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Maharana Pratap 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajabde is looking after the wedding preps.

Jagmal paces in his room. He is confused over what his mother and uncle are up to. He could take me with him! I am so pissed off. He asks the servant to massage his arms.

Ajabde orders the daasi to keep the clothes of the new Rani in her room. Keep Pratap’s clothes in his room. Why one needs to ask for my permission for everything? JB asks her who will make the preps for her puja. Ajabde replies that she has already made all the preps. JB can understand what she is going through. I can understand how painful it becomes when another Rani shares your husband. You are no ordinary woman. You are just like I was once for Rana ji. You are going to be the Maharani of the future Rana of Udaipur. I too had accepted 3 wives

of Rana ji in life. I know one day you too will become strong enough. Ajabde nods. I am trying it with all my heart. JB suggests her to accept Phool from heart. Pratap wont be able to go to mandap if you are unhappy. Ajabde promises her that she herself will bring Phool in the mandap.

Akbar asks Maan Singh to get ready to head to Udaipur. we have been looking for this opportunity since ages but we never realised that Mewar itself wants to become ours. DB is going to serve us Mewar in a plate. i am so anxious to receive this gift.

DB meets Jagmal. You are going to become the Rana ji. She does not share much with him. JB interrupts them. You (DB) look super happy today. DB shows her happiness over Pratap and Phool’s marriage. JB points out that that wasn’t the case a while ago. DB agrees. I did so while thinking about the other Rajputana states who wont like it. now that the wedding is happening then it is all good. I went to even Ekling ji’s temple to pray for the couple. JB shares that she went in the wrong direction in excitement. DB tries to dismiss it but JB gives a light threat to her. DB thinks that she will have to send her out of the palace.

Akbar refuses to halt. We have to reach Udaipur asap.

Ajabde sets Pratap’s sehra right. he asks her if she will help him in every step in future too. She looks at him blankly. I can take anything / do anything so your respect / dignity is intact. I will go and check on Phool.

Phool still isn’t ready. Ajabde asks her about it. Phool says i had never thought that this day will come in life. Ajabde talks about her dream of helping her get ready for her wedding. I will do it today. Phool corrects her. I will become your husband’s another wife. Ajadbe tries to hide her pain by talking about other things.

Ajabde brings Phool in the mandap. Raimal tells Chandrasen that it is good that he is here for Phool. Your relation will get broken with Marwar forever though. Chandrasen reasons that Marwar is a part of Rajputana. When my connection with Rajputana dint break then how can my relation with Marwar break! Raimal is irked but hides it.

Pratap sits down in the mandap next to Phool. Ajabde thinks of Pratap’s words.

Raimal tells US that he feels this wedding will bring prosperity for Udaipur.

Chandrasen does the rituals from Phool’s side. Ajabde thinks of her wedding. Pratap puts mangalsutra around Phool’s neck.

Akbar and his army march towards Udaipur. A few soldiers notice them. One of the soldiers rush inside to inform Acharya.

Ajabde does their gathbandhan. Pratap and Ajabde think of their meeting earlier in the day when Pratap had asked Ajabde if she will continue to untangle the relations / things in future too.

The soldier updates Acharya about the approaching army. Acharya immediately leaves from there. Pratap is in thoughts. What happened that Acharya had to leave immediately?

Precap: Akbar orders his men to set every person on fire. Mughal soldiers kill each person that they come across. A soldier informs US and the court about the same.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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