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One of the soldiers fires a bullet. Pratap looks in the direction of where the noise came from. He ducks just when the bullet is about to hit him and everyone looks at him in amazement. Raja Jaimal says these gunmen are mistaking us for intruders. We will have to clear it to them that we have not come here to harm them. Acharya gives a white flag to Chakrapani. Chakrapani announces loudly that they have not come here to fight with them. we have come here to talk to you calmly. He gives Pratap’s intro too. Pratap says we haven’t come here to trouble anyone. All the soldiers come out of their hiding place yet surround Pratap and his team for safety reasons. One of the soldiers ask them who Pratap is.

The soldier is about to hit Rann Singh but Akbar stops him. it might be that he knows how

to read or write. If that is the case then torture him so much that he is forced to write it down on his own. Make the rest of his life worse than hell. Akbar walks out of the tent. The soldier tells Rann Singh that he will stay here like this only until he speaks up.

Pratap requests the soldier to make him meet their commander in chief. We don’t have much time but we will be glad to meet him. Soldier agrees. Only Pratap will go to meet our commander but he cannot take his sword with him. Pratap gives his sword to his Acharya. Pratap leaves to meet the commander.

Khetu brings water for Rann Singh. She sits down before him as she keeps the pot down. I have come to help you in gaining freedom. He folds his hands before her. She can understand the pain that he must be going through. He touches his moustache to show how proud he is feeling while helping his motherland. She understands his emotions. I pray that I too should get such a chance once. He closes his eyes peacefully while she holds her dagger in her hands. She is about to slit his throat the commander comes there. What are you doing here? She is in a fix.

Pratap wards off another attack on him. Who dared to attack me stealthily? Come out in the open. The commander comes there. He drops a stick towards Pratap. Pratap picks it up and faces him.

Akbar’s commander repeats his question for Khetu. Who allowed you to come here? She hides her dagger and pretends to seek apology from him. he (Rann Singh) was looking towards the water pot so I thought he would be needing it. he isn’t saying anything though. The commander holds her hand. he calls out for the soldiers. Arrest her and bring her in my tent. He walks out with the soldiers following him along with Khetu in their custody. Rann Singh looks on.

The commander gives his intro and then starts attacking Pratap. He is impressed by Pratap’s retorting acts. You are really brave. He helps the commander in getting up again. A few Muslim soldiers come there.

A mughal soldier is keeping an eye on the caravan which is heading to Chittor with adequate grains / food for its citizens. He informs his superior about it. they decide to loot it and bring it to their tent for their army. They surround all the bullock carts and starts killing all the soldiers who are accompanying it. one of the soldiers set them on fire as they don’t want the Mughals to have it. the senior soldier (Mughal) kills him.

US hopes that Pratap is back soon. our messenger has been caught by Akbar. He will try his best to make him talk. If our messenger tells him the truth then Akbar will become all the more confident. He might even think of attacking us asap. Kalla informs him about KHetu and Champa going to Akbar’s tent to kill Rann Singh. US is taken aback. A soldier comes to inform him about the Mughals attacking their caravan. Our soldiers fought bravely with them and became martyrs. They dint let the Mughals gain any sack of the grain though. They set it on fire. US sends him away. Amar Singh comes there. He is hungry. He cannot find his Rani Ma and Dadi Ma. I cannot see them anywhere. US gets thinking. Come with me.

The Muslim commander shares that they have been thrown out of their house / state by those Mughals only. We haven’t forgotten it. Pratap nods. That Mughal thinks of himself to be the Shehanshah of our country. He is doing the same what he has done with you. we want to send away from CHittor. I have heard about your 1k skilled soldiers. They are famous for never missing their target. I need your help to give a fitting reply to that Mughal. We all have come here to seek your help.

The ladies discuss about what all is there in the kitchen and what all they might have to arrange. DB introduces Junawat’s wife to Ajabde. Ajabde seeks her blessing. Next AJabde gets to meet Dodhiya ji and Ishar Das ji’s (Bhagwati) wives. Ajabde next shares that they will have to arrange for approx 600 more tents for the citizens of Chittor. DB instructs the guy who will build them to make 20 tents per day atleast. I don’t want anyone to bear any kind of trouble. The guy agrees.

The commander refuses to help them. He straight away tells Pratap that he doesn’t want to be a part of this war which doesn’t even concern them. You have come here for your own benefit. It is your personal war. Pratap says if small groups wont unite in the hour of need against the bigger group then how the bigger group will end them all one by one. The commander doesn’t want to get into such a trouble again. I like you personally but I too have some responsibilities towards my people. I cannot push them in this war for my personal liking. I cannot become a part of this war. You all can leave now. Pratap is taken aback. He tries to say something but the commander stays put.

Precap: Ishar Das ji informs US that he has seen 3k soldiers (from Ajme) joining Akbar’s army just now. I can see some movements in their army. Akbar says it is time to attack Chittor’s fort now and win it. A guy updates Pratap about the same.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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