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Maharana Pratap 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap says Rann Singh is one of our brave soldiers. We cannot do this to him for all his favours. Raja Jaimal knows that he is very sensitive towards his soldiers. I know that the reality of truth is very bitter, just like the danger lurking on Chittor’s fort right now. There is another truth though. Rann Singh is in very much pain right now. Pratap stays put. He was brining a message for me. he risked his life for me. Raja Jaimal reasons that a lot many lives depend on their decision. It is your responsibility to protect every citizen of Chittor. Pratap refuses to stay back here for any longer. Acharya says Rann Singh wont speak up and Akbar wont spare him. All our messengers who get caught have to bear extreme torture from the hands of Mughals. Even people like Rann Singh have to beg for death.

Like you, I too want him to be alive. He is brave. He too has a right to live respectfully like everyone else. But how will he stay alive in such a condition? We can atleast help him gain freedom from his tortures if we cannot free him from those Mughals?

Khetu throws away her dagger when the soldier crosses by her side. The soldiers find no weapons with any of them. A soldier informs the senior soldier that the commander is asking for water. The senior soldier looks at Khetu.

Khetu and another lady bring water in pots. Khetu looks at Rann Singh’s condition.

Acharya agrees with Raja Jaimal’s idea. We have to help our brave soldier gain freedom from this life full of tortures. Raja Jaimal adds that no Rajput soldier would agree to live a painful life. Acharya wants to help Rann Singh in his wish of dying peacefully and respectfully.

The commander keeps looking at Khetu with bad intentions. He asks her to give the pot to him. he touches her hand while she holds out the pot for him. the commander tells the other lady to throw the water from the other pot on Rann Singh to bring him back to senses. The lady starts advancing towards Rann Singh in fear. She is about to drop the pot but Khetu catches it in time. Commander is amazed by her spontaneity. He tells her to pour it over Rann Singh. Khetu sits down before an unconscious Rann Singh. You will be free from this pain very soon. you have served your motherland valiantly. Now it is my duty to save you from these Mughals. She sprinkles water on him and he wakes up eventually. The commander holds her hand. This wild cat will be in my service from today onwards. Khetu walks out of the tent angrily.

Raja Jaimal still wants Pratap to go talk to those Muslim soldiers. They are approx 1k in number and know how to use guns / rifles. It will be good if they join us for the war. Acharya waits for Pratap’s decision. Pratap is very much bothered after getting the news about Mughal attacking Chittor. I am not able to think anything properly. Akbar is waiting to attack us, which means my father, my Rani Ma, my son, my entire family must be waiting for me.

Rawat ji, Dodhiya ji and US discuss which all gates they have closed by now or want to close. Soldier informs them about Kalla’s arrival. Kalla greets them all. He informs them about Pratap being successful in his mission. He has taken Raja Jaimal to Kumbhalgarh fort. Pratap dint get the message about Akbar attacking Chittor yet. Raja Jaimal has sent me to inform you that he will send Pratap back as soon as he returns to Kumbhalgarh fort. US nods. He resumes his discussion with his commanders. Many soldiers are coming and will reach here shortly. The soldiers from Kumbhalgarh will take time to arrive though. US says it is our responsibility to take care of the fort till Pratap returns. I am sure he will be back soon.

Pratap has full faith in his father’s abilities. But the citizens are still haunted by the past two wars. The last Jauhar (done by Rani Karnwati and 13k Rajputanis) would be still fresh in their mind. They would be very tensed and must be waiting anxiously for me. tell me Acharya, what should I decide in this situation? Acharya tells him to calm down and think with his head. think, whether you want 1k skilled soldiers or not. we anyways don’t have to go anywhere far to get them. Chakrapani explains it to him. there is no harm in trying once. Pratap still feels that he should be with the soldiers of Chittor to motivate them to fight back. Acharya understands his dilemma. But you have to think practically. Don’t use your heart. 1k skilled soldiers can be of very much help to us to fight back with Akbar! Raja Jaimal adds that fort’s soldiers will engage Akbar and his army outside the fort only till the time you talk to those 1k Muslim soldiers. Acharya leaves the decision on Pratap.

Khetu finds her dagger back. A soldier asks him who she is and what is in her hand. She kills him as he was about to call out to the other soldiers. She keeps the dagger hidden in her back, under her kurta / dupatta. Another soldier asks him why is she here. She makes an excuse. Champa removes the dead body in the mean time. The soldier checks but finds nothing. He leaves.

Champa hears the cries of Rann Singh. The senior soldier is enjoying seeing him scream out in pain. There is still time. You can inform us about Pratap. You don’t know how generous our Shehanshah is. Everyone will treat you very nicely. Speak up. Akbar is there as well. He stops the soldier as Rann Singh is trying to say something. Khetu watches everything from outside. Rann Singh asks for water; free my hand now that I have agreed to tell you everything. The senior soldier obliges. Rann Singh falls on his feet. He gets the dagger from the soldier’s waist and recalls his vow to US. He chants Jai Mewar and then cuts his tongue. Blood oozes out and everyone is shocked. Khetu is in tears. Akbar is sure Rann Singh is trying to safeguard some info. What is that info?

Pratap, Acharya, Chakrapani and Raja Jaimal are on their way to meet those 1k Muslim soldiers. Raja Jaimal warns them to be careful. Make sure they don’t attack us only. It isn’t an easy task to meet them. Muslim soldiers are keeping an eye on them as they sit on the trees. They signal each other about the intrusion. All the other soldiers too aim their rifles at Pratap and his friends. One of the soldiers fires a bullet. Pratap looks in the direction of where the noise came from.

Precap: Akbar finds Khetu talking to Rann Singh. He orders his soldiers to catch hold of her but she runs out after killing Rann Singh. Akbar realises that Pratap is not in the palace. He would have never allowed anyone to kill his soldier otherwise. Pratap talks to the leader of Muslim soldiers. He straight away tells Pratap that he doesn’t want to be a part of this war which doesn’t even concern them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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