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The soldier updates Acharya about the approaching army. Acharya immediately leaves from there. Pratap is in thoughts. What happened that Acharya had to leave immediately?

Acharya asks the commander to get all of Mewar’s soldier here asap. Make preps to send the people of Mewar to a safe place.

The commander tells Akbar that they will come across a small village outside Mewar. We should avoid getting into limelight and walk from the corner. Akbar instead orders his men to set every person on fire. They should know who is here.

Acharya comes back inside to tell US about the approaching Mughal army. Pratap can see their tensed faces. JB and DB watch them too. US leaves with Acharya. DB and Raimal look at each other. The wedding rituals come to an end. The newlywed takes blessings

from their elders. A man informs Pratap about the Mughal army. Pratap excuses himself right after touching his Rani Ma’s feet.

In the courtroom, US and Acharya discuss what they would do to hold back the Mughal army and save the citizens. Pratap joins them. First of all I want all the info about the army. We will attack them before they can do it. They are very near us. They can surround us as they are bigger in number. It will become impossible to throw them out in that case. Raimal and Jagmal don’t find this convo interesting. US thinks of Mewar siege. Acharya agrees with Pratap. Mughals should know realise that we are scared of them. They should instead be scared of us.

A soldier comes in to inform them that the Mughals have entered Kilwa village. They have killed every person mercilessly.

Mughal soldiers kill each person that they come across.

US says Mughals want to see me before them in this war. I will fight this war. Pratap stops him. You are unwell. You have to rest. US stays put. Get my armour. Make necessary preps. He refuses to hear Pratap. You have created a lot of mess already. I will fight against Mughals. I wont let them get Udaipur like they got Mewar. He feels pain in his stomach still he does not allow Pratap to come near him.

The entire Kilwa village is in a mess. A few alive citizens request Chandrasen to save them. Those Mughals dint spare anyone. Chandrasen asks them to trust Pratap. No one can harm you till he is here. I too wont sit at peace till the Mughals are out of here. People blame Phool for their situation.

US lies on bed but he keeps talking of war. I cannot let the enemy take hold of Udaipur. Pratap offers to take his revenge. DB too asks Rana ji to stop talking about the war. This is the only thing everyone here talks about. Why are we always left with the option of war? I know that the Rajputanis aren’t taught about living. I wont let you lose your life in the war zone neither do I want to lose Pratap. I request you. Please keep a proposal of friendship with Akbar. Pratap is puzzled. DB clears that his enmity with Akbar leaves him no option in terms of political matters or in mental piece. Acharya ji and the main commander can take this proposal to Akbar. They can leave Pratap behind so the talk goes peacefully. It will be better option then. Dadabhai and Jagmal can go with them. Dada bhai will represent Jaisalmer. What’s the point of shedding blood when this can avoid war? One should try the other peaceful options too. US tells Raimal that this project may or may not succeed. You might have to lose your life in this. Are you ready? Raimal agrees. US agrees to send Raimal, Acharya and Jagmal with the troops. You will try for peace first. Pratap tries to interrupt him but Acharyas suggests him to let his father try. There is no harm in trying for peace.

Jagmal asks his mother what she did. Don’t you know how angry Akbar gets? He might kill me for nothing. You were showing me different dreams. DB tells Jagmal that it isn’t enough to only see dreams to become a king. Look at Pratap. He is always ready to sacrifice his life for motherland. I am not even asking you to fight here. I have given you a golden chance. You have to grab hold of it with both the hands. You will win if you avoid getting into a war in the present situation. You will become the hero. He wonders what if Akbar refuses to even talk to him. Raimal thinks that his sister has maybe made sure that he speaks to you. DB remarks that she loves the most coward person of the world. Jagmal smiles.

Akbar is inching closer to Udaipur. He asks for his special sword.

Salima wonders what is so special in Rajputanis that makes Shehanshah mad. He left his everything and went to bring Phool. I have heard that Mewar’s Maharani DB came personally to invite Akbar. It is weird. Pratap’s step mother, but still a mother, came to give Akbar Udaipur so her son can sit on the throne. I think she is your relative. DB replies in a simple sentence. Truth always wins. You too will realise it the day it happens.

Acharya says Akbar cannot be trusted so he has asked their army to wait at a distance. He should not think that we are coming there not to talk but to attack him. But in the other case, we will be ready to attack on him if he is not interested in peace. Jagmal is scared about his meeting with Akbar. Raimal asks him to face Akbar with confidence. They reach near the tent where Akbar is. Maan Singh gets to know about their arrival from Udaipur’s messenger. He next updates Akbar. Akbar tells Maan Singh to tell them that he is ready to talk to them about peace.

Precap: Akbar gives his special sword to Jagmal as a sign of their friendship. I will make you the King of Mewar. Pratap is angry to know that Jagmal has given Mewar to Akbar. A soldier rushes into tell them that US had a seizure once again.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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