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Maharana Pratap 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajabde is looking for Pratap. She runs towards the ancestor’s room. Pratap talks to his ancestors. I did as much as I could. I stopped that Mughal from reaching our fort. Our soldiers, our citizens too have done a lot. But now the war can begin anytime. The only thing to look out for is who gives up first! Ajabde joins him. She pays respect to the ancestors. Pratap is curious about her happiness. She tells him that Amar, Rana ji and Rani Ma and everyone are going to return real soon. That Mughal is packing up. Pratap goes to check. He checks with his binoculars. Mughal is leaving Mewar? He is giving up? I cannot believe it. Rawat ji gives him credit for this moment. I think this Mughal has understood that this fort and the courage of Rajput’s are unbreakable. Pratap appreciates every single person

who has been helping them in keeping the fort intact. He notices something and looks with his binoculars. Another huge army is heading towards Mughal tents. Rajputs are tensed. Pratap wonders what this new problem is.

Akbar’s soldiers are loading all his stuff in a cart. A commander shows him the approaching army of Asab Khan. 20k soldiers join Akbar. Isa Kaka tells them of Akbar’s latest decision. Another commander tells Asab Khan to return. It wont be easy to defeat Rajputs in their state. Akbar stops them. I have understood Allah’s plan. So many soldiers are ready to die for such a pious mission. Which war will be that I won’t be able to win with these many soldiers? Akbar announces a war. It will go on till we win Chittor. His commander’s chant praises in his name. Everyone gets disturbed hearing this. Seems like the soldiers are once again confident. Pratap and Akbar look at each other through binoculars. Pratap knows that Akbar cannot leave so easily. I too will teach him a lesson. I wont let him go without it. Akbar orders his commanders to resume their work. We will take 15 days and then we will teach these Rajputs a lesson.

Pratap shares with Ajabde that he has no idea till when will this go on. We don’t have that much food. She reasons that it can last for another month only. Our soldiers will not be able to fight otherwise. Pratap has no option to go out. 20k more soldiers are ready to fight now. She boosts his morale. You always find a solution in any problem. He cannot think of any solution at the moment. I don’t mind giving up my life for Mewar. Our family had to leave our home, our palace. I have no idea how they are. I pray every day that they are fine. I pray that I am able to defeat our enemy and bring them back. She gives him hope. A daasi comes to tell them about Chakrapani’a arrival.

Chakrapani tells Ajabde and Pratap that everyone is fine. HK ran away to save his life. Ajabde thanks Ekling ji. Pratap hugs his friend. I am feeling so light now. How’s Amar? Chakrapani talks all good about Amar. He is a true warrior. He takes very good care of everyone. He misses you both a lot. A tear escapes Ajabde’s eyes. Pratap notices this. Pratap and Chakrapani try to talk about Amar’s mischief. Ajabde says I will never let him go away from me once he returns. Pratap assures her that everyone will return real soon.

The work of sapaat and the sand mountain is on in full swing. Days pass by. Akbar talks all positive to the workers. Both the sapaat’s get ready. Akbar wants his cannons atop the sand mountain. His commanders oblige.

Ajabde tells Pratap that they have food only for 15 more days. Pratap shares that their problems are going to increase now. The sapaat and sand mountain is almost ready. We have to wait for the war now. It can be announced anytime. Jaimal’s wife shares that Ajabde has not eaten anything for the past 2 days. Ajabde lies that she had kept a fast. Pratap is touched I am proud of you. He too decides to give up on food from now onwards. It will be a small sacrifice for our soldiers. The time has come when we will have to make one last prep to save our motherland.

They hear a blast and go out. Rawat ji comes to inform them that the Mughals have resumes firing cannons. Many soldiers / citizens get wounded. Pratap orders them to be taken inside the fort.

Akbar tells his commanders to shoot continuously till the time they are able to get inside the fort.

Jaimal tells Pratap not to come here. Those cannon balls are dangerous. Pratap says these cannon cannot shake my confidence. He checks from his binoculars. Rawat ji makes him look at the sapaat. They are putting gunpowder in the fort’s boundaries so they can blast it. if they succeed in this then there will be enough gaps in our fort’s wall which will allow them to enter inside. We will surely lose then. Patta says these Mughals are continuously attacking our forts to find a way to enter inside, by these cannons and now this gunpowder. Jaimal ji wants to thinks of a solution asap. Ishar ji cannot see any solution. Maybe they should get ready for Saka. Pratap tells Rawat ji to cal Khetu. No one else knows how to break this. Rawat ji agrees.

Precap: Pratap tells Khetu and her father about what Akbar is up to. Akbar tells his soldiers to put a heavy amount of gunpowder around the boundaries of the fort. Khetu enters Mughal tents in the disguise of a Mughal soldier. She sets fire to one of the sapaats. Akbar hears the noise.

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