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Maharana Pratap 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A daasi informs Phool about the attack on Ajabde. CK wakes up Amar too. He rushes to his mother’s room. Pratap makes Ajabde lie on the bed. Nothing will happen to you. Pratap sends Amar to call Vaid ji. Pratap keeps asking Ajabde to be strong. Vaid ji checks Ajabde. Pratap tells him to save Ajabde anyhow. She is my everything. I will be back after finishing off my task. Phool tries to ask him about it but he pushes her away. Ajabde calls out for Phool. Phool sits by her side. nothing will happen to you. we all are with you. Acharya and everyone continue to kill FK’s men. They try to extract info from them. Who has sent you? How many of you are here? Pratap joins them. Chandrasen tells Pratap that maybe these men were sent inside that elephant to kill him. Pratap kills one of the guys mercilessly.

They hear someone calling out for help. Pratap goes to save the daasi on his own. One of FK’s guy tells Pratap to let him leave from here quietly. Pratap very smartly tackles him and kills him. He beats the man brutally to death.

Pratap heads outside holding a torch. Rana Punja asks him to stop. There might be gunpowder inside. Pratap shifts him aside using his sword. He sets the giant elephant on fire. He thinks of Ajabde’s pain. A few of the men are still inside the elephant. They realise that Pratap has set the elephant on fire. They open the secret door which leaves everyone shocked. They try to run away seeing Pratap and his men but Pratap kills them all. FK watches it from upstairs. He growls a little. Everyone looks up to see him. He ducks as Pratap aims his sword at him. He laughs as he tastes the blood on it. Pratap follows him. Acharya asks everyone to stop Pratap from going after FK.

Pratap leaves on Chetak.

Multan Khan gets to know that all of FK’s men died. Pratap is still alive.

Pratap follows FK and one of his allies on CHetak. They reach a point where they have to climb across a bridge to reach the other side of the mountain. FK is the first one to cross it. Pratap pushes down the other guy while he is trying to cross the bridge. He even gets wounded in the process. FK succeeds in cutting one of the ropes. He continues cutting the other ones. Pratap hands under the bridge. He avoids FK’s dagger. He manages to climb across the bridge and begins to run after FK. FK reaches a dead end. Pratap aims a stone at him. FK lands in a dug grave. Multan Khan’s accomplice covers FK’s mouth as he screams. He also covers FK with grass. Acharya and everyone reach there as well. Acharya takes out the dagger from Pratap’s back. Pratap orders everyone that neither of them will kill FK if they catch him.

Phool comes to Amar’s room. You will have to come with me. You are a brave guy. Amar says he is very sad. She says brave kids never leave their duty. You need to be strong at the moment. You have to be with your mother forgetting your pain. She is in very much pain. She is asking for you. You will have to try to lessen her pain by staying strong. He hugs her as he cries. She comforts him. It will pain your mother to see you thus. Come with me. Amar goes with her.

Vaid ji tells Ajabde that she has lost lot of blood. Ajabde says you did your best. Maan counters her but Ajabde says this is the truth. CK reminds her of her promise. You spoke about getting me married. Maan nods. You are going to become a Rajmata tomorrow. You will have to fulfil your duties. Ajabde sees Amar. you have to grow up soon now. You have to take care of your father. You have to do everything. He denies. You cannot leave me Ma. DB watches it all from outside.

Ajabde is concerned about Pratap. She asks Vaid ji to do something as blood is oozing out of his shoulder. Pratap sits down beside her. How can you talk about leaving me? She says I told you I will get your love in this and every next birth that I will take. She holds out her hand for Phool. Phool keeps her hand in her. Ajabde unites her hand with Amar’s. Pratap looks shocked. Ajabde asks Pratap to promise her but he refuses. She asks him to listen to her. Ajabde takes promise from Pratap that he will accept Phool as his wife when she is no more. She breathes her last. Amar is shattered. Everyone breaks down. Pratap steps back in disbelief!

Precap: Pratap and Amar are doing to do the last rites of Ajabde. All the citizens have gathered outside to bid her adieu. Chandrasen and everyone decide to avenge Ajabde’s death. Pratap vows not to let Akbar live in peace!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. THis is not history!!!! Ajabde dir of illness after te battle of Haldighati!! For heaven sake, atleast so
    How history!

    Btw guys, the show is ending in march!!!!

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