Maharana Pratap 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 29th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maharaj Udai Singh asking for Pratap and Shakti to come in the Darbar. The Maharanis are shocked. Shakti says he fears of Maharaj. Pratap says what his Masa told him, that if you do any mistake, then be ready to bear the consequences. Pratap and Shakti come in the darbar as Shams khan looks on. Pratap greets Maharaj. He asks who is responsible for the mistake. He says he needs an answer. Pratap says I m responsible, I fought with his guards. Maharaj asks what was Shakti doing with you. Shams khan if he is admitting that it was him, then why to ask others.

Shams khan says they are kids, so give a small punishment. Pratap says I m a kid but I have fought with your guards. Maharaj scolds Kuwar Pratap. Shams khan says your kid is very sharp, he says Rajputs don’t

like to bend down. He says your punishment is forgiveness. He asks them to bend down on the knees and ask for forgiveness. Pratap and Shakti are tensed. Maharanis looks on.

Shams khan insists it again, Maharaj is fuming with anger, but could not do anything. Pratap does not listen to Shams khan, he shouts at him, Pratap bends down on the knees and apologizes to his father, Shams khan is shocked. Pratap says what Maharani told him. He says his ancestors did not bend infront of anyone, so he cannot do it. He says, he can bend only infront of his teacher, parents and the Lord. Maharaj asks him to go from the darbar. Pratap says ok, and leaves. Shams khan says this is not right, now you have to ask for forgiveness.

They both fume with anger. Maharaj says I m a rajput and I don’t lower my head infront of anyone. He asks what do you want, Maharaj says I don’t want to commence a fight in the darbar, as this darbar is like a mandir. Everyone looks on. Shams khan says who will ask for forgiveness instead of Pratap, he says we will take the profit from Mewar’s business. He asks are you ok with it, Maharaj says whatever you want, you will get. Shams khan asks for more things, and asks for petty things. Maharaj agrees. Shams khan asks for the ancestral sword.

Maharaj asks him to forget about it as you cannot hold it up. He says you show me if you can lift it, its a challenge. Shams khan laughs. He says, not today, maybe some day else. Its a promise. Shams khan says your son Pratap is smart, and he leaves from the Mahal saying this, along with his ministers. Maharaj calls Kuwar Pratap, while Pratap is sitting with Masa and Choti Masa. They get tensed. Pratap comes infront of Maharaj, and stands silent. The Maharanis also stand there to talk in favour of Kuwar Pratap.

Maharaj asks him to say if he wants to, before he gets his punishment. He says how did Shams khan get the right to insult you, how did it be a crime for me to roam in our Chittor, Shams khan is taking our mother land, and if I pluck some raw mangoes from a tree, it becomes a crime, how come? Maharaj is speechless. Pratap speaks well, he says Shams khan insulted the homeland but no Rajput gave him the punishment. If you want to punish me, then you can. Maharaj says you are small to understand these things. Maharaj punishes Pratap for two days saying give him the minimum food required for being alive.

Pratap is sent to jail. Maharaj is thinking about Pratap’s sweet questions and he gets angry. Choti Maharani comes there and tries to pacify him. He says I did not had any answer for Pratap’s questions. Choti Maharani says you will have the answers soon. She asks him not to punish Pratap. Maharaj says no, I will not lessen the punishment, if I do like this, what will people say. He says let him be there in any condition.

Two days pass by, and Pratap thinks about Shams khan harsh words on him and Maharaj. The guards come and release him, Maharani says she is sad he had to undergo this. He asks why Maharaj left Shams khan and punished him. Pratap says he feels his mother land is calling him. Maharani says it looks like that. Pratap comes to his ancestors photos and asks them his questions, saying Mewar is under the effect of bad people. People are insulting us, and Maharaj did not do anything. He asks when we you make me independent. He goes to the sword, and asks when will fate decide and select me for the sword. He looks at the sword and lifts it up. He says, I will not let our mother land lose, Its my oath and my goal. The day will come when every child of Mewar will be free. Choti Masa comes to him, and ask what have you done. Choti Masa is tensed and asks him to keep the sword back. He says my ancestors have selected him to become the guard of Mewar. Choti Masa asks him to keep the sword.

Maharaj is making a plan, Shams khan is aware of it. He tells he has one spy in the palace. Pratap comes to know about it and acts smart.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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