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Maharana Pratap 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

All the citizens enter inside the main gates of the fort in the nick of time. The doors are closed. The Mughal soldiers are approaching them fast. Akbar is watching everything with the help of his binoculars. Mewar soldiers shoot the arrows and many Mughal soldiers die because of the attack. Aalim Khan is still in no mood to stop. He orders the rest of his troops to march ahead. Mewar soldiers yet again aim the arrows at them. They shoot them when as per US’s order. Aalim Khan shouts at them, saying that he won’t stop because of these arrows. Ishar ji shoots an arrow to him in retrospect. It hits Aalim Khan on his chest and he falls down from his horse. Ishar ji shoots another arrow in Aalim Khan’s direction and it lands near him on the ground. Aalim Khan removes the arrow which is stuck on

his chest and then picks up the chit tangled on the other arrow. Akbar continues to watch him from a distance. Aalim Khan reads the message. Don’t dare to come near us or you wont be spared. Tell Akbar to return to Agra or we wont take much time to finish off his army. Aalim Khan gets up and leaves angrily. Ishar Das and the soldiers chant praises of Mewar.

Pratap and Acharya reach Kumbhalgarh fort where Chakrapani and everyone else is. Raja Jaimal informs Pratap about what was in that royal letter. Pratap thinks of PM’s words.

The main doors / entrance of Mewar is closed so Akbar cannot step inside.

Raja Jaimal tells Pratap that Akbar’s intentions are not right. He can attack on Chittor anytime. Pratap vows to kill Akbar if he dares to even step a foot in Chittor.

Akbar is pacing in his tent. He thinks of the attack on Aalim Khan and his troops. His soul yet again tells him that he has lost a big part of their army even before the war could begin. There is still time. Return home. Akbar pushes away a candle in anger which falls near a curtain. He shouts back at him inner voice and tells it to go away. The curtain catches fire and the entire tent is up in flames eventually. His inner voice suggests him not to play with the fire or he will get hurt. Go back to Agra. Soldiers come rushing inside to douse the fire. Akbar recalls an incident when Salima had made a picture (of Akbar) and he took it. She asks him to return it. they got lost in each other’s eyes eventually. The picture falls on the floor. They push a small side table in the process of their romantic fight. The candle trips and the sketch catches fire. They move aside in shock. Salima calls it a bad omen. He assures her that nothing bad will happen. PM returns just then. He informs Akbar that Pratap has refused his proposal to get Maan married to Akbar. He even insulted your gifts. Flashback ends.

Aalim Khan returns to the tent. Akbar goes outside to meet him. Aalim Khan holds his feet to seek apology. I was blinded by my arrogance. I couldn’t see your logic. Rajputs are very careful about their safety. I know I am not worth your forgiveness but you have a very big heart. Please give me one last chance. please forgive me. Akbar moves forward. Right, my heart is very big so I wont kill you with my hands. Throw him before my royal elephant so it can stomp over Aalim Khan. Everyone is shocked. Akbar wants it to be a lesson for the rest of his troops so no one can disobey him in future. Aalim Khan’s mercy pleas are ignored. Aalim Khan wants a respectful death (in the battle). Everyone else standing there too supports him. Akbar spares Aalim Khan his life. But you will be in jail. He should not be given anything to eat or drink. Leave him behind bars all alone. Keep asking for mercy with the hope that I change my mind some day! The soldiers oblige. Akbar indirectly asks his people if he wasn’t generous enough. They chant praises of his name half heartedly.

Pratap can understand Raja Jaimal’s condition. Akbar has been a brute with your too. You may have lost Medta today but you will surely win it back one day. Raja Jaimal agrees. I too am waiting for that day when I will seek revenge from Akbar. I want to thank you from saving me from PM. You brought me here all safe and sound. I had lost hope otherwise. The thing to worry right now is Mughals outside your fort. Pratap is concerned for Chittor. I should leave from here asap. Raja Jaimal asks him what his plans are. I know you are a brave / great warrior but we must not forget that Akbar is there with a very big army and modern arms. We don’t have enough soldiers to guard Chittor’s fort but I do have a plan. There is a colony nearby where 1k Muslim soldiers live. They know how to use rifles / guns. They are basically from Bihar but Mughals have thrown them out of here so they have relocated here. If we mix them in our army by convincing them then our numbers will increase. Pratap wants to send either Raja Jaimal or Kalla to talk to them. Pratap wonders where Kalla and Khetu are. Raja Jaimal has sent them for some important work. I had found out that someone had left from Chittor (Rann Singh) with that important message for you. He was caught by the Mughals on his way. I got worried for him. If Mughals find out that you are not in Chittor’s fort then the condition will worsen. I have sent Khetu and Champa to kill Rann Singh.

Rann Singh is all bruised and bleeding. He still refuses to blurt out anything. He passes out but the commander tells the soldier to bring water. He shall not sleep!

Mughal soldiers direct the men to pick up garbage while the women will fill water in the pot. Khetu and Champa are also there. A senior soldier tells the other soldiers to check everyone. See if they are carrying any weapon with them! Khetu is tensed.

Pratap is against Raja Jaimal’s idea. Chakrapani knows that Akbar will torture Rann Singh till the time he spills out the info. Pratap stays put. Rann Singh is one of our brave soldiers. We cannot do this to him for all his favours. How can you even think like this Raja Jaimal? He realises that now KHetu’s life is also in danger.

Precap: Rann Singh is tortured / hurt a lot. Khetu watches everything from outside. Rann Singh tells something to Akbar which leaves Khetu shocked. Pratap and Acharya are surrounded by the Muslim soldiers in the jungle.

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