK notices a man running past the gathered crowd. Pratap kills all the soldiers standing as guard on the other side of the main gate. Aslam Khan suggests FK to run away. this is the best option. FK vows to teach a lesson to Pratap. He gives open challenge to Pratap. Someone whistles. Aslam Khan recognizes him immediately. Chakrapani starts his story again. One of the soldiers gives all the answers and tries to stop FK but in vain. They step back in fear as soon as they see Pratap. Pratap kills FK. Aslam Khan runs away with his superior. Pratap realises that it was the plan of Mughals to stop him. Time is running out. I will have to reach BK on time. BK thinks that maybe it is not in his fate to get help from Pratap. But I know this much that you will come for sure. Epi ends on the split screen of BK and Pratap.

Precap: Afghanis attack BK. The leader is successfully in stabbing BK. Pratap reaches there just then. BK is glad to see him. I knew that you will come!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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