Maharana Pratap 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 28th October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Krishna telling pratap to mind his own business , Pratap tells her that she is not understanding the motive behind this , She doesn’t listen to him and becomes very angry , tells him you are not a prince who would understand the political move , you were just a sewak ,She threatens him that if you want to stay here then stay away form what we are planning …Bhura comes to Pratap and says sorry for Krishan’s behavior , Pratap takes promise form him that he should not go out of house tomorrow because Rao Sultan has a motive behind this to catch Pratap they should not get into this kind of activity ..Nhura promises him that he will not go out of the house ..

Pannna tai calls Pratap that food is ready , he comes to the kitchen and before having the

first bite offers it to Panna tai , she gets gets flash back of her son and time she spent with Uday singh in Mewar , Pratap asks what happened why she seem so lost , Pnna tai change the topic and asks him to call everyone for food , Pratap goes out to look for bhura but he was not there in the house , Pratap become worried ..

Pratap reaches to the place where the King has displayed the GUn for public view .. Krishna and Bura both were , Bhura goes close to gun , and then hides his face , Krishan is eagerly waiting for the gun so that they can kill Rao sultan , Pratap sees everything while hiding behind a tree , Kings men notices Bhura and catches him he runs from there and they change him , Krishna and Pratap both runs after him , Bhura hide under a bench which is surrounded by Kings men , Krishna and pratap reach near bhura and hides near bench Krishna asks pratap to bring a sword which was kept near the wall, pratap goes towards it but could not able to touche it as he takes his hinds to pick it up he gets the flashback of what he promised his mother ha he will never touch any weapon ..Krishna become very angry ..that time kings man notices Bhura hiding under the bench they arrests him and take him along to lock him behind the bar ..

Pratap is standing near the Ganesh idol and crying felling very bad that he couldn’t help Bhura ..Krishna comes with panna tai , he quickly hides his ears , Krishna asks him why didn’t he give her the sword that time .. She scolds him saying that he is a coward , that she thought by staying close to Prince pratap he would have become brave but that was he mistake to trust him , Pratap listens to her and couldn’t answer any thing .. Panna tai says she know what needs to be done , she asks him to leave the house immediately..Pratap become very and and leaves from there .Panna tai become sad ..

pratap comes home where he hits the wall and get injured Rani maa become worried seeing him in this state , she asks what is it bothering him , Pratap tells her that she is very selfish she is only worried for him and not for the praja who are going through so much , he says it because of her he could not help a needy , as he promised he couldn’t touch the sword to protect ..He goes on hitting the wall and starts bleeding , After sometime he rests , She goes close to him and sits near him , after sometime she gets up for her sleep finds him gone , she goes looking for pratap to his friends house where she comes to know but his visits to boondi , and become shocked ..she comes back and get the falsh back of what leads her to make pratap to stay away from Weapons ..

Precap : Pratap becomes free from the oath that he would not touch any weapon , he is in new avatar goes to Boondi to protect his friend , there because of bhura everyone get caught by kings men ..

Update Credit to: cheena007

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