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Maharana Pratap 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ajabde fighting with the soldiers. Badshah Khan comes to her and attacks her on her. He wins over her in the sword fighting and asks his soldiers to get her. Pratap is still on the way. Many people see him pass by. Patta asks his soldiers and people of Bijolia to face the tough problem that has come in for them. He asks them for their cooperation. He tells about Badshah Khan kidnapping Ajabde Bai ji lal and they have to get her back with respect and ruin the Afghans. Parwat Singh says tell them that you will provoke them to come there and they will have to fight under Kunwar Pratap’s rules. He does this intentionally to make people against Patta. He asks him to tell them the truth and smiles.

Patta says yes, this is true that Pratap will be our head and he will

protect us as our minister. Chakrapani is happy. Patta says he has a reason, Pratap is not against them, but he is with Bijolia. He says he is the protector of Bijolia. He says the moment he knew that Afghan has kidnapped Ajabde, he has gone to save her alone. Mansoor comes to Badshah Khan and says Pratap has defeated them all and he is coming this way, he can come here anytime. Ajabde says your game is over now. Badshah Khan asks the soldiers to attack on Pratap. Patta asks the soldiers to show the Afghans that they an do anything for their Bijolia’s respect, they can die and kill too. Everyone agree. Patta says no one can divide us, and when Afghans is infront of us, we are not Bijolia or Chittor, we are Mewar, Jai Mewar. The soldiers stay quiet. Balwant says Jai Mewar and everyone start chanting the same. Parwat Singh gets worried.

Pratap and Chetak see some Afghans. Pratap hides and gets into their area. He beats the soldier and kills him. He gets inside the tent. Rawat ji ask Udai Singh about what info he has got from Bijolia. Rawat ji says he already told Udai Singh about the situation, but he has sent Dhaman Singh to get Pratap here. He says he should have talked to him once. Dheer Bai fills Udai Singh’s ears as Rawat ji is being disrespectful. Rawat ji says Afghans have attacked on Bijolia and they have kidnapped Ajabde too. UDai Singh is shocked. Rawat ji says this is not sudden, this was happening since many years and he did not know this, when they have sent many letters to them, and we did not knew about this.

He says this all happened as there is someone who have taken all the letters. Dheer Bai gets tensed. Rawat ji says that’s why Pratap has went in disguise to train Bijolia against Afghans, and he has made them strong to make them face the Afghans. He says Pratap has told me this personally when I met him. Rawat ji says he regrets that everyone in Bijolia are against Pratap. Udai Singh asks why did he not inform him before, did he forget his limits. Rawat ji says Pratap did not wish this to happen. He says you are already in mid of problems, and he told me not to tell you, this can increase problems for you. He says he had just one option to agree to Pratap. Pratap wears the weapons and take arrows. Rawat ji says he wants to tell one thing, that he will not bear any king ruin his throne and he will leave with his soldiers, to save Bijolia, if he feels he is misusing his rights, he can put him in jail. He says he wants to do anything soon as time is flowing, and situation is getting worse. Udai Singh says he has decided that he will go Bijolia with him. Rawat ji smiles, while Dheer Bai looks on tensed.

Pratap asks Chetak to walk slowly as they don’t have to alert the soldiers. He sees the rope and calls the soldiers. Pratap fights with them. Ajabde is tied by ropes. She says she feels pity on Badshah Khan, and Pratap will kill him. She says Pratap will never lose and he will not hurt Pratap’s self respect, else he know what will be the result. Pratap and Chetak fight. Badshah Khan ignites fire near her. She says think again, Pratap will ruin you, you are burning your own Lanka. He throws the fire and says he wants many soldiers, and sends them to kill Pratap. He says Pratap has come in my area and won’t go back alive. Ajabde is shocked.

Pratap fights with the soldiers. Mansoor and Badshah Khan looks on. Mansoor says it looks like Pratap will kill our all soldiers. Pratap is surrounded and caught.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Writing is too good but I don’t like this episode.For how many days they r going to show same things???

  2. already mentioned that this gona drag for months…..after we ger vexed up dn there might be some chance of story moving A BIT AHEAD IN +VE MODE….till dn everythng gona be dragged….

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