Maharana Pratap 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 28th May 2013 Written Update

Pratap has reached the camp site of the General of Sher shah suri and is spying the layout, HIs anxiety and frustration grows as he realizes the strict check done by the guards near the perimeter ..Before his frustration can grow out of control , He spots the bullock cart carrying Hay for the livestock, Pratap smiles in delight and jumps into burrowing himself deeper .. The cart and Pratap hidden within rumbles inside the Mughal Encampment safely..

Pratap jumps out from his hidden spot and makes his way to the orchard .. He runs and hides himself behind a bush , Just then a hand slaps on his shulder , making Pratap Jump, turning he is surprised to see his younger brother Shakti Singh. Shakti Singh tells him, what his elder bro can do, he can do too, in fact even better than Pratap..

Just then they hear the hoof beats of Horses and both the boys make for the trees and hide themselves there…After the Soldiers on Horse pass, the boys pluck Mangoes and are getting to leave , when Pratap is startled to see Shakti aiming a loaded catapult towards Mughal’s Guards, Pratap tries to stop him but the stone is released and hits a guard. The Guards are alerted to the boys presence and there ensues a hot chase by the guards to capture the boys, but the boys manage to flee from the orchard.

Shamkhan is having his lunch when news is brought to him about Udai Singh’s escapade , Shamkhan is ecstatic as he finally finds the opportunity to needle and and get Udai Singh in a fix.


The Queen’s are busy arranging and decorating the palace when Pratap bursts in and narrates the events that occurred in the orchard, each queen takes the the blame upon herself for the transgression but queen Jayanta , Mother of Pratap lays the blame squarely on Pratap and says that Pratap committed a crime by breaking the law laid out by Udai Singh… She is all for telling the truth to Rana UdaiSingh.. but the youngest queen intercedes and seeks some time to reveal and also urges Pratap not to come in front of Rana Udai Singh until further notice..

The King arrives in style, full of royal pomp and splendour ..Gets down and comes to wards the palace , he gazes deeply at his youngest queen while the second queen feels a lil hurt at the blatant disregard of her .. The Aarti and welcome is done and the King is ushered inside .. He is taken to dining table .. where food prepared from each queen’s Kitchen is brought in for King to eat …Rana UdaiSingh notes the worry lines on the face of Jayanta Bai and asks her the reason.. She stalls him and urges him to eat first ..

Just then a messanger comes in and announces that Afghan General has come to meet him, Hearing this, Rana Udai Singh is in a rage , He strides towards the durbar and is met by a lolling General , popping grapes into his mouth .. Shamkhan throws out one taunt after another to Udai singh, who holds on to his temper and asks the nature of this visit.Shamkhan reveals that 2 of his subjects have dared to break the boundary line and crossed into his territory ..Udai Singh promises stiff punishment to the person who violated the King’s command..Shamkhan gleefully informs him that it is his own sons … Udai Singh Summons Pratap and Shati ti the court…The two boys come and stand in front of the king..


Shamkhan is intent on deriving maximum milege and needles Pratap only to be told by Pratap that he might be a kid but the generals soldiers were taught a lesson by this selfsame kid..

Shamkhan tells Pratap that he must kneel down in front of ShamKhan and seek his forgiveness, Pratap looks quickly at the livid face of UdaiSingh

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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