Maharana Pratap 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 27th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Pandit ji starts poojan and chakrapani ask from pandit ji about her daughter name? Pandit gets angry and pratap ask from chakrapani, what happens? Chakrapani says, i am going. Mamrat ji says, why you stand up? Pratap says, ajabdehi should sit there. Mamrat ji says, you there. Pandit ji tell the starting word of son. Pratap says, balwant. Everybody likes the name and give slogan of kunwar balwant ki jai…
Pratap came and chakrapani says, that pandit ji is my father in law. Phool and ajabdehi heard all the conversation of pratap and chakrapani. Phool says, your friend will have to do something for me. Pratap says, i will not do anything. Phool calls hansa mosi. Hansa says, what happen to that boy? Pratap says, ok i will do everything what you want. Phool

says, do you know the boy? Hansa says, no. Phool says, then how does i know.
Pratap says, i will not do anything for that girl. Chakrapani says, please do something for me bauji raj. Pratap says, we have to find out an idea then we will find way or i havent do anything for that girl.
Manga ask from surtan singh, tell me why dont you go with gohar jaan. Surtan singh says, it is better for me to get killed here. Manga says to jallad that remove wood block from his leg. Gohar jaan came and manga says, surtan singh is not going with you. Gohar jaan came in front of surtan singh then sirtan singh accept to go with her at bijolia.
Hansa mosi says, take care of pratap and his friend, until we came back from temple. Mamrat ji shows anger to see ajabdehi. Phool does acting of stomach ache. Mamrat ji says, ajabdehi, you stop here and care of your friend. Phool gives leave to all dassis and says, all the fort work will done by pratap. Pratap says, i will not done this then chakrapani blackmail him.
Phool and ajabdehi bring pratap and chakrapani at cow’s stable and says, bring milk from cow. Pratap says, please teach me then i will done this. Ajabdehi teach pratap then pratap says, cow will not give milk just in second trip. Then phool again give trick and pratap again bring back himself from trick. Phool again try another trick then pratap again get rid of her.
Pratap says to ajabdehi, i want to eat pudding then ajabdehi make pudding. Gohar jaan says, ask anybody about mewar boundary. gohar jaan frightened surtan singh. Dacoit capture gohar jaan and surtan singh. Jalal invite mahmood shah for lunch. Jalal and mahmood shah handshake their hand. Pratap ask to take permission to go to mewar. Jalal says to mahmood, you are always tries to capture the marwar everytime. I will help you to capture the bijolia.
Mamrat ji tells pratap about afghanis intention. CHakrapani packed pratap and his bags. Pratap says that he is not going with him.
Surtan singh kills all the dacoits and gohar jaan says, you are so brave but why you become so frightened you heard about pratap.

Precap:- Jalal mother’s says, if you will do like this then you will be trapped in war. Jalal says, if i will pay you anything for you phool kanwar.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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