Maharana Pratap 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the haldi ghati war going on. Pratap asks Chetak to step on enemy’s head. Bheem Singh gets sad seeing Shalivaan’s father mourning for his son’s death. His father says I did not think my son will die like this, I could not do anything. Bheem Singh recalls how Maan Singh backstabbed Shalivaan. He says he will answer the Mughals. His father says yes, we will kill all the Mughals who killed my son. He leaves his son there and goes for the war. Bheem Singh shouts Maan Singh, you have attacked on our Senapati Shalivaan, now I will kill you.

He goes in the war to kill Maan Singh. Kazi Khan asks his soldiers to go ahead and break Pratap’s second support. Maan cries and wants to die. Phool stops her and asks her to stop it. A lady says let her do Jauhar, she has

lost her husband. Phool says no, I will not let her do Jauhar. Maan says I will do Jauhar, let me go. Phool slaps her and cries. She asks her to calm down and hugs her. Kazi Khan wants Bheem Singh to come close to die. Bheem Singh kills Mughal soldiers. He says he will take revenge for Shalivaan’s death. Kazi Khan says I will kill Bheem Singh. Bheem Singh throws a weapon at Maan Singh. Maan Singh gets saved and says you failed in creating history. Bheem Singh gets surrounded by Mughals. Pratap kills Maroosh. Bheem Singh defends the enemies’ attack. The soldiers beat him. Pratap looks on. Bheem Singh fights with them. Pratap says he will see them. He fumes and goes to save Bheem Singh.

Akbar says Bailol Khan did mistake to kill Pratap’s close relative, he should have killed any minister first. Khuraas says this Rajputs fight costumes are very heavy. He asks Khuraas will he not be able to bear the burden. Khuraas says each member of my army can bear this weight. He says our army in Rajput’s disguise will be a good answer to them. Khuraas says yes, Mewar army will be killed. Akbar says Ameen. Khuraas says but Maan Singh, what we are doing against Rajput army, it will be against Maan Singh’s ethics. Akbar says I have a solution to win Maan Singh, his father, I will feed his father with love and get him on my side. A guard says Jagmal has come. Akbar says great, I made a waste thing of my use, send him.

Pratap goes to save Bheem Singh. Afghans laugh on him, saying Pratap will get late to save him. Jagmal asks Akhar what is the command for him. Akbar says you have to show the world, that you are the deserving heir for Udaipur throne. Jagmal says yes, there is no problem when you are supporting me, I m ready to show what I can do for you, I m Rana Jagmal Singh, I m Udai Singh’s son, my blood is pure, tell me, I will do what you say, but Pratap …. Akbar says don’t worry, I will not tell you to fight with Pratap, I have send Maan Singh, I want you to take control of Udaipur, will you do this? Jagmal says I will surely do this, Pratap is not there, who is left to protect Udaipur. Akbar smiles.

Pratap proceeds to save Bheem Singh. Kazi asks soldiers to kill Pratap or atleast his horse. Maan Singh says no Kazi, this is against war ethics. Kazi jokes on his ethics. Bheem Singh is stabbed. Doda ji shouts Bheem Singh ji. Doda ji, Acharya ji and Pratap are shocked seeing Bheem Singh dead. Maan Singh asks Bailol Khan to run. Bailol Khan says I will not run leaving this chance to kill Pratap. He laughs.

Pratap runs and jumps high in air. He kills Bailol Khan. Rana Punja, Archarya ji, Doda ji get glad. Phool tells everyone that a battle is going on with Mughals, maybe our husbands come back alive, else they die in the war to save us and our land. They are fighting for our traditions, we will pray for your safe return, else no one will cry to insult their great sacrifice, we should be proud for your fight in the war, we will fight in the war against Mughals, we will not do Jauhar, we have to fight for our husband’s sacrifice and our land, we will also die like our husbands died in the war, but we will not lose to Mughals. Maan says Jai Eklingji. All the women say Eklingji. Phool looks at Maan, who got strong.

Pratap goes to his Shalivaan’s father Ram Singh. Ram Singh says you took revenge for Shalivaan’s death. Pratap says no, till we kill all our enemies, this revenge will not be fulfilled, I swear on Eklingji, I will not spare Mughals, we have to show when Rajputs lifts a sword, then war results is not my army, but by love for country. They all say Jai Mewar. The battle continues. Rana ki Jai…………..plays……..

Ram Singh ji gets stabbed in the war. Maan Singh shoots arrow at Pratap. The arrow pierces Pratap’s chest.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i have noticed one thing , that this written update on Maharana pratap is partly given, you people dont write full thing whch is shown in episode, are you people writting this post from pakistan or afghanistan, becoz every episode you’ll post is half knowledge post,, why not in todays update ull have mentioned that many moghul soldiers are dead, rajput have killed many moghul soldiers and one Historical thing which happened in haldighati war , where Great maharana pratap killed Behlol khan in 2 parts in 1 shot with his sword , y this is not mentioned, if ull people want to post update please put full update and dont be pakistani or afghanistani, Be Indian before posting
    Jai Hind

  2. I always waited for this episode
    Most interesting episode thank you very much all mrp team members

  3. mewar ka sher maharana pratap.400 prataps would b enough to kill all the 2lakh mughals including chootiya kayar akbar

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