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Maharana Pratap 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mansoor asking his soldiers to find Pratap who is hiding in the jungle. They does not find him. Pratap comes to them and smartly kills them. The fight starts between them. Pratap gets victorious. Dheer Bai talks to Kunwar Jagmal. He asks what is she doing, all their plans have failed, Pratap did not get any scratch and stainless, even Udai Singh is going to help him, and she is preparing his Aarti plate for him. Dheer Bai asks him to think politically and trust her, as she will make her Rana and make him sit on Mewar’s throne. She asks him not to worry, as she knows what to do. She says she will do everything, but now not, when the right times comes, she will see. She prepares the plate and puts flowers. She leaves. Jagmal gets angry. The soldiers catch Chetak and try

to take him. Chetak neighs. Pratap looks on. Chetak jumps high and beats the soldiers. Pratap smiles and says Chetak can fulfill his wish to fight, h can’t say I did not give him chance to battle.

A soldier goes to stab Chetak and Pratap shoots arrows on them from the tree. Chetak sees Pratap and nods. More soldiers come. Pratap calls Chetak and sits on him. Chetak moves back. Pratap asks what happened, come on, run, enemies are coming from all directions, run fast. Chetak does not move. The soldiers attack them. Chetak stands in middle and then moves back. Both side soldiers kill themselves. Pratap understands his move and praises him. Pratap sees a soldier coming and asks Chetak to beat him. Pratap beats him and asks Chetak why did he not defend. He says we should attack on people who has weapons. Chetak nods. Pratap says lets go now.

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Udai Singh comes to Jaivant Bai’s room and thinks about her. He thinks about Pratap’s childhood. He misses Jaivant Bai and says since you went, I have sealed this room to have everything as before, I m standing here at door and I realize I did the mistake, I can’t seal your memories, I can’t calm my heart, you have to come back and apply tilak to my forehead. He says you have to tell me whether its good to go to Bijolia or not, as you left me, Pratap and Chittor for Bijolia. He says he wants the tilak by her hands, which made him win many wars. He says see my bad fate, before going for war, my soul is divided. He cries and says because you are not with me.

He hears Jaivant Bai saying who told she is not here. He is shocked seeing her. He comes to him smiling and does his tilak. He says Jaivant Bai, you here. Pratap rides Chetak and many soldiers follow him. Pratap asks Chetak to stop, as their enemies are here. He fights with them. Mansoor says the way he is fighting, he will end our all soldiers. Badshah Khan looks on and says he is more strong than ever, but its fine, I m also prepared to take revenge. Pratap kills the soldiers. Ajabde calls him.

Pratap sees her and removes the safety patch from his body. He rides Chetak. Jaivant Bai does Udai Singh’s aarti and says your inner soul is getting on your mind, as you have left your earlier mindset. He says you took away my confidence and strength, how can I be strong without you. She says he can solve any problem and pain. He says she has always taught Pratap, and she remembers it. She asks him to do his Rajdharm and not let anything come between it. She says he knows he has to save Bijolia form the enemies, go and conquer the enemies for the country’s good. She asks him to go towards his Dharm. He smiles and says I will leave. He turns and asks will she wait for him. He is shocked seeing Dheer Bai standing with the aarti plate. She says she is calling him since long and he is not listening to her.

Pratap rides Chetak and comes to Badshah Khan. Mansoor keeps the sword on Ajabde’s neck. Tere bin jiya ke she nai sakun…………..plays…………..Ajabde and Pratap look at each other and think about their childhood marriage and their meeting in Bijolia post leap. Dheer Bai does tilak to Udai Singh and puts flowers, followed by aarti. She asks is he missing Jaivant Bai, she knows, even she misses her, and wants to go to her room, but she has left everything for Ajabde. She asks him to bring Ajabde back. He says enough, I m going to help Bijolia and will not bring Ajabde back. Badshah Khan says great time for Pratap and his wife to meet, this is done by me. He calls out his father and says your soul will get peace as Pratap who has killed you, I will see them today. Pratap asks whose son is he. Badshah Khan says his father’s name is taken by respect, Shams Khan.

Pratap recalls Shams Khan. Badshah Khan says you killed him on your land, so I called you here to kill you on my land. Pratap says this land is mine, I promise I will bury you near your dad. Badshah Khan gets angry and says Mansoor. Mansoor hurts Ajabde and she gets wounded. Pratap is shocked.

Badshah Khan says he knows Pratap has four things which is valuable to him, his sword, wife, horse…. Chetak surrenders to Badshah Khan. Pratap thinks he can’t lose Chetak to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow finally! That’s more like it… Looks like things will take a good turn from here… 🙂

  2. Sorry but I don’t think so…1 more week they will waste on this war..:-( 🙁

  3. Jyoti Chotrani

    How will Ajabde come to Chittor Mahal , there are many misunderstandings between her , Pratap and Uday Singh . How will they clear the misunderstandings ? As Dheerbai is always plotting plans fills ears of Uday Singh.

  4. yup things gona set btwn people and pratap,ajabde gona b 2gthr bt only aftr a high voltage drama vch gona b for a month/two…

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