Maharana Pratap 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 29th July 2013 Written Update

Pratap got hurt in his feet but still he walks perfectly on that wooden bridge n reaches the instructed point but at last moment he slipped n came forward from that point.

Both shakti n pratap were asked to stand in the que until thy evaluate thr performance.

Raughuvendra says that the evaluation has been done taking care of all circumstances n after judging thr physical n mental strength.

Soon a teacher from gurukul start annoncing names of passed candidates, at last shakti n pratap left n acharya choose shakti n pratap failed, he gave the same reason that he dnt came to the same point.

Rawat object on the decision, acharya ask udai singh if he had sum objection but udai respected it.

Acharya ask shakti to ask for sum gift as he passed with highest marks, shakti ask to give admission to pratap, it shocked all but acharya did agree as he promised to gift him wat he wants.

Udai singh gets info that thr’s sum news from delhi, so he was leaving n pratap goes n ask for srry for letting him down, udai gave a ring to pratap to give it to shakti n ask him that udai is proud of him.

Vikram ask shakti y he helped pratap in getting admission, shakti says its just a showw off in front of udai singh, pratap came n gave him ring n message n thanx him.

In the palace, bhatyani get the news that shakti passed n pratap failed, she got happy n goes to meet sajja to poison her ears more, sajja is quite happy, bhatyani congrats sajja n taunts jaiwanta but jaiwanta tolds that pratap also got admission, this shocked bhatyani.

As jaiwanta leaves, bhatyani poison sajja n ask her that shakti is capable of becuming a king n she shud talk with udai to give him chance.

Other side, udai got message from delhi that thr spy has entered shamsher khan’s palace n thr shams khan n shamsher r continusly planning to take revenge from mewad.

Precap: Pratap is upset, bhatyani taunts him, udai ask him to not fail next tym. .

Update Credit to: Amor

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