Maharana Pratap 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 29th October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Panna tai , Krishna and all members of that house are having a meeting about Dudha ‘s arrest and what would be their next strategy ,Krishna says now thie time has come to prove our self , for this we need more weapon which we don’t have and also after Dudha’s arrest we have short of one brave solider from our Army , before the kings men come and throw us out of this house, before they reach us we have to strike on them , she asks are you all ready for this , they all agree , Panna tai says this is risky , that time Pratap comes and knocks at the door , He says Panna tai is right what you are planning this will lead you to suicide , Krishna says why have you come stay away ,he says I couldn’t sleep thinking about this ..after Dudha’s arrest Kings men

must be torturing him ..

there Kings man are doing the same they asking Dudha about Pratap he said he has no idea as he is a common man and Pratap is prince of Mewar they don’t beleive his words and tell him , it was him who said they ( Dudha and Pratap were very close friends from Gurukul ) he says now I don’t know about him , They bring his father who was there behind the bar going though all the torture …They hurts him Dudha become very sad and requests them not to hurt his father for him , his father tells hims keeping your cool in a negative situation is what is expected form a rajput , They go close to Dudha to hurt him but his father plead them to leave him ..They leave him ..

At panna tai ‘s house Pratap tries to convince everyone that Rao sultan’s men would catch all of them so before they reach there we all should leave this place and go to Mewar , Krishna doesn’t agree with that , she taunts Pratap that he is a coward and she knows that Dudha will never open his mouth about us , Panna tai supports Pratap and says he is right we are not safe here , that time door knocks and Dudha reaches Panna tai’s house , all are happy to find Dudha , Pratap asks did you runaway from jail , Dudha says no they set me free because they think I am innocent , Pratap could understand the motive behind this and he says I think there is something wrong , then he tells them they set Dudha free because after that by following Dudha they can reach us , Dudha is shocked that he didn’t realize this , that time rao sultan reaches there

Panna tai’shouse is surrounded be Kings Men , Rao sultan says after setting a mouse free we found his you all , Dudha asks Pratap to go back to Mewar , he refuses and says he can’t leave them alone ..they all go out in front of Rao Sultan , He asks who is the leader of this group ? no one says anything that time rao sultan comes close to Krishana and says he would take her with him , She feels disgusting , but could do anything , Pratap is very angry but controls and stay calm , Panna tai and all are scared , That time Krishna ‘s father comes there and says it was him who has been training them all , Rao sultan doesn’t believes him but then after an argument about Krishna her father spit on Rao sultan out of anger , Rao sultan become furious and asks his men to punish the man in front of the whole village so that all would see what consequences they have to face if they go against Rao sultan ..He men drags Krishna’s father to the village Krishna cries and request them leave his father they don’t listen

its middle of the Village all are there Rao Sultan tells Krishna’s father that he is happy to see him being hanged , Krishana request everyone to save his father but on one comes forward , Pratap feels very bad that he is not able to help , That time Pratap finds Rani maa there and become surprised , She feels sad , and about to say something to Prtap but stops herself and gets flashback of what she promised that she would not let Pratap do anything which would make him famous for his bravery ..Pratap become happy thinking may be she will give him permission to use weapon but she son’t says anything and Pratap becomes disappointed ..

Pracep: Kings men Hanged Krishan’s father all are feeling helpless and sad

Update Credit to: cheena007

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