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Acharya brings a letter for Pratap. It is from Akbar. Pratap reads it. Greetings, my coward enemy! How are you feeling? I couldn’t meet you in the war zone face to face so I thought of telling you everything that had happened there. Pratap is mentally transported to the war zone where all the commanders and soldiers fought. Akbar tells him about each commander and how capable they each were! Pratap has tears in his eyes as he hears about how each of them was killed by Akbar. Pratap shouts on in shock. He tears the letter and throws it away. He wears his armour. Acharya tells him tos top. Akbar is trying to instigate you. It will be foolishness to go to fight with him all by yourself. Think about your citizens and Mewar atleast. Try to understand my point. Pratap declines. I wont stop now. He leaves

on Chetak when Amar calls out for him. Grandfather has gained conscious. Pratap gets down from Chetak. Amar tells him that he wants to meet you. Pratap heads back.

US gets up and tries to walk when DB stops him. US wants to take revenge from Akbar. He has killed my Samants, my commanders, my innocent citizens. I will surely take revenge. He is about to fall when Pratap holds him in time. US is pretty weak. DB leaves them together. US is surprised to see his son. Pratap takes him back to his bed. I will go to take revenge for my Rajput brothers. It was my responsibility to save CHittor and its people. I failed in my attempt. US reminds him that he is the king. I should be the one who is responsible. Pratap suggests him to join hands. We should wait for a right chance and show that Mughal how capable we are. It isn’t about name or position but no one can stop him from losing if we both get down in the war zone together. US agrees. Pratap takes out his sword and cuts his hand. US holds it as a promise (of Rajputs). We will surely end that Mughal together!

Raja Bhagwan Das (from Amer) requests Akbar to remove his deputy from Amer as he isn’t good towards people. Akbar asks him how it will benefit him. He gives Akbar a proposal of his wedding with his sister. Raja Bhagwan Das’s son (Maan Singh) plays with Akbar. Akbar is impressed with his move. Maan Singh replies that this game is played here since ages. You should accept this culture if you want to make progress in Rajputana. The proposal will help you in that. Akbar gives him an offer. Would you like to become my commander? Maan Singh happily agrees.

Pratap tells a villager to keep track of all the activities happening in CHittor. Keep me updated with anything new. The guy agrees. I have assigned my men on this task already.

Maan Singh’s sister is not happy with the idea of marrying Akbar. Bhagwan Das says this is your chance to do something for your motherland. You always wanted to do it. Her grandfather explains that no one is able to stand in front of Akbar today. Being a girl, you can do what no brave heart is able to do it. You can stop this. Think of it to be a good move for your citizens. Bhagwan Das thinks that Akbar is human enough but hides it from the world. He might share it with his wife. The girl prays to Kanha to help her.

Pratap finds out about the new alliance. US is not surprised. Every state is worried. Rajputs have no other way to save themselves from that Mughal. Pratap calls it a way to get a better hold on the states. US is not concerned about it. I have already lost everything. I cannot guide other states what they should be doing. They have to think on their own. Pratap thinks of a plan. This wedding can become a golden opportunity to get revenge. What if I go there in disguise and kill him? Akbar’s army wont be here. He knows that entire Rajputana is under his command as of now. He has become relaxed after winning Chittor. He probably isn’t expecting any danger during the wedding. What if I go there in a disguise and kill him? Jagmal tells him not to lose his mind. Will we go to Akbar’s wedding to kill him? Akbar wont spare us. This isn’t a good idea! US likes Pratap’s idea though. This is a golden chance to seek revenge from Akbar. Chakrapani too likes the plan.

Precap: DB hopes that her letter reaches its destination soon. Jaiwanta Bai reads the letter.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Yes yes.finally i have been waiting for Javantabaai lv u ….DB will never change grrr.Awaiting next episode..

  2. This height of stupidity on historical facts. This siege of chittorgarh occurred in 1567 while this princess of Amer was married to Akbar in 1562 i.e. 5 years earlier. In don’t know facts are distorted in historical serials

  3. Its a kind request to all who are engaged in is your duty to search properly before telecast of any episode of historical series. Since it is not any saas bahu serial that you can let a person die and on demand make him alive or numerous time marriage is very common their but historical series are responsibility. It shows our culture as well as the sacrifices of our heroes and their heroic act.pls its a humble request

  4. In the history pratap had nine wives

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