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Amar requests his grandfather to wake up. DB comforts him. Jagmal taunts Pratap. He ran away like a coward when it was time to face the Mughals. Your father dint leave any stone unturned or Rana ji would have died today. Amar runs out of the room in tears. My father is not a coward! DB stops Jagmal. Show your courage in the field. Jagmal points out that this means he is no different than Pratap. He tells her to calm down. Your Rana ji is breathing his last. DB sits back beside US. Acharya helplessly looks on.

Akbar is atop the Chittor fort with Surajmal and his troops. Surajmal compliments him for his victory. Should we believe that all our enemies are dead / finished? Akbar knows that he hasn’t got complete success yet. Akbar still wants his enemy. Pratap is still alive. He will return

to take his revenge. We have to reach him. Find him. Surajmal thinks that Pratap is hiding nearby in the forest area. Sadly, I am not too aware of these surroundings. Pratap knows every corner nicely. Akbar has a plan. Post my order in every corner of Rajputana. It will bring Pratap directly to me on its own!

DB hugs Amar. Amar asks her if Jagmal Kaka was right. DB points out that such a brave kid’s father cannot be brave. You stayed away from your father. Instead of being sad at the fact that you were staying away from him you are pained at the fact that someone called him a coward. I wish at times that I too had the good qualities like you. They hear the sound of hoofs. Amar is sure it is his father and he is indeed right. People cheer for Pratap. Amar and DB are relieved to see him. Pratap requests them not to cheer for him. Ajabde asks them how they are. The people show their belief in Pratap. Ajabde assures them that everything will be fine.

Amar hugs Pratap but he heads inside to see his father. Amar next hugs his mother. Is father upset with me? Ajabde denies.

Jagmal tells Pratap that father couldn’t take the blow. He never thought that we will lose Chittor, not till you are alive. Maybe he will get better now that you are here. DB tells him to go out. Jagmal tries to stay put but DB sternly tells him to leave. He walks out. DB tells Pratap not to think of Jagmal’s words but Pratap doesn’t find anything wrong with what he had said. I am responsible for father’s condition. I have let down everyone, you, our family, our citizens, our commanders who died happily for our motherland. I only am responsible! DB talks to him with hope. We can still rectify it. Pratap leaves from there without saying anything. A lady informs Ajabde that one lady wants to give something to her.

The ladies keep sand in front of Ajabde. We know Pratap will be upset over what has happened in Chittor. But there is only one brave heart of this land who can fight with those Mughals and get Chittor back. They cheer for Pratap Singh. Ajabde touches the sand to her head. She thanks all of them for their support and belief.

Pratap thinks of his words to his father. Ajabde joins him. She shares that his citizens still believe firmly in him. They think that it is only you who can defeat Mughals and win Chittor back. He says the citizens are too soft, forgiving. They are like mothers who can see nothing wrong in their kids. But I know what I am! I am an unsuccessful person. I am embarrassing my ancestors, my father, all those who died in that war, and my son with my every breath. I broke everyone’s trust in me. I broke my son’s hopes. Ajabde denies but Pratap sticks to his line of thought. They hear someone ringing the bell in the temple. They go to see who it is. They find Amar praying in the temple and join him. Amar says I told Ekling ji. He told me that you did your best. Pratap hugs his son. Ajabde is touched to see them thus. Amar calls him his hero. You were, are and shall always be my hero. They hug again.

Jagmal has doubts on Pratap. I think he is bent upon losing everything that is left with us now. I don’t trust him at all. We are no brave warriors. We should send a friendship letter to Akbar. I don’t want to die in this foolish war. Akbar is the Shehanshah of India after all. DB retorts that he isn’t smart enough to talk on political matters. It will be good if you keep your thoughts to yourself. You wont understand how important it is to keep the traditions of Rajputana intact. This is what is killing your father. Jagmal is sure neither US will survive nor will Pratap or Amar be spared. What’s the point of these traditions when no one will be spared? DB walks away.

Wasib Khan gets the responsibility of Chittor and Mewar. You have to bring all the left over states under Mughal Empire. He replies that everyone has fallen weak after Chittor lost to us. They will give in to us very soon. We have put your message for him in every corner of the state. Akbar knows that Pratap is still in Mewar.

The villagers read Akbar’s message.

DB thinks of Jagmal’s words. She writes a letter and gives it to the soldier. No one must find out about it.

Precap: Raja Bhagwan Das proposes Akbar for wedding with his sister. US is conscious again. Pratap thinks of a plan. This wedding can become a golden opportunity to get revenge. What if I go there and kill him?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  3. This wicked Jagmal. Kya us me bhi rajput ka hi khoon tha. He is a shame on rajput.never did anything good nor could see anyone doing good.

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Eish jagmall pagal.started again gayall.
    wen is Javantbaai cuming in????akbar is irking me grrrrrr… pratap.

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