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Pratap tells the kings to keep their swords back in their sheaths and take their seats. Jagmal and Chandrasen oblige. Bhagwan Das says those who eish for true unity talk sweetly. They don’t threaten anyone. Raimal calls it an insult to Pratap. Bhagwan Das calls it a sham. You only called us here to insult us. Marwar has never been insulted like this before. Raimal asks him why he is supporting Marwar somuch. Be clear and say that you don’t want Rajputana to unite. It doesn’t matter if you are there or not. You too will be thrown out of this land along with those Mughals! Bhagwan Das takes out his sword. Ram Singh says everyone is getting insulted one by one here. I oppose this! Pratap tries to calm him. Ram Singh reminds him of the differences that were already there between Mewar

and Marwar. You should have thought of doing anything very carefully. You are responsible for it. We have been insulted for no reason in the court! Pratap tries to talk to him again but in vain. He walks out of the court with his brother Chandrasen. People only talk about fights and conspiracies here. Bhagwan Das says I knew what will happen. If you (Kalyan ji) stay here then you too wont get anything. Come to my side. Peace, prosperity and everything will be with you then. Bhagwan Das leaves. Kalyan ji tells Pratap that Bikaner is a small state. If a bigger state like Marwar has gone against them then what’s the point if we are there or not. CK comes up on to watch what’s happening. CK and Rai Singh look at each other. She is surprised to see him leaving. Rani Durgawati follow suit. Pratap looks hurt.

Chakrapani cannot understand what is happening. Pratap accepted the challenge and proved himself. God too would have been at his side if Pratap would have succeeded in his mission. Acharya does not doubt Pratap’s capabilities. Pratap is the only king for Mewar’s citizens.

Jagmal and Raimal celebrate their victory. Jagmal is glad to fool all the kings. They all hate each other once again. It is all because of you! Raimal says Akbar had sent me here to ruin Pratap’s plans. Jagmal is impressed with him. You are very lucky to win his trust. You both are taking so much pain to make me king. I only will become the king as I have you at my side. They enjoy another round of drinks.

All the preps for Rakhi have been made. Amar wonders why there is no one who can tie Rakhi to him. VB says only your mother can help you. Amar asks his mother if she can get him a sister from anywhere. Ajabde smiles. She gives everyone Rakhi’s to tie in their brother’s hand. She takes one for Patta. She suddenly realises that he isn’t there anymore. DB says your brother is safe above. He must be thinking of you. Ajabde nods. VB is sad as she has no brother. CK remarks that no brother will turn up on time. She gets to know that all the guests are leaving today. CK gets a little sad. Jagmal and Raimal come there. CK wants to wait for Dada Bhai Pratap. Jagmal suggests him to tie Rakhi on his hand first as he has work. Ajabde too tells her to do it. CK agrees. She has kept the better one for Dada bhai. She asks him to promise her that he will protect her. He promises her so she ties the Rakhi. He gives a gift to her. DB can see his brother tensed. He fakes being sad as he failed in uniting Rajputana. DB tells him not to be sad on such an auspicious day. I know you would have tried your best. Ajabde too suggests them to enjoy the occasion. DB moves closer to her brother. You smell of alcohol. What are you celebrating? He replies that she will find real soon.

Pratap joins them. He has brought no gift. I was so disappointed after the mission failed. Forgive me, I dint bring anything. CK knows that her brother himself is alone to fight against those Mugahls. Rani Durgawati surprises them all by saying that Pratap isn’t alone. We all are leaving from Mewar so I have brought parting gift for you. Will you let me tie a rakhi on your hand? Amar asks his father to say yes. She is so brave. Pratap is touched. It is such an honour. He sits down before her so she can do it. Raimal and Jagmal don’t look happy. Pratap cannot think of a gift. She asks for a promise. My brother should remain like this forever, all dedicated to motherland with a never give up spirit. He promises her that his confidence and aim will never break. She too gives him a promise. Forget what others say. Gondwana can end but it will never leave your side. I will always be with you. He calls her jija. I don’t want anything else. They vow that they both will throw those Mughals out of their motherland. Raimal appreciates the situation. Atleast one good thing came out of all this. Now Gondwana is with Pratap. Rani Durgawati asks him if Jaisalmer is not with Pratap? DB seeks his promise on the same. He agrees. Rani Durgawati advises Pratap to be on his toes always or you might not know when your own people can plot against you. Pratap replies that he is all alert. Raimal thinks that he can try whatever he wants but he will never be able to realise when the snake bites him.

Precap: Bhagwan Das tells Akbar about Pratap and Rani Durgawati joining hands. He wants to know what the weakness of Rani Durgawati is. Maan Singh tells him that Rani Durgawati loves her sister Kamlawati. Rani Kamlawati gets kidnapped. Rani Durgawati sends a message to Pratap telling him about her sister’s kidnap.

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