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Maharana Pratap 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana Punja is about to pick up the shed under which FK is hiding but Chandrasen thinks that they are wasting their time. Let us go back to the palace. FK and the other guy sigh in relief.

DB asks Phool to get Ajabde ready for her farewell. Everyone cries thinking of Ajabde. In his room, Pratap too thinks of Ajabde.

Chandrasen and everyone decide to avenge Ajabde’s death. These Mughals have crossed their limits! We too will get inside their house to kill everyone. We will give them a fitting reply. Acharya tells them all to keep their swords back in the sheath. There is a time for everything. This is the time to bid adieu to a very beautiful soul. This is not the time to be angry and attack. This is the time to miss the one who has left us for forever. we will take revenge but not

right now. We too will decide our time to take revenge from Mughals. We too will ruin them. This is the time to stand with Rana ji. We shouldn’t leave him alone. I request you all to do as I say. They all put their swords back in their place. Chundavat ji blames himself for Ajabde’s death. I look after the security but this lax in security cost us dearly. Acharya calms him down.

Ajabde is dressed as a bride. Pratap puts vermilion in her forehead. He thinks of their wedding. He puts red colour on her face. Her memories keep flashing before her eyes. DB does not regret any of it. I knew this was going to happen with you one day. I was right. I could have saved you if you had been on my side. Purohit ji asks for 4 people who will shoulder her dead body. Chundavat ji, Chandrasen, and 2 other guys step forward.

Ajabde’s dead body is being taken outside. All the citizens have gathered outside to bid her adieu.

Akbar asks FK to give him the good news. FK keeps quiet. Akbar is getting impatient by every passing second. Tell me that you fulfilled the task I had given to you. FK shares that Pratap is still alive. But Ajabde is no more. Akbar laughs. This is such good news! It will hurt Pratap all his life. You have indirectly killed Pratap but killing Ajabde. He loved her dearly.

Pratap and Amar are doing to do the last rites of Ajabde. Pratap vows not to let Akbar live in peace! This fire will be always inside me. Everyone leaves from there except Pratap. Purohit ji says it will take time for the pyre to douse. Your last duty towards her is that you should collect her ashes when the pyre is all calm. Pour them in Ganga.

Acharya stops anyone from going to bring back Pratap. Loneliness is the best cure for a hurt soul.

Pratap returns to palace holding Ajabde’s ashes in a pot. I may have lost my precious partner today but you all too might have been under stress all night. Till I take revenge from the Mughals for this; till I take Chittor back from them; till I avenge for the Chittor siege, I will not eat in any expensive plate. I wont sleep on bed or feel proud of ourselves till we seek revenge. Acharya promises him on the same. But let us focus on fulfilling the ritual of 13 days of sadness for now. No one will pick up any weapon in Mewar before that. But after that, we promise not to spare anyone. DB has heard everything. This means Akbar will have to do something in between these 13 days. This volcano will otherwise explode afterwards and wont spare anyone alive!

Pratap hears Ajabde’s voice. You cannot fill your stomach by thinking. Come and eat food. He asks her to be with him always. I can spend days without eating but I want to be near you for forever. I want to see you always. I don’t want to go far from you. Phool looks at him in awe. He has kept his hand on her cheek. She coughs as he takes Ajabde’s name. He turns his face away. She has come to ask him for food. He replies that he isn’t hungry. She shares that Amar is saying the same thing since last night. He is upset that Amar hasn’t eaten anything since last night and she is telling him now. He leaves to be with Amar. Phool looks at the pot of ashes. How do I fill the void that you have left Ajabde? How do I take care of them?

Amar misses his mom. I had no idea that was the last time you hugged me. I wouldn’t have let go of you otherwise. Pratap adds that he too dint know she will leave them all so soon. Amar wipes his tears. Pratap asks Amar not to hide his tears before him. You can cry if you feel sad. You will feel better. Amar has never seen him cry. Don’t you feel sad? Pratap replies that max people express their pain through tears while some express it by killing the enemies. Amar thinks that he will have to be strong till then. Pratap points out that he will have to eat for that. Amar promises to eat on time always. He wants his mother back. Can you not bring her back? Pratap replies that those who leave once never come back. Amar sleeps in his father’s lap. Pratap thinks about the vow that he taken before Ajabde’s pyre.

Precap: Akbar wants to attack on Mewar as Pratap must be weak at the moment. Rana Punja gets update on the Mughals surrounding Mewar. Acharya realises that the war is on!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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