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DB sends something to one of her distant niece.

Maan Singh tells Akbar that he dint do right by including FK in the plan. Akbar thinks otherwise. Maan Singh says when you had to send people to kill others in Mewar then why did you sent me. Akbar knew that he will talk about peace to Mewar with all his heart. I really wanted it to happen. FK was a backup plan. Maan Singh says you had thought about this plan since long. You wanted to keep me at bay. You knew I would never advise you to do so if I get to know about it. Akbar appreciates his style of looking at things. But you think differently about me, Pratap, Mewar and everyone. I too have different opinions on every matter.

Acharya tells Pratap that they are getting a lot of support from everyone. Entire Rajputana has understood

Akbar’s reality. We all have to be together now to throw him out of Rajputana. Pratap asks him to make preps for the biggest war of all time. I want to give a fitting reply to Akbar.

Maan Singh tells Akbar that their image fell from Rajputana’s eyes. It will be really difficult to make space for ourselves once again. Akbar reasons that they went there for peace. But Pratap and his men dint accept our proposal for peace. We were bound to use the backup plan. Maan Singh does not want Heer to know the truth. She may or may not forgive you but she will never forgive herself. Akbar smiles. Who will tell her that Ajabde died because of the attack made by us?

Pratap wants the army to be ready asap. Amar wants to go with his father. Phool makes him understand. It will pain your mother if you don’t listen to your father. Tell your father that you will look after everything in his absence. Amar proudly nods. Pratap walks out holding the pot of ashes in his hands.

Heer looks all sad. Akbar does not want her to be sad. It will affect my baby. She talks about Ajabde’s baby which died before taking birth. I can atleast send them a message expressing my grief. Akbar says you can but they have rebuffed all our attempts of peace. A soldier comes to inform Akbar that a message has come from Mewar. Heer thinks that it might be from Pratap but Akbar worries for his baby. He slaps the soldier. He gets the info from the soldier in lower tones. Heer insists upon knowing the message. Akbar finally tells her that Pratap has put all the blame on him for Ajabde’s death. He wants a war. We are left with no choice. They have openly declared war. We cannot sit peacefully. Heer Bai feels bad. What has happened to Pratap!

Pratap thinks of Ajabde. They are near a riverside. Chakrapani suggests him to rest for a while. The ashes will be anyways poured tomorrow morning only. Pratap wants to spend more time with Ajabde. He caresses the pot.

Most of the Rajputana kings are present in Akbar’s court. He openly asks them who does not want to be friends with him anymore. I do everything (friendship and enmity) with all my heart. Everyone goes quiet hearing it. I have called you all here to discuss about the plan. I want to capture Mewar! Everyone is shocked. He asks Maan Singh to get the army ready. I have specially called Kalyan ji and Bhagwan Das. One can either be friends with me or enemy. The rest of the decisions will be taken in the warzone. I extended my hand of friendship towards Mewar but they refused it. they don’t want to be friends with us. Now we will have a war with them. Kalyan Mal and Bhagwan Das have no option but to agree. Maan Singh wants time to make preps but Akbar points out that Mewar is drowned in grief at the moment. Pratap is also not in Mewar. This is the best time to attack! You asked me about me not telling you about FK. I could not trust you as much as I could trust FK when you took the peace proposal to Mewar. Now is the time to show me your capability. Make preps. Make me believe that I dint do any wrong by marrying a Rajputani. The Rajput kings cheer for him but their faces express unhappiness.

Rana Punja gets update on the Mughals surrounding Mewar. Acharya realises that the war is on! The Rajput courtiers cannot pick weapons for the next 13 days. They feel helpless. The Bheels decide pick up weapons. We will stop those Mughals. We wont let the Mughals reach Haldi Ghaati. Acharya does not know what the consequence will be. But Rana ji will be really proud of you once you return. Hakim Khan too offers to put in his life to help Rana Punja. Acharya, HK and Rana Punja join hands. Everyone cheers Jai Mewar!

Akbar and his army are on his way to Haldi Ghaati.

Rana Punja charters the route that Mughals will be taking to reach Haldi Ghaati. We have to kill maximum Mughals as they enter the jungle. This is our area. This is where we can do maximum damage to them.

Maan Singh guides the army.

Precap: The Bheels attack Mughal army. They put oil in small pouches and aim at the army. They shoot the pouches next. A liquid falls on the Mughal army. The Bheels get ready to shoot at them again.

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